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Episode 3-12/28/05




-Max is outside of Java Café checking his messages on his cell when all of a sudden he bursts into a rage and throws a trash can against the brick exterior of a nearby store. Abby is walking out of the café at that time and asks him what is wrong. He explains that Chelsea is spending New Year’s with Patrick at Green Mountain Lodge. He says, “I can’t believe her. I was so stupid.” Abby responds, “No you weren’t-you just cared.” She hugs him and they talk about how he planned to take her to the Horton/Brady party. He lied to her and told her he was taking her to another party because he was hoping to get her to see how good she has it in her family and life. Abby says that he was doing a good thing and is a good guy and that she will beat the party so he can come with her. He asks her why she would want to go with him since she has a boyfriend to spend the holiday with. Abby explains her and Josh broke up and that he moved away. She says it wasn’t working anyway. She wants a guy who knows how to treat a girl and how to respect her feelings. Max smiles and says that was what he was doing with Chelsea and she hurt him. He should have know since she always wanted Patrick. She must have been using him. Abby says to forget it and go with her to the party. He agrees and they both leave.

-Jen is home looking at pictures of Jack when the doorbell rings. Its Frankie. He explains that he couldn’t leave. Something told him to stay. Jen says, “I need you Frankie. Don’t leave. Please don’t.” She explains it was wrong for her to ask him to leave since it’s the holidays. She asks him to at least stay until after New Year’s. He agrees but hints that he don’t know if he should leave at all. She doesn’t want to argue and says to drop it until after the holiday. The phone rings and its Maggie asking her to rethink coming to the party. Jen says she doesn’t feel like celebrating. She says she will let Maggie know if she changes her mind and hangs up. Frankie asks what is going on and Jen talks about the Horton/Brady party. Frankie says that she should go with him since its their families’ party and Jack wouldn’t want her to sit home on New Year’s. Jen thinks about it and agrees, citing the fact that Jack Jr. And Abby were going anyway and Jack would want her to be with her family to ring in the new year. She goes to get ready and thanks Frankie, who says to himself that Jack would also want her to be with him to ring in the new year too. Meanwhile, Jack is outside Jen’s window smiling and glad that Frankie returned. He then turns around and talks to someone who is clearly helping him and says, “We need to get out of here. We can’t get caught it would ruin everything. Let’s get as far away from Salem as possible.” He leaves and we don’t see his mysterious partner in crime.

-Kate and Victor arrive at the hospital at the same time. They discuss everything happening with Claire and Kate tells Victor that “The truth must never come out.”

-Shawn is with Mimi awaiting word from Lexie. They are watching Belle and Phillip who are still at Claire’s bedside. He talks about the baby being his and Mimi starts having daydreams of losing Shawn to Belle. She then gets dizzy and passes out. Shawn and a passing nurse help her up. The nurse gets her water but Mimi assures her that she is ok and that she just hasn’t eaten much due to worrying about Claire. Shawn promises to take care of her as Mimi secretly worries about losing Shawn and about possible problems with her health.

-Lexie is in the hospital records room when Abe calls her. She promises to be home in time to take him to the Brady/Horton party. She then flashes back to Tek threatening her earlier and inviting her to the lodge. Abe tells her that Celeste is going to take him and Theo to the party so she should just meet them there. She agrees and says that she loves him and always has no matter what. He says he knows and is so glad all their problems are over. Both hangup as Lexie breaks down worrying about what Tek might do. Celeste comes downstairs and is shocked when she sees Abe getting Theo’s bag ready for the party. He explains that his sight has been slowly returning and that he wants to surprise Lexie. He went and saw a specialist with the aid of a friend on the force and he took an experimental drug that has seemed to work. Celeste hugs him and says that the bad times are truly behind them.. She then starts shaking and has a vision of smoke and fire and people screaming. Its mass chaos. She then says, “Death is coming to Salem tonight!!! So much pain and heartache. The worst is yet to come.” Abe tries to get her to calm down but she refuses and says she has always been right before and she will be again. Abe reassures her that everything is and will be fine and goes off to finish getting ready. Celeste looks on knowing what is about to hit.

-Later, Lexie is on her to way to Shawn when Tek calls remind her of their discussion earlier. She begs him not to do anything but he sticks to his guns. She then turns on him and says he never loved her at all otherwise he would not do this. She wants nothing to do with him and is not meeting him. He can tell Abe if he wants since the lies have gone on long enough. She says that she will actually tell him before he does. Tek then changes his tune, since Abe may forgive her since he was pushing her away, and begs Lexie to reconsider. Lexie realizes that Tek is now afraid of losing her. Tek says that he is driving back to stop her. Lexie realizes she must tell the truth to save her marriage otherwise it will never be over with Tek. Abe is who she loves and Tek was just a mistake at a time when she was hurting and vulnerable. She tells Tek she has patients and needs to go. She is telling Abe the truth. Tek begs her not too as Lexie reminds him he was going to do it himself moments ago. He explains by saying he just wanted to see how serious she was about him but he doesn’t want to lose her and think she should keep quiet so they have more time to explore their feelings. She finally admits to him that she knows he is a player and that he preys on married women and then leaves them after they divorce their husbands (cue flashback to May 2005 when Celeste learned this info). She says she should have never got involved with him knowing who he was and what it could do to her marriage. Tek says that he has changed and that Lexie did that. She tells him its over and hangs up saying she is going to tell Abe tonight. Tek decides to rush back to stop her.

-A lab tech hands Lexie the info she wanted on her way down the hall. She looks inside and is shocked by what it is inside. She then meets with Shawn and Mimi and informs them that she investigated what was discussed earlier with Hope and Shawn. She looked at records, DNA, etc. and says to them, “I have big news that will change your life.” Mimi then turns and looks at Phillip, Belle, and Claire in the pediatric ICU. Kate and Victor then walk in continuing their discussion from earlier and see the looks on everyone’s faces. Victor sees the folder in Lexie’s hand and says,

“Well, its already too late because that is exactly what has happened.” Kate says, “What happened?” He says, “Our worst fears-they know Kate. Our son will be destroyed and now because we didn’t tell him ourselves he will learn everything in the worst possible way.” The both look on in horror as Shawn asks Lexie to tell him what she knows. (Screen fades to black)

On the Next Days....

Marlena to John (as Alex watches from the bushes): I don’t need memories. My life is right in front of my eyes.

Chelsea to Patrick: I want you and you want me. So why resist?

Shawn: Oh my God its true. I am Claire’s father.

Mimi: Its over-I lost him.

Kate to Victor: What have I done. My son has lost everything and all I did was make it worse.


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Max and Abby seem so cute together. Darrin Brooks and Ashley Benson have chemistry, if only the writers would write him with her instead of Chelsea.

Who could be Jack's mysterious partner in crime? Could it be Tony? Maybe Billie? Or maybe you are bringing back someone from the past, per say, Eve Donovan??? That would be a total twisted shocker!

I am so glad that you are resolving the Shawn's the father storyline quick fast and in a hurry. Now, I hope you're not going to ruin any shots of SHIMI because htey are too cute together. Belle doesn't deserve Shawn either. She doesn't even deserve Philip. Leave her alone in the cold please.

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Oh Drew you are gonna love tomarrow's

show. Some instense stuff with the Claire

payoff and it sets the stage for my

unbelievable Friday show. Jack's partner

in crime will be among the big things that

comes out of Friday. His/her identity will

be revealed and it is a shocker. If you read

my "Who's In/Who's Out" it will tell you that

someone is returning on New Year's so maybe

this will deal with Jack. Hmm...keep reading :) .

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