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Episode 5-12/30/05



12/30/05 (This is my big explosion into fan fic-many current stories are transformed into my stories and there will be progression in every single story in this wpisode and in all of next week’s. This episode is much more to the point then my previous ones. Also, note how this episode is divided into two parts: Setup and Ending. I hyped up in my preview not to miss the last five minutes or end to this show and to create the intensity and drama of this tragedy I needed to do this episode this way. I hope you all like it and discuss away afterwards because this should get you talking.)

-At the Horton/Brady New Year’s party, we see Alice, Doug, Julie, Maggie, Mickey, Shawn Sr and Caroline all talking. They are worried about the storm that has moved in and wonder if they should call off the rest of the party but decide not to since they don’t want to disappoint. Maggie and Caroline realize that they are all out of salsa dip. Shawn offers to go get some but everyone insists they don’t need it and that he should stay put since the weather is bad and most of the roads haven’t been salted or plowed yet. Shawn Sr claims that he doesn’t want everyone who needs it to be disappointed and says that since the restaurant is closed and there are no employees for the night no one else can get it. Mickey offers to go with him saying that he can help Shawn Sr drive through the storm. He reminds Maggie that the storm is just starting and it isn’t far to the store and they can just take all the main roads since they need to be clear for ambulances and such. Maggie and Caroline give in and say goodbye to their husbands by saying they love them and kissing and hugging them. They both insist that both men be back in plenty of time before the midnight countdown since they want to ring in the new year together so they can have good luck and happiness in 2006. Both men say they will be back way before the major festivities as both women watch their husbands leave.

-The guests at the party mingle. Bo and Hope talk to Doug and Julie and Alice. Bo is worried about Chelsea being with Patrick but Hope reassures him that Patrick may be the only one to get through to her. Max and Abby come up from behind and share how they believe Chelsea will never change. Jen and Frankie come in too and tell them both to stop talking like that. Chelsea just needs to adjust to her new family and life. Max and Abby walk away and go dance. Later, Jen and Frankie notice them laughing and having fun. They discuss how much it reminds them of the way they were when they were younger. Frankie then asks her to dance. They do, as do Max and Abby. Max tells Abby he is having fun and that he never noticed how pretty she was. He says he always found her attractive but now he is really seeing her for what she is and the true extent of her beauty. She blushes and they continue to dance alongside Jen and Frankie as someone watches from outside. It’s a tearful Jack, with his accomplice, looking on with approval over what is happening inside.

-Bo and Hope then talk with Abe and Celeste while Zach plays with Theo on the floor in front of them. They are happy to hear Abe has almost gotten his complete sight back. Abe urges them not to share that info with Lexie. He has hid it for months and wants to surprise her later on at home. It will be a great way to ring in the new year. Lexie shows up and apologizes for being late. She says the roads are getting bad but everyone says that they may just have to spend the night at Chez Rouge. Hope pulls Lexie aside and asks what she found out about Shawn and Claire. Lexie tells Hope that she will have to ask Shawn about that since he wants to inform the right people first before telling everyone else and its against ethics for her to give that type of info. Hope takes that to mean that Claire is his daughter somehow. Lexie smiles and says “maybe” and walks away. Hope then hugs Bo and says that now she is sure 2006 will be the best year ever. They go and dance as he continues to worry about his daughter. Abe notices that Lexie looks nervous so he calls her on it. She flashes back to her conversation with Tek earlier (see 12/28/05) and how she vowed to tell Abe the truth about Tek and her. Lexie tells Abe she is fine as Abe says that he is sure 2006 will be a good year for them. Lexie hugs him with a terrified look on her face knowing she needs to tell Abe before Tek gets back and stops her or changes his own mind and decides to tell Abe himself in a last ditch effort to land her. Celeste goes to the bar and starts having vibes and images of sirens and then she sees bright lights and hears screams and brakes screeching. She then hears several loud crashes that sound like cars colliding. She almost passes out. Lexie notices this and runs over asking her mother what is wrong. Celeste tells her about her vision but Lexie doubts her yet again. Celeste reminds her that she has always been right. Lexie reminds her of how she wasn’t right about Hope, Jen, and her marrying other men in her wedding band vision almost two years ago during the serial killings. Celeste says it could still come true since Jack is dead, something could happen to Bo and Hope, and she is torn between Abe and Tek. Lexie stares at her and asks her what she knows about Tek and her. Celeste says she knows everything. She saw it coming in her vision and heard Lexie on the phone one day with Tek. She just never said anything since Lexie has been working a lot and Abe has always been around when she is home so they can never get alone time. Lexie tells her mother she is telling Abe the truth. She tells Celeste about what is going on with Tek. Celeste then has that same vision again she had earlier and tells Lexie that what happens tonight will affect her drastically. She walks away leaving Lexie alone. Her phone rings and when she picks up she hears Tek. He is calling her from his cell. She urges him not to call while driving, especially with the roads bad from the storm. He says he only called to tell her that he is almost there and to not tell Abe the truth. He was wrong to want to tell him earlier and to threaten her and he apologizes. He begs Lexie to reconsider and tells her that he loves her. Lexie tells him the affair is over and that it was a mistake. She only loves one man-Abe. Tek tells her not to say anything until he talks to her. He says that he only needs to pass the intersection and go two blocks and he will be at Chez Rouge. He says he knows she is there because there is a big Horton/Brady party he heard about and figured she would be invited. Lexie looks at Abe with tears in her eyes saying to herself that she knows what she needs to do. She tells Tek that he can’t stop her even if he is standing like next to her.

-Sami and Nicole, who Sami invited as her guest, are at the Chez Rouge bar. Sami and Nicole are discussing plans to get Carrie away from Austin. Nicole says that they should use Lucas to do it but Sami is against that idea. Nicole asks her if she still loves Lucas. Sami says that she does but its over now and that he made that clear. Nicole says that Lucas may be the only way to keep Carrie away from Austin. Carrie and Austin walk in together as Caroline, Bo, Hope, Frankie, and Max go up to her and hug her. They all welcome her back as Sami rolls her eyes saying that she never gets people fawning over her like that. Lucas comes up behind them and asks what they are up to. They both blast Lucas for always assuming the worst as Lucas claims that both women are always scheming. He notices both of them look at Carrie and Austin and he tells them not to worry about landing Austin. They both look at him confused. Lucas tells them both that the competition for Austin may soon be down from three women to two. Sami and Nicole ask him what he is talking about again. Lucas tells them to watch since the bombshell should explode anytime now and when it does Carrie may not want anything to do with Austin. Sami seems a little hurt that Lucas seems to want Carrie but, realizing that him and her can never be, she smiles and says that she hopes he is right. Nicole says that while they wait she will just grab a pitcher of cosmos as Sami and Lucas both roll their eyes with faces of disgust. Carrie and Austin then hit the dance floor, with Sami, Lucas, and Nicole as witnesses, and express how much fun they are having and that it feels like old times. They, along with Sami and the others, notice Roman walk in with Bonnie. Carrie says that she doesn’t know her much but heard Bonnie is quite a character. Austin agrees as Carrie explains that she doesn’t care who her dad is with as long as he is happy. Sami, meanwhile, goes off on Roman for being with Bonnie. Roman tells Sami to mind her own business and to not talk to him if she is going to behave that way. They walk away as Bonnie sticks her tongue out at Sami behind Roman’s back. Nicole says that while Roman is good looking, he is nothing but a cheapskate citing how he made a big deal after paying for her cosmos after spilling them months ago. Sami looks on in disgust as Lucas laughs and Nicole drinks up. Meanwhile, Carrie’s cell rings. Its Becky. Carrie apologizes for the phone dying earlier and her not calling her. She says she was busy getting ready for the party and catching up with others and her cell also needed to charge. Everything just got jumbled up in her mind and she couldn’t remember the new phone number for the company that Becky told her the other day since they had to change it due to prank callers. She says that she will be back in LA as soon as the weather clears. Becky tells her no problem but says she is concerned about the company since it appears a takeover is imminent. She then excuses herself and tells Austin that she needs to take the call in private. Sami, Lucas, and Nicole look on grinning in anticipation. Becky reminds Carrie of what they were discussing the last time they talked and Carrie asks her to tell her the name of the company that is close to taking over High Style.

-Bonnie and Roman are stared at by everyone. Bo and Hope think its weird and hope Bonnie doesn’t hurt Roman like he has been hurt several times. Jen tells Frankie that she likes Bonnie but says that Roman needs to keep an eye on her since she is quite the handful. Julie tells Doug that Roman must be drunk since there is no way any man like Roman could be that dumb to date Bonnie. Doug urges her to behave. Maggie goes over and questions Roman about his date. Roman says that if there is a problem they will go but that he asked Bonnie to be on her best behavior. Maggie laughs and says that Bonnie’s idea of being on her best behavior is using her cleavage to trap everything on two legs and maybe even more if you count Max the dog. Bonnie and her begin to fight but Roman breaks it up. Maggie walks away and agrees to keep her distance. Roman warns Bonnie again to behave or they will leave. She agrees but grins and says that she will show everyone what she is made of when she lands a good guy like Roman. They will never look at her the same way again and she will prove to them that she is just as good as the rest of them. They then get some drinks and soon end up on the dance floor as Bonnie notes to Roman that she can dance to the boring, classical music crap too and not just country music like everyone thinks. Roman says that she doesn’t need to prove anything to him. She just needs to have fun and enjoy the evening. Bonnie smiles as they continue to dance. Maggie watches out the window as the storm is picking up. Caroline comes up from behind and says that their husbands are fine and will be back soon. They are just taking their time because of the weather. They go back to talking with Alice, Doug, and Julie who also reassure both women.

-Billie arrives at the hospital and walks right in on Phillip learning that Claire isn’t his daughter. He lashes out at Victor and Kate for keeping this from him. Billie is shocked when Phillip informs her of what has happened. She yells at her mother who admits that she was wrong but had good intentions. She admits to almost being arrested for trying to change the records. Billie yells at her mother again for her actions and Phillip is furious that his mother was gonna keep up this charade. Victor says that he made Kate change everything back and got her off the hook. He apologizes too and says there was no excuse for keeping the truth. It only made matters worse. Phillip agrees and wonders if Belle knows as Kate screams that of course she knows. Belle and Shawn were going behind his back the whole time he was overseas in battle. Victor looks at Kate angrily and she realizes that it wasn’t the right time to say that. Phillip demands the rest of the truth as Kate tells him what happened while he was in war and what was going on behind his back when he first got back to Salem during the summer. He is stunned and hurt and betrayed. He lashes out at his parents. Billie admits that she knew too and do did all the men that rescued him in the war zone. Kate screams at Billie for telling him that but Billie says that it is time Phillip knows everything. Phillip feels betrayed by everyone he knows and loves saying that everyone knew what was going on but him. Everyone tries to comfort him as he yells for them to stay the hell away from him. Meanwhile, Mimi is watching Belle and Shawn on the terrace. She is still feeling ill but thinks it is still because of what is going on and worrying about losing Shawn. She then witnesses Belle kiss Shawn and nearly faints. She recovers in time to see Shawn push her away which makes her smile. Shawn tells Belle that this doesn’t mean they can be together. She is still married to Phillip and he is involved with Mimi. He says there is a lot to deal with and they can’t do it right now. They need to tell Phillip the truth and need to worry about Claire and her health. Belle agrees as Shawn says they will talk about everything else eventually. Belle then has a daydream of reuniting with Shawn and seems convinced it will happen now even though Phillip will get hurt. They bump into Mimi outside and all three discuss Phillip. Mimi tells the both of them that Phillip already knows the truth since his parents broke it to him while Shawn told Belle. They then hear an angry Phillip yelling. They run back to the ICU and see Phillip screaming at Victor, Kate and Billie. Billie fills them in and says she is ashamed at Belle and Shawn. Both admit they don’t even remember making love and never knew Claire could be theirs. Phillip then turns around and yells that everyone must think he is an idiot. He lashes out at Belle and Shawn saying he loved her and that her not knowing was bull. She lied and told him that he was the only one that she had slept with. Belle breaks down and says its true she didn’t know and she still doesn’t remember. He was also her first and she says that she still doesn’t remember being with Shawn in that way. Phillip yells at Shawn and says he should have never forgiven him and became his friend again. He is still the same backstabbing brute that he was when he drove his bike threw the window at St. Luke’s. He says he should have let him go to jail. Shawn says that neither him or Belle remember how Claire was conceived. Victor urges Phillip to calm down and defends Belle and Shawn saying they may not have really known. Phillip tells him to stop trying to make family peace and to shut up. He isn’t trusting anybody anymore or being naive and stupid. He then goes on and on about Belle and how their marriage is nothing but a lie as she breaks down with Shawn comforting her. Phillip tells Mimi to just surrender now in fighting for Shawn’s love before she gets hurt too but says he don’t care about her either since she probably knew the truth along with everyone else. He says everyone is dead to him. Kate tells him not to say that but he blames her most of all for pushing him to go after Belle in the beginning saying that if he didn’t he would not have had his heart broken again. Only this time its worse then when he lost Chloe. He actually married Belle and thought he had a child with her. She stayed with him through everything he went through. His ability to trust and love is shattered. He says he hates everyone and that they all may as well be dead to him. He picks up a chair and throws it right through the door of the ICU as Belle screams and breaks down in Shawn’s arms.

-Chelsea is still speeding towards Salem saying that she will pay her parents back for everything. Patrick, afraid to take the wheel and cause an accident, urges Chelsea to slow down citing the bad weather. Chelsea refuses saying she is only going 20 miles over the limit but now that he is being annoying about it she will go even faster. Patrick yells at her as Chelsea says no one tells her what to do and runs her life but her. She says she hates everyone including Patrick who she says used her to get closer to Billie, Hope, or whoever he wants. Patrick denies that as Chelsea turns the music up. She says she will make the lives of her new family and her parents miserable. Her parents and Hope used Patrick to punish her and to turn her into “a good girl.” She says that no one can change her and that her new family can go to hell for not liking her for who she is saying her old parents loved her as she is. Patrick tries to reason with her but she turns the music up to the maximum volume. Patrick then hears sirens from a police car and he urges Chelsea to pull over. Chelsea claims she doesn’t hear anything and says that even if she did she isn’t stopping. They just need to pass the intersection and go a few blocks and they will be at Chez Rouge for her family’s stupid party where she can ruin it and make everyone miserable for what they did to her. Patrick reminds Chelsea that the intersection is busy and the storm is bad along with the roads. He also tells her once again to stop since the police are right behind them chasing them and things are only being made worse by her not pulling over. Her father won’t be happy and won’t be able to help her get out of this. She tells him to shut up and that they are almost there and she doesn’t care about her father, the police, or anyone but herself. No one will stop her from getting her revenge.

-Mickey and Shawn Sr are taking their time driving back to Chez Rouge. The storm begins to pick up and visibility drops drastically. The car then skids on ice as they approach an intersection. They manage to stop the car before it hits anyone or anything. They steer the car to the side of the road and decide to remain there until the storm dies off a little. Shawn asks Mickey if its dangerous to pull over so close to a major intersection given the bad weather and rods but Mickey says they won’t do this for long. The storm can’t keep up like this forever. The realize they may not make it back in time for midnight. They agree its no big deal since the bad times are over and their families are in the clear. They decide to call their wives on the phone and talk to them at midnight to make them happy. It will be just like being with them they agree. We see Maggie pick up the phone at the bar and she is upset they aren’t back but delighted to hear they are ok and that they called. It’s the next best thing to having them there. She calls Caroline over and puts the phone on speaker phone so the men can hear the countdown and can talk to them and pledge their love to them at midnight.

-Alex has pulled over, hoping he can lie low since John would expect him to just take the interstate out of town. Marlena is still in her trances as Alex is touching her face vowing to never let her go. Meanwhile, John is driving around trying to think like Alex to find where his car is. He deduces that Alex probably didn’t use the interstate because that is what anyone would do. John believes he did the opposite thinking that John would think he was headed out of Salem. Eventually, John spots Alex’s car. He then speeds away with John hot on his trail. Both cars head for one of Salem’s busiest intersections.

Ending of Episode

-Everyone watches Phillip continue to seethe with anger. He can’t believe that he threw the chair threw the door. He could have hurt innocent children and then turns around to everyone and curses them for making him do what he just did. He continues to lash out saying he will never be loved and that those he thought loved him didn’t. He can’t believe how stupid he was. Everyone tries to comfort him but he pushes them away. A nurse shows security what happened to the door but Victor gives the nurse and guards a check to keep what happened hush hush. The nurse pockets it but security doesn’t accept it. The nurse says to leave it alone since the door has been paid for and then some. The guards leave as Phillip tells Victor to stay out of his life. He doesn’t need him or anyone. He hates them all. Belle begs him to let her explain but Phillip calls her a tramp and a cold-hearted bitch and then spits on her. Shawn tells him to lay off and that they don’t remember as Phillip doesn’t buy it. He tells them both to go to hell along with everyone else as he pushes Belle to the floor and leaves. Shawn picks her up but she collapses in his arms and cries uncontrollably yelling “I’m sorry!!!” Victor then tells Kate to look at what she has done. Most of this is her doing for interfering in her children’s lives yet again. Kate starts to break down as Victor addresses the fact that she is finally realizing what her actions do to her children. All they do is make things worse. Kate begins to break down in tears and runs off as Billie follows. Mimi walks up to Victor and asks him what he thinks will happen as Victor says, “It can only get worse from here.”

-Meanwhile, at the party, Doug and Julie bring Alice to the bar so they can all join Maggie and Caroline in counting down to the new year with Shawn Sr and Mickey. Bo and Hope are dancing as are Abby and Max. Jen and Frankie are too and all are having fun and embracing. Jack is watching all this from outside and is clearly emotional. He turns to his accomplice and says, “I don’t know how you did it. Being alone all those years without contact with any loved ones or friends. It must have been hard but, then again, you did it for so long that you must have been used to it. I guess I will have to get used to it too....until I die that is. Now don’t look at me like that. I hate when you do that. I am not changing your mind like I know you want me to. You and me have come this far and there is no going back and this is for the best. Its gotta be and it already seems to be going according to plan seeing what I am seeing in there.” Just then, out of the shadows, the camera pans up to see a hooded women. She takes the hood off and we see her face. IT’S GRETA!!!! “This is wrong Jack and deep down you know it. I have helped you so far but I am beginning to wonder if what we are doing is wrong. You know what it is-I want out. If you don’t tell Jen what is going on, I will and I will do it tonight.” Jack turns around and begs ger not to.

-Everyone begins to prepare for the countdown as Roman and Bonnie head over to join Bo and Hope, who both look at Bonnie. She asks them what they are looking at as Bo says nothing. They have been meaning to say all night how beautiful she looks tonight. Hope agrees and asks where she got the dress. Bonnie doesn’t buy it but answers anyway and says that she never reveals her wardrobe people. Roman laughs as Bo and Hope smile with a “Oh God” look on their face.

-Austin is preparing for the countdown and wonders where Carrie is. Since Carrie is MIA, both Sami and Nicole race off the grab Austin first and be with him at midnight. A drunk Nicole beats Sami but only because she broke her heel and tripped and fell into Austin’s arms. Sami is furious and turns around to bump into Lucas who she yells at for coming up behind her. He says its about to happen. She asks him she knows its almost midnight. Lucas tells her that isn’t it. He means Carrie is finding out about the takeover right now. Carrie asks Becky again to just tell her the name of the company. Becky, knowing that it shares the same name as Carrie’s former husband, tells Carrie to brace herself. Carrie urges her to just say it. Becky tells her, “It’s Austin Reed &Co.” Carrie refuses to believe it but Becky insists its true and that she would never lie to her. Carrie looks out at Austin with tears welling up in her eyes as Sami and Lucas look on smiling devilishly in approval.

-Abe wonders where Lexie is since its almost midnight. Celeste comes over and says she is on the phone. Abe asks Celeste to go get her but Celeste keeps seeing the vision and says she can’t since ‘It’s about to happen.” and she needs to warn people. She can’t stay quiet any longer. Abe asks her what is wrong as Celeste stops again dead in her tracks as the countdown to midnight begins.

-We then see several images intermingled of (10)Chelsea and Patrick speeding, Mickey and Shawn Sr pulled over with their loved ones counting down with them by phone, Lexie talking to Tek who is in his car, Alex speeding away with Marlena and John chasing him in his car and (9)Abe holding Celeste who is feeling the impending doom. We also see the images of all the other party goers counting down together as Carrie looks on with pain in her eyes and Sami and Lucas smiling and (8) we see Phillip clutching his head and screaming “How could she do this to me?’ as Belle is being held in Shawn’s arms (with Victor and Mimi looking on) and Kate in Billie’s as both women are breaking down. (7) We then go back to Patrick and Chelsea who again begs her to pull over and she refuses. The car then skids on ice and spins out of control. Meanwhile, Tek is talking to Lexie and is telling her to please wait when he sees Chelsea’s car skidding right into his path. (6)Its too late-his car smashes right into it as Lexie hears the crash and the phone goes dead. Tek’s car goes flying right into a nearby building. Chelsea’s car, after colliding with Tek’s, ends up right in the path of Alex’s who is coming from the other direction. (5) He turns around to see how close John is and when he turns around sees the car in the middle of the road but its too late. His car smashes into Chelsea’s and this time sends it into a ravine. (4)Alex’s car spins out of control and hits a nearby parked car and telephone pole leaving Maggie, Alice, Doug,, Julie, and Caroline stunned when they hear a loud crash and the line go dead. (3)John sees what is happening and sees the chaos in front of him but doesn’t manage to see the two cop cars that were chasing Chelsea that collided in an effort to avoid hitting her car. John rams right into them sending all the cars flying and sending John’s car right into a nearby tree. (2) We then hear Celeste scream NO!!!! as the screen turns to white and then we hear everyone say loudly, “1" and then scream in horror in response to Celeste’s scream. We then see everyone running to Celeste to ask what is going on as Lexie tries to get Tek on her phone and Maggie and the others at the bar try to reach Micky desperately. Celeste yells out to everyone that “Its happened. I should have warned everyone but it would have been too late. Death has come to Salem and who it claims will affect everyone in this room.” Everyone looks at each other as Lexie looks at her mother with a worried expression and looks at her phone thinking about Tek. Maggie and the group at the bar have horrified looks on their faces as they are very worried now that something happened to Mickey and Shawn Sr. We then go back to Celeste and the horrified look on her face as the screen fades back to the accident scene and we get a overhead look at it. We see John wake up and as he looks in his car mirrors and sees the chaos behind him he says, “Oh my God.” We then see another overhead visual of the accident scene intermingled with images of John and all the worried and horrified people at the party. The screen then goes black.

Next week: John plays hero yet again. Lives are lost and two shocking secrets are revealed. Will makes a shocking discovery and one Salem resident finds him or herself a prisoner.

I will not post an episode for Monday since the real Days is preempted and like the show I am off when its off. I will post a new promo this weekend and updated casting news and a preview of what is coming. I hope you liked the ending-it may come off as convoluted and random that only cars of Days characters crashed. Next week you will see that this accident affect other people besides Days characters too just so that we can be realistic here. Hope you enjoy and talk away about all the shockers in this eppy. Many more are coming next week and the episodes will be much shorter. Happy new year to all of you and keep reading in the new year. My stuff has really started now.


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That was amazing! Loved reading the Phillip scenes and the multiple car crash. I would love to see that on screen in real life. You are doing a great job. Hopefully Patrick and Chelsea are gone forever. Hope you don't kill Mickey, but I wish in your contract news that Mickey would be John Clarke again. Keep it up. I'll be looking forward to it.

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WOW! That is seriously all I can say. Just by that final couple of minutes of the episode, you had more action and suspense than the show did in the whole year of 2005. I cannot wait to see what 2006 has in store for us with you under the reigns. Good job!

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Glad you liked it. What did you all think

of Great returning? I always liked her

with Jack and think she is a nice addition.

Glad you liked the crash. I was afraid

it might be hard to follow or come off

bad since you can;t really see it. My

next episode will show you that

there were other cars involved too

which will help make this much more

chaotic. I didn't want the only people

involved to be only Days characters

otherwise it isn't realistic so you will

see lots of people screaming and injured

Tuesday. Keep a look out for my new

promo this weekend and updated cast

news and a special preview peice (in interview

form). I promise once this crash is over the

episodes will not be as long as this. That is an awful

lot to read. Where is KR? I take it he is behind on

reading fan fic. I wanted to know his response to


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