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GH: April 2024 Discussion Thread

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I didnt mind Today

Anna is Smart and now she may be playing Valentin

Liked Nina Today. Glad Willow is softening and loved nina with Maxie

Loved that Maxie stood up for BLQ

Didnt ind Jason/Dex chat

Olivia was the only hmmm

why was she so hard on Sasha when Friday she wanted her to do the job right off


Today: HW:  Patrick Mulcahey & Elizabeth Korte

SW: Stacey Pulwer

DIR: Tina Keller

No BDW Listed. Guessing PM was BDW

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Posted (edited)

Oh my lord are we going to get some crazy Drew/Willow/Nina triangle?! Am I reading the wrong kind of energies?

Also I’m shockingly enjoying Cameron as Drew when I despised Ryan Lavery.

CW really sells the longing for a relationship so well and I have no idea about their history at all.

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I don't think you are reading it wrong. But the question is...are the writers planning something down the line for that? Cuz there is also Jordan and Drew in play. Maybe.



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I am for the mother/daughter triangle mostly because it would finally give Willow something exciting to do and it will make Michael sad.  I totally get what your saying about Nina/Drew though.  They have potential on their own without any extra nonsense.  Since my tolerance for Nina, Drew and Willow is on the very low end, I say go for maximum chaos.

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Posted (edited)

It’s very similar to the dynamics Mulcahey often wrote for on Santa Barbara.

I think Michael and Willow need to separate or end first though. He doesn’t need to be involved, lol.

Maybe Willow and Michael’s relationship can be strained because she ends up spending most of her time working on this non-profit venture with Drew, and not as much with him and the kids like they initially thought. All the while she’s already initiating an emotional affair with Drew, but still blind to the fact he’s f.ucking her mother on the side.

Anyway, after the collapse of her marriage to Michael, Drew decides he wants to legitimately be with Willow because he sees her as less baggage, and a more socially acceptable than Nina. Nina is initially hurt (as is Michael, I guess lol),  but continues to have sex with Drew, and their feelings start to grow stronger for one another. At the same time, because of their association with Drew, Willow and Nina forge a real relationship for the first time, and after some time, Willow is able to finally call Nina “mom.”

Nina is torn because of her growing feelings for Drew and her gratitude to him for helping smooth out her relationship with Willow, and because she knows this affair (should it come out) will be the last straw for Willow and kill all the progress she and Willow have made.

It all comes to a head on Drew and Willow’s wedding day, when Drew pulls a Tina Lord and says Nina’s name at the altar. He then leaves Willow and professes his love to Nina in front of everyone in attendance. They can then leave town altogether for all I care, lol. 

I'd make the story play out over 2-3 years to really build the relationships up for it all to explode. 

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And it is always nice when the writers see what us the audience also notice.


But I do like calling it when I see it and I'm excited for Nina/Drew as a couple. And the added drama of Willow would be a soapy mess. So GOOD. 


And anything that gets Michael to suffer at this point...I'm down. lol..

LOL at the Tina Lord of it all. 


But I do love it. And agree. Build that thing up for maximum drama. 



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