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Episode 2-12/27/05




-Austin walks into the Java Café and is talking to Nicole on his cell. Nicole tells Austin that the takeover of High Style is ready to begin. Austin says that they should arrange a meeting with the CEO to inform her of what is about to take place. Nicole agrees to set one up and calls High Style. Becky answers and Nicole says she wants to request a meeting with the CEO to inform her of the takeover. Becky is stunned and can’t believe it. She is even more stunned at the name of the company taking over-Austin Reed and Co.-the same name as Carrie’s former husband. She also recognizes the voice as the voice of the “Mary Smith” she met days earlier when she barged into the office. Becky schedules a meeting and prepares to call Carrie. Carrie is meeting Austin at Java Café to catch up when Becky calls. At this moment, Lucas walks in too and hears Austin talking to himself about how life is perfect. Carrie is back and there may be hope for them and his business is about to take off. Lucas smirks and comes up behind Austin warning him that not everything may be as perfect as he thinks. Austin thinks Titan is about to make a last minute play for High Style but Lucas says that Austin has no clue what is really going on and walks off. He bumps right into Sami who says she is looking for Will to tell him about the Brady/Horton New Year’s Eve blast. She wants him to come with her and can’t find or contact Will to tell him. Lucas says that he is spending New Year’s Eve and day with friends from school. Sami is disappointed. Lucas tells her not to fret-he wouldn’t want to ring in the new year with his joke of a mom anyway. Sami runs off in tears as Lucas laughs but then feels bad about his words. Carrie and Austin meet and talk about old times. He asks about Mike and Carrie comes out and tells him. Sami overhears while getting her coffee and can’t believe it. Either can Austin who then asks Carrie why she stayed away. She tells him her reasons to which he responds by asking if there is hope for a reunion between them. Sami gets mad and runs off vowing to never let that happen. Carrie tells Austin she doesn’t know but that she still cares about him. Austin suggests that they go together to the Horton/Brady party. Carrie agrees and then gets a call from Becky who tells her about Nicole’s call. Before she can tell her the name of the company, the phone goes dead due to no battery. Carrie doesn’t tell Austin what is going on saying that she can’t say anything until she knows what is really going to happen for sure. She says she may need to go back to LA immediately. Austin begs her not to but she insists. They then see a weather report on TV that warns of a major snow and ice storm hitting the Midwest that could cause major travel delays and problems. Carrie admits she is now forced to stay and decides to go to the party with Austin. Maybe it will keep her mind off the possibility of losing her business she says to herself as Lucas looks on with glee waiting for the big bombshell to drop.

-Sami goes home and Nicole asks her what is wrong since she looks upset. Sami says that she may as well tell her since they both wanted Austin-“Carrie and Austin are close to reuniting,” she says. Nicole yells out in anger and can’t believe Austin would want to be with a woman who cheated on him during their marriage. Sami agrees and says that she won’t let it happen. She admits that with “perfect” Carrie in the picture it may be impossible to get Austin. Nicole hears this and says she just got an idea. She proposes that Sami and her team up like they did previously before Sami refused to help her with Brady. Sami says no way but Nicole tells her that with Carrie out of the picture the chances of getting Austin are much better. She also asks Sami who she would rather see win Austin besides herself-Carrie, her hated perfect sister, or Nicole. Sami thinks for a second and agrees. They shake hands and note that once Carrie is out, they must go back to hating each other and competing. They both agree.

-John is at the police station and flashes back to rushing up to the cabin and interrupting Alex and Marlena about to make love. We see him, along with Roman and Kate, inform Marlena of what he has learned from an old friend and colleague of Alex and her-that her marriage to Alex was shaky and that he was abusive. Alex denies it but the cops come in and take him away in handcuffs as John walks toward a disbelieving Marlena. John tells Alex, “It’s over for you” to which he responds, “Not quite yet.” The flashback ends (*sorry about this guys but I had to skip ahead a few days in real time and flash back to this so I could set up what I want to, its not really how it happened on the show but I had to do all this this way to fit my vision even though this is not how this story left off Friday or how it played out this week so I just jumped ahead so I can get things where I want them for my stories*). Roman has left and so has Tek (to the Lodge-see 12/26/05). John is waiting for Marlena who is visiting Alex. Meanwhile, we see Marlena and Alex talking about what has happened. Marlena calls herself stupid for rushing her decision. She says that she doesn’t know him any more then she knows anyone else and should have never made a choice about her future. Alex continues to deny everything and tells Marlena he loves her. He reminds her of their history. Marlena breaks down. She tells Alex that she won’t be visiting him again until she knows the whole truth and whether or not the witness’s story checks out. She leaves as Alex says to himself, “Oh, you will, soon enough.” with a evil grin on his face.

-Marlena returns to John and he asks her if she is ok. She apologizes to him about making a hasty decision. He tells her not to decide or do anything until her memory returns and until they learn the whole truth about Alex. He asks her to the Horton/Brady party and claims it would be a great way to help her memory along. She agrees to go as long as she isn’t pressured. She asks about Belle and the baby but John says they can’t do anything so they may as well go since Belle would want that and for her mother to get better. They agree and leave as she tells her she should have known better. She feels so comfortable with John but with Alex she had to figure out everything about him. With John, it just feels right and natural. He smiles and they walk off while, at the same time, a officer visits Alex in the holding cell saying he is free to go. Someone paid his bail and he is allowed to go-but he can’t leave town. However, he will have to face kidnaping charges and some others in court if they can collect more evidence to go along with the testimony of Lois Banks, the former acquaintance of Alex and Marlena. Alex understands and whispers, “I knew she would come through for me. Now to go get Marlena from John before I lose her again” he says.

-Bonnie is working the bar at Alice’s when Roman shows up. He talks to her about the Marlena situation and they discuss all the happenings in Salem Bonnie says that she wishes he came around more often. He says he has been busy. Bonnie says that she knows he is lonely just like she is since she lost Mickey. She says she tries to cover it up but its hard sometimes. Roman says he knows hot it feels and can’t believe he is seeing a new side to her. Bonnie says that Mickey is the only other person who has seen that side of her and that she only shows it to people who she feels can be trusted. She then asks him to spend New Year’s Eve with her by asking, “How’s about you and me have ourselves one hell of a New Year’s-you game?” but he says he is spending it at the Horton/Brady party at Chez Rouge. However, she is welcome to come along. He is sick of being alone and doesn’t want to be on one of the biggest nights of the year. She agrees to go knowing she can torment Maggie and can show off to everyone that fact that she is with Roman and prove them wrong that she isn’t just a trashy gold digger. Roman laughs at her reasoning and asks her to behave. She slyly nods her head as he leaves saying he will see her later.

-Hope returns home to Bo, Billie, Chelsea and Patrick arguing. Bo fills her in and Hope likes Patrick’s idea. Bo and her fight but Bo realizes he is outnumbered. They send Chelsea out of the room so she goes reluctantly outside to check her messages and cool off. Hope then explains how Patrick may be the only one to get through to Chelsea since she has a huge crush on him. Bo claims it’s a dangerous crush but again is outnumbered. Hope then says that maybe Patrick can help Chelsea grow up and to stop being so reckless. She notes how so far Chelsea has gotten away with a lot and been spoiled. Billie and Bo acknowledge the spoiled part but take offense to their parenting being questioned. Bo claims they are only trying to help her after all she has been through and Billie disses Hope by saying, “Who are you to tell me how to raise my daughter?” She calls Hope out and says that Shawn had issues too so she shouldn’t talk. Hope apologizes but claims she never backed down when it came to Shawn and still doesn’t, citing how she is still pushing him to return to school. They continue to fight until Bo breaks it up. Billie calls Chelsea back in and says that they agreed she can go. Patrick reassures everyone that he will do his best and that they can trust him. Hope and Billie smile but Bo stares him down. Patrick offers to drive Chelsea home since she shouldn’t have driven to Bo’s in the first place-her license is revoked. She agrees so he drives her car back. Billie then leaves as Hope and her apologize but clearly still disagree about Chelsea. Bo and Hope apologize to each other too and Bo says he will try to be tougher and get Billie to do the same and Hope promises to be more understanding of Chelsea and what she has been through. She also promises not to call out Billie or her parenting anymore since they need to get along for everyone’s sakes. They kiss and begin to make love as he carries her upstairs saying that they can have some private fun before going to the party.

-Chelsea packs, as does Patrick, and they load the car. They decide to take her car. Billie arrives before they leave and Chelsea thanks Billie for letting her go but says to herself that Patrick will be hers now. She tells Billie to thank Hope too fro siding with her since Bo didn’t. Billie tells her to have fu n and thanks Patrick for his help. He smiles and they get in the car with Patrick driving and leave as Chelsea says to herself, “This is gonna be one night you never forget.” (Screen fades to black)

On the next Days....

Max: “I can’t believe her. I was so stupid.”

Abby: “No you weren’t-you just cared.”

Jen: “I need you Frankie. Don’t leave.” (as Frankie turns around and looks at her)

Kate to Victor: “The trust must never come out.”

Victor to Kate: “Well, its already too late because that is exactly what has happened.”

Lexie to Shawn: “I have big news that will change your life.” (as Mimi turns and looks at Claire, Belle and Phillip in the nursery)

Celeste (with a look of horror on her face): “Death is coming to Salem tonight!!!”

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