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Soap Vet Joins Bold and Beautiful as Finn's Father!!!

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I'm glad to see Ted King back on soaps again. I enjoy him as an actor. I'm glad they are bringing Finn's parents to town and I wonder what type of backstory he will have. Reports are saying it's "dramatic".  

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EW says that Naomi Matsuda will play Finn's mother "Li". 


EW, IMDB, and several other websites are *erroneously* stating that Matsuda played Tori Narita (Paul's mother) on Days.

But Matsuda never aired.  Matsuda was cast as Tori, and began fiming in the role, and was in NBC spoiler pics, but she never aired.  The role was recast shortly after she began filming.  She never appeared on Days.


Tori Narita was played by Hira Ambrosino during the entirety of the character's run on air.

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No offense to KKL who is still a fine-looking lady, but Naomi Matsuda looks so beautiful, elegant and glowy in the press shot! I would love if B&B actually wrote for an Asian-American character like an actual, you know, human being, but Brad doesn't even do that for his existing cast, so that may be too much to ask.


As for Ted King, he has always exuded a very sexy and cerebral presence. Honestly, he was too good for the second-fiddle role they gave him on GH, so I'm not sure if I want to see his character play second fiddle to Bill and Ridge (which he will inevitably do).

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