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Fan Fic Promo for week of 1/3/06



Last week tragedy struck at midnight...

(we see images of the accident scene from overhead and John in his car saying "Oh my God.")

Now this week the aftermath begins...

(we see images of paramedics and John running around helping injured people)

Lives will be torn apart...

(we hear a woman's scream as we see paramedics cutting someone out of a car)

Families will experience heartbreak...

(we see John walking up to someone saying "He's gone" followed by a screams of "No!!!" from several people)

Relationships will be tested and torn apart...

(we now see Bo and Hope as Bo is telling Hope "I can't beleive you said that" as Hope turns around and says "Its true.")

while others will be healed...

(we see John holding Marlena in his arms as she says "It's coming back to me."

Long-held secrets will be revealed...

(we see Lexie turning around and looking at a stunned Abe and then we flip to Caroline and Victor hugging)

and new mysteries will begin.

(we see Patrick and Chelsea in a burning car as someone is trying to pull them out and Chelsea is asking "Who are you?")

Its the week no Days fan should miss. NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME and, just think, its only the first week of 2006. 4 BIG DAYS THIS WEEK!!!



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