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Episode 4-12/29/05



12/29/05 (very long episode today-the last long one-I also use some dialogue in this one so sorry about the length and enjoy)

-John and Marlena arrive at Chez Rouge for the party and notice that many of the guest have already arrived. They are shocked to see Roman there with Bonnie. They decide not to go in yet as they want to be alone since they had not had the chance to in a long time with Alex around. John says that now is the perfect time since Alex is in jail to make up for lost time and talk about their past in hopes of jogging her memory. John reminds Marlena that Alex did not want them alone because he knew the more she was with John the better the chances that her memory would return in full. John recalls past New Year’s he spent with Marlena including some bad ones like when an ill Roman caught them aboard his jet kissing thanks to Kristen’s antics. Marlena asks who Kristen was and John opts not to tell her right now since he merely want to focus on her memories of her family and him. Meanwhile, in the bushes, Alex is watching the both of them and has realized that John will never leave Marlena alone now. He starts to panic when he hears Marlena tell John that all the memories are find and good but not important. She says, “I don’t need memories. My life is right in front of my eyes. You are clearly my life John and I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.” John claims that Alex was brainwashing her and his insistence on isolating her from her family and him is what made things worse for her and made it hard to remember her past. Alex is getting increasingly angry and worried. He can’t let John continue to be alone with her since he is making so much progress in so little time. Even though Marlena isn’t really having memory flashes, the emotions and feelings she has for John and her loved ones are returning meaning that it is only a matter of time before the memories come flooding back. Alex decided to sit back and wait for an opportunity to take Marlena away but if John doesn’t leave her side soon, he will just have to remove him from the picture.

-Chelsea and Patrick return to their room at the Green Mountain Lodge after eating dinner in the Lodge restaurant. Chelsea claims to be having a great time and, noticing the hot tub outside, comes up with an idea to make her move on Patrick. We then see flashbacks of their time at the lodge so far. Chelsea is clearly flirting with Patrick and he is humoring her in an effort to benefit his chances at convincing her to listen to and accept her parents and family. Chelsea believes that Patrick is really interested in her and is finally ready to give in to her advances, not realizing it is an act by him. Flashbacks now end. Chelsea asks Patrick to join her in the hot tub since it has been such a long day. He doesn’t see a problem with it and plans to use the time in the hot tub to get Chelsea to change. They get into their bathing suits. Chelsea continues to flirt as Patrick humors her some more. He finally brings up the topics of her parents and newfound family, as well as her reckless driving and behavior. She tries to change the subject many times but Patrick changes it back. Chelsea starts to get angry and asks why he is ruining everything. She claims that it’s a vacation and that she came with him to forget the drama back in Salem. He sees that she is getting really mad so he backs off. They talk about music and movies and such. Chelsea again feels that things are going well and decided to finally make a move before she misses her chance. She asks Patrick to get her something to drink and, while he is gone, she messes with the tub jets. He returns and notes that the tub isn’t working anymore. He finds it unplugged and plugs it back in. Just as he does that, Chelsea sneakily pulls off her bathing suit and then acts like her suit got pulled off by the water coming out of the jets. She makes a huge scene as Patrick pulls her out naked. He covers her up with a towel but not before catching a glimpse of her body as she had hoped. He can’t understand how her suit got pulled off since jets can’t pull off something that is tied or secured to someone’s body. Chelsea claims that her suit is old and that the straps were already loose. She had meant to throw it out but never did and, in her rush to pack on short notice, took the wrong suit by mistake. Patrick chalks it up to another innocent mistake. They go inside as Patrick says he is gonna take a shower before they get ready to go downstairs for the lodge New Year’s Eve party. While he is gone, Chelsea notes how flustered Patrick was over seeing her body and thinks he is really into her. She decided to go for it all when he comes out of the shower. She sneaks into the bathroom and steals all the towels and his clothes so that he has no way to cover up. She stashes the towels in a maid’s closet in the hall and hides the clothes. Later, Patrick yells to Chelsea to close her eyes since it appears they are all out of towels and he must have forgot to take clothes in with him even though he was sure he did. She agrees to as he comes out and notices her staring right at him. He tells Chelsea to turn around or close her eyes since this isn’t right. She refuses and confesses her feelings for him and what she believes he feels for her. She pulls off the towels he covered her with and she says, “I want you and you want me. So why resist? Let’s go for it, Nobody needs to ever know.” He pushes her off and seeks his suitcases and puts on some clothes. He lashes out at her and tells her he knew that she had a crush on him. She explains its not a crush-its something more. He is her ideal man. He asks her about Max and she claims he was just a sub or fallback in case she couldn’t land him. Patrick decides to end this once and for all and realizes that his plan will never work. It has already set her up for hurt and heartache. He should have though this through but never realized how far the depth of her obsession went. He explains to her that he can never be with her and the real reasons why he took her on the trip. She lashes out claiming he didn’t think she was pretty enough or didn’t think she would be good in bed. She also says that he was used by her parents to punish her since they hate her. She goes on and on about how no one will ever want her since she is screwed up thanks to the Dimeras and her parents. He denies everything and claims to care about her. She says that she hates him and can’t understand what she saw in him. She takes the keys to her car and leaves. Patrick races to stop her yelling to her about her license being suspended and that the car is being shared by her and her mother since she don’t have one and she would not want her driving angry and risking losing another car. He warns Chelsea that when she is emotional or lashing out, that is when she gets into or causes trouble. He grabs her but she knocks him over and runs to the car in the lot. Patrick gets in just as she begins to pull away. He tells her to pull over and let him take the wheel, noting that she is speeding. She refuses and the car speeds out of the lot as the snow and ice storm begins to hit (see 12/27/05)Chelsea announces she is going back to Salem to make her parents life a living hell.

-Lexie warns Shawn that what she is about to tell him will change everything. He doesn’t care and once again begs her to tell him what she knows. Mimi notices Victor and Kate in the corner and sees how worried they look. Lexie then tells Shawn that the reason he feels connected to Claire and is a blood type match with her is because he is her father. In shock, Shawn says, “ Oh My God its true. I am Claire’s father. It makes sense. I always felt it but just never totally realized..” Lexie says that Claire was conceived the night Belle and him were trapped in the barn and had similar “dreams” of making love. Mimi can’t believe it and turns around crying saying, “Its over-I lost him. He will go back to Belle the woman he still loves and always will.” She starts to cry. Shawn is stunned and says it all makes sense now and notices Mimi crying. He asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she knows he will go back to Belle now since Claire was one of the only things keeping them apart and now it will unite them. Shawn says that his being Claire’s father doesn’t mean he is reuniting with Belle. He urges Mimi to let her fears go since there are more important things to deal with like Claire being ill. He insists that Belle and Phillip need to be told the truth now. Lexie agrees and offers to do it but Shawn says that he needs to tell Belle and then Phillip. They are interrupted by Kate and Victor, who finally step out of the corner. Victor insists that Kate and him be the ones to tell Phillip. Shawn asks how they know and remembers Mimi telling him about Kate offering her a job at Basic Black and trying to get them married ASAP. He recalls Mimi telling him that Kate was afraid Belle and Shawn would reunite. He lashes out at Kate. Victor then jumps in and admits that he learned the truth recently too. Mimi claims that now everything makes sense and Shawn scolds both Victor and Kate. Victor expresses regret but Kate claims she feels no remorse and that she was protecting her son. Shawn, Mimi, and Lexie all say that keeping the truth a secret only made things worse and that the results could have been tragic for Claire. Shawn says he will deal with Victor and Kate later and tells Victor that his father won’t be happy to hear this. Shawn asks Lexie to get Belle and bring her out on the terrace. The both leave as Victor lashes out at Kate telling her that he knew this would happen. Belle walks out of the pediatric ICU following Lexie as Kate stares at Phillip who begins to come out as well. Kate realizes that Lexie told him to come talk to them so that he could learn the truth. Kate says, “What have I done. My son has lost everything and all I did was make it worse. He is gonna feel betrayed by his parents and feel so alone.” Victor orders her to pull herself together and that it is too late for regrets. It is time to take responsibility for their actions and part in this coverup. Kate looks at Mimi and says to her to do what she can to keep Shawn. She is Phillip’s only hope now at happiness. Victor tells Kate to stop interfering and scheming and to leave her alone. Mimi decided to leave them alone and, as she walks away, has another dizzy spell but chalks it up to worrying about losing Shawn and stress. Phillip comes out of the ICU and says that Lexie told him that his parents has news for him. Victor says that they do and that it will change his life. Its bad news and he warns Phillip that his mother and himself made big mistakes in not telling him sooner. He only hopes that he can forgive them for that. Phillip urges them to tell him the truth they are speaking of.

-Belle meets Shawn on the terrace. She asks what he wanted. He says he has big news that will change everything. Belle says that she hopes its good news since she has enough to handle with Claire already. Shawn reminds Belle of the connection he feels to Claire and of their matching blood type. He also reminds her of the night they almost died in the burning barn and had “dreams” of making love. He tells her that he was curious and had Lexie investigate. She asks him why he would do that and he says that his instincts told him something was up. He tells Belle to prepare herself. At the same time, Kate and Victor tell Phillip to prepare himself.

(Gonna use dialogue here since this is meant to be really intense-I just hope I do a good job with this)

Shawn: Belle there is something you don’t know about Claire. Something none of us knew until tonight. Belle....Claire....Claire is....Claire is not Phillip’s daughter. She is my daughter. Yours and mine (begins to tear up).

Belle: No it can’t be. I would know it (turns around in protest and then flashes back to when she was dreaming of Shawn being the father and her hallucinations of him being Claire’s dad). Oh my God. I did know. Those dreams and images. I always knew in my heart (tears streaming down her face-she turns to him). It really is true.

Shawn: Yes it is. We have a daughter. A child we created. We always dreamed we would have children and now we have one and never knew it.

Belle: I knew it we are meant to be. We are meant to be together and a family. I love you Shawn. I never stopped (she embraces Shawn and kisses him).

Mimi catches this and breaks down.

Meanwhile (as the screen fades into a scene with Victor, Kate, and Phillip)-

Victor: Phillip the secret we kept from you that we shouldn’t have...the truth that you should know is....

Kate: Oh baby please no that we were only trying to protect you (grabbing him). Please promise me you won’t shut us out once you know everything.

Phillip: Mom just let dad talk and tell me what is going on and then I will be the judge of what happens. Ok? Alright Dad go ahead. I am sure whatever this is can’t bas bad as what is happening with Claire.

Victor: Phillip this is about Claire and your family. Phillip your daughter is....(stares at Kate covering her face and preparing for the worst and looks at Phillip’s confused face) not yours.

Phillip: What?....What the hell are you talking about? Of course, she is mine.

Victor: No, son, she isn’t. Lexie checked records and your mother herself found out a while ago when Claire was first admitted. Your blood type isn’t a match and the time of Claire’s conception makes it impossible for her to be yours.

Kate: Baby, trust me. I saw the records and checked out everything. It is true.

Phillip: No way! If she isn’t mine then who is her father. Belle never slept with anyone else, at least not that I know of, and she would never lie to me.

Kate: Ph....

Victor: Phillip do you recall the night Belle was in an accident with Shawn and they were later found in a burning barn?

Phillip flashes back to that night and remembers being told that both were found naked. Phillip’s face of denial crumbles as the truth sinks in.

Phillip: Oh my God. That night. I knew something else happened. Both of them were mumbling about making love and they both said they were dreaming. Only-they weren’t. Were they? (Victor and Kate shake their heads reluctantly) She isn’t mine. Claire is Shawn’s.

Phillip begins to tear up, with a look of shock and disgust on his face. Victor and a emotional Kate look on with concern for their son.

-John gets a call from the police station on his cell while talking to Marlena. He turns his back on Marlena for a moment. Realizing this could be his only shot to get her away from John, Alex quickly sneaks up behind Marlena and grabs her from behind. He covers her mouth but she manages to scream. John learns from the station that Alex was released and then hears Marlena scream. Alex then uses his tailsmen again to put Marlena into a trance so she can’t fight him. He dashes off just in time to see Alex’s car speed away with Marlena in it. John races and gets his car vowing to not let Alex get away with his wife no matter what he needs to do as Alex looks on with an evil grin vowing to never let Marlena see John again as the screen fades to black (all this happens as the snow and ice storm moves into Salem after already beginning to affect others areas including the Green Mountain Lodge area.).

On the Next Days....

A episode so BIG that we aren’t gonna tell you what happens.

(Images of the New Year’s Eve party and Bonnie and Roman dancing, Sami and Nicole , Austin dancing with Carrie, Max and Abby laughing)

This is the episode full of BIG CHANGES that will make 2006 THE BEST YEAR OF DAYS EVER!!

(Images of Belle crying with Shawn, Mimi, Kate, and Victor in the background, Phillip throwing a chair through a window, John chasing Alex’s car as Alex laughs, Chelsea speeding with Patrick)


(Images of Lexie talking to Tek who is in his car, Victor and Caroline hugging, Jack looking at his accomplice, and then the screen goes black as we hear sirens and people (mostly women voices) screaming “NO!!” in agony.



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Oh boy! I cannot wait until Friday's episode. It's going to be so good.

And just to let you know, you did a wonderful job with the dialogue today. I usually like fanfics that use script format instead of summary, but it's always easier to just do summaries.

Keep up the good work!

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