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Days: October 2020 Discussion Thread

victoria foxton

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8 minutes ago, ranger1rg said:

Why inconsistencies?


Hairstyles etc.


People noticed those things between the material that were shot pre-THE BIG SHUTDOWN OF NOVEMBER '19 and those shot in March. So it'll be noticable now.

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50 minutes ago, Antoyne said:

I have to say DAYS, is really working for me right now. There’s a lot going on and it’s all really good and entertaining. I hope they can keep this momentum up.


I hope Sami is back soon.



DAYS is by far the best soap out of the four. Even when it was lousy, it was still better than the other three.


I think Sami is coming back in January, this time for a longer stint

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+1 on DAYS being enjoyable overall. It's been on a good streak for the past few months actually.  It doesn't feel like a chore to watch out of obligation and loyalty. 


I'm currently watching early September episodes.... with all the Last Blasters back, can someone tell me if Chloe is returning again? I can't keep up with all the comings and goings anymore; not even gonna try. Other than one certain longtime leading lady who said she's done for good, I pretty much assume anyone who leaves is coming back again at some point. 

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