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Episode 1-12/26/05



Days Fan Fiction Episodes (sorry for the length of these I just wanted to set everything up right and I am new to this. I promise they will get shorter after like the first week. Sorry about all the “he says, she says.” I use it to go into detail and to help me point out character motivations and emotions to you. I include some dialogue but only when I come up with good logical ones. Most of the time they will be the dialogue used in my previews. I promise I will get better as I go along. Friday’s episode will be FANTASTIC!! Thanks and Enjoy!!)


New Day in Salem. Skip ahead from Christmas to New Year’s Eve. Many things have gone ahead and may not leave off exactly where the show did on Friday but the stories leave off in the same general area.

-Shawn and Mimi are at the hospital observing Belle and Phillip with baby Claire. Shawn is upset because he can’t do more and Mimi reminds him of all the blood he has donated. Shawn then refers to how he is a match for Claire along with Belle and that he has to do whatever it takes to save Claire. Hope arrives and demands that Shawn not do anything else-he has done enough and the rest is in God’s hands now. Mimi leaves them to talk as Hope comforts her son. Shawn tells his mother that he feels a connection to Claire. Hope figures its because he has spent lots of time with her since he is her godfather. Shawn says he would do anything for Claire and Hope reminds him of how that could have been his baby had he still been with Belle. Shawn then flashes back to his conversation with Mimi and Bonnie where he overheard her being concerned about him being a match. Shawn asks his mother if it’s a big deal that he is a match for Claire. Hope says not really but says it may be if Phillip wasn’t and asks Shawn if he ever had sex with Belle. Shawn says no but he did have a dream that felt very real once. Hope thinks about all that Shawn has said and tells Shawn that he needs to talk to Lexie right away.

-Phillip tells Belle that if he ever lost her or Claire for any reason he would have no reason to live. Belle tells him to stop and says she is confident that they will get a miracle. Claire will get a liver somehow.

-Mimi runs into Bonnie at the hospital. She is visiting a person who got injured by a falling tree on her tree lot and she wants to make sure the person doesn’t sue. Bonnie reminds Mimi of their discussion about keeping Shawn away from Belle. Mimi refuses to be devious and says that what is meant to be is meant to be. Mimi then begins to feel faint and Bonnie tells her to eat something since she really hasn’t eaten much being with Shawn and worrying about Claire. Bonnie leaves and Mimi wonders if maybe the worry of losing Shawn to Belle is causing her so much stress that she is making herself feel ill. She aks herself if maybe she should do what her mother suggested and keep Shawn away from Belle.

-Lexie gets a visit from Tek in her office while searching for liver donors for Claire. Tek demands that Lexie tell Abe the truth. He know longer wants to wait in the wings and tells Lexie that he loves her and that he knows she loves him. He informs her that he has made romantic plans at the Green Mountain Lodge for New Year’s Eve and that he wants Abe to know everything so they can ring in the New Year together on a romantic getaway. Lexie rejects him but Tek says he will be waiting for her and that if she doesn’t tell Abe right away he will drive back to Salem and tell him himself. He leaves to drive to the lodge as Lexie looks on, secretly admitting that she wants to be with Tek and accept his invitation. She gets beeped to see Hope and Shawn.

-Chelsea wakes up to have breakfast with Billie and Patrick. She announces that Max and her are going out for New Year’s Eve to a party on the north side of town. Billie forbids it, knowing full well how seedy that area is. She tells Chelsea to find someplace closer to home and reminds her that her license is suspended. Chelsea insists that Max is driving and that she really wants to go to the party. She begs her mother but Billie prohibits it. Patrick tries to intervene and explain to Chelsea Billie’s reasons but she refuses to listen. She runs out of the room. When Billie and Patrick check on her, they learn that she is gone. They call Bo and just as Bo is about to leave to search for her she shows up. She runs into her dad’s arms and tells him what happened. She is outraged when Bo sides with Billie and invites her to Chez Rouge where Maggie and Caroline are throwing a Horton/Brady New Year’s Eve party. She calls the party lame and Bo says it would be a great way to bond with her family. Billie and Patrick show up and notice how Bo can’t get through to her either. The three of them come together to discuss what to do. Bo calls Hope to come home because he needs her advice. Hope promises to be home ASAP. Patrick suggests that he take Chelsea away for New Year’s. This way she can’t go to the party and their won’t be a family problem since she will definitely approve of spending the evening with him. He thinks maybe he can even use her obsession for him to his advantage and convince her to accept her family and newfound life. Bo is totally against it but Billie thinks it’s a great idea, although she wanted to be with Patrick on New Year’s Eve. She suggests the Green Mountain Lodge since they throw a great party and its far enough away to convince Chelsea that they trust her and do care about making her happy. Billie says that she trusts Patrick enough to spend the night with her daughter. Bo isn’t so certain of Patrick’s trust and rejects the idea, which Chelsea overhears and curses her father.

-Lexie arrives to talk to Shawn and Hope. Hope asks Lexie about the night that Shawn and Belle were found naked during the storm last year. She wants to know how they were found. Lexie says that the position was kind of suggestive and Shawn mentions how he had a dream about making love to Belle that felt real. Lexie recalls Belle mentioning having the same dream. Hope reminds Lexie of Shawn and Claire’s matching blood types and informs her that Shawn feels very connected to Claire. Lexie is intrigued by what she hears. Hope asks Lexie if she knows whether Phillip was a match for Claire and she confesses that she never looked at his records but the nurses did. Now curious, Lexie says that she will go check the records to find out since she really should know anyway. She leaves and Shawn tells Hope to go ahead home to Bo since he may need her and she can’t do anything else for him. He thanks her and says he will call when he knows anything. Hope leaves as Shawn looks at Claire, Phillip, and Belle through the window and says to himself, “Could that be my baby? Could Claire belong to Belle and I and not Phillip?” He says this just as Mimi comes up behind him and hears everything. (Screen fades to black)

On the next days....

Billie to Hope-“Who are you to tell me how to raise my daughter?”

Chelsea to Patrick-“This is gonna be one night you never forget.”

Bonnie to Roman-“How’s about you and me have ourselves one hell of a New Year’s-you game?”

John to Marlena and Alex: “It’s over for you.”

Alex to John: “Not quite yet.”


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You have only been writing a total of one day and I have already fallen in love with the direction you are taking the show. You can definitely tell the difference between JER's everyday writing and yours.

Sometimes, I wish that I didn't start writing last year, because I would have loved to take the show into a new direction with the current storylines. They have so much potential. They may not be good, but there's a lot of potential there, which I'm sure you will show.

All the fanfic writers are moving their fanfics to their blogs, so like the follower I am, I joined the crowd and created a blog. Please be sure to visit.

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Oh of course. I have always been a regular reader of

your fan fic. I just tend to stay quiet but I won't now,

I am glad you are pleased and I can assure you that

it will only get better. The first three or four shows are

alot of filler and setup for what will be a huge episode

on Friday that will serve as the springboard for my

stories. I know all the "he says, she says, etc." is kind

annoying so I am gonna do my best to limit that as much

as possible and mix it with some regular dialogue. Also,

after Thursday, I will not have previews at the end of each

episode but I will have litte teasers to get you to read the

next day. I will also provide weekly previews, cast news,

and made up promos. Thanks for reader Drew Hamilton

and I hope you keep enjoying it, This goes for everyone

else to-keep reading and enjoy and I hope you all are

having a happy holiday season. Thanks again.

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