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  1. DAYS is free fallinggggg. Soaps are just about toast. GH is even under 2 million.
  2. I believe CB and GG started taping this past week and both AS and NB do sometime in October.
  3. Y&R shouldn't have counted Monday, didn't realize Monday was that much lower than the rest of the week with obvious preemptions.
  4. Y&R is freeeeee fallllinnnnn. Solid week for GH.
  5. Curious to see next week's ratings, will B&B continue to climb back to where they were pre Covid, and what Y&R new numbers will look like. DAYS numbers were consistent all week, wonder if under 2 million will remain the new normal.
  6. Look at the primetime ratings they are way down across the board. It's not just a daytime issue. Big Brother usually a ratings draw didn't even get to 4 million viewers. Even AGT is way down, the top rated summer show.
  7. I know once YR is back with new episodes the show will be back #1 in the ratings. Still weird seeing it as the least watched of the 3 soaps.
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