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Who's In, Who's Out?




Jeremy Sumpter (Will Roberts)-Sumpter takes over the role in the middle of chaos on January 3. The role is now contract.

Mandy Musgrave (Chelsea Brady)-The originator of the role returns in early January. "It took alot to get her to return," says Executive Producer Ned Yadroc (Corday backwards LOL). The appearance change in Chelsea will be explained on the show.

Mystery Actor or Actress-A fan fave returns on New Year's Eve and will show up with a beloved Salemite. "Its a real shocker out of left field," says Yadroc.


Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Brady)-The actress exits in early January. Mandy Musgrave, the role's originator, will be returning to the canvas.

Christopher Gerse (Will Roberts)- Gerse exits after almost 3 years in the role. The character is being aged and taken over by Jeremy Sumpter.

Some Major characters-The New Year's Eve tragedy will cause Salem to lose some beloved citizens and some minor ones as well. Expect a joint funeral in early January that will bring some fan faves home for a quick visit and one home for good.


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