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  1. I may be the only that thinks CM is terrible as Jennifer. I loved her on ATWT, but she just seems awkward as Jennifer, or just didn't do any emotional scenes well. I miss MR in the role.
  2. After DAYS tapes next week, Friday the 16th, Jason has that as episodes airing until August 27th. I would assume a renewel would be announced shortly after, unless DAYS gets canceled instead. Weird as there are no tape dates given after next week. Having said that not sure the last time DAYS taped for 12 consecutive weeks, so maybe another hiatus.
  3. Corday wants to make it 60 which would be 2025, I see DAYS trying to get there and then be canceled.
  4. I've seen a pic of Soapsuds in real life, oh a good 15 plus years ago. He even sent me cash(was actually really sweet to do so)when I was broke in college. Will gladly show my pics at now 38 on any of my real life apps, as Ron or Soapsuds will never do. The only pic I received was so blurry Helen Keller would be proud. To even whisper anything about looks is pathetic. Which now would make him around Eric M. age. Shall we compare Soapsuds? You still living with your parents at 50ish or nah? I am a good looking guy(generally speaking)but nowhere near soap opera good looking and never comment on
  5. Robin Strasser as Vivian on DAYS was so over the top I was watching in anticipation to just make me cackle with laughter and wondering how was it all done with a straight face. When Stefan was shot I burst out with are you [!@#$%^&*] kidding me? DAYS did not let that just air!!! RS yell was about as bad as it gets.
  6. I was liking DAYS for a few months, but the last few weeks to a month have been terrible. I am in the minority but I also think Cady has been terrible as Jennifer. Maybe it's because Jack and Jennifer actually have story and it's Cady and not Missy. Regardless the show sucks right now. Marlena comforting Kristen is enough to be fired.
  7. Dano was quoted as saying she taped for 2 weeks of shows, so it would seem she won't be around long.
  8. Primetime ratings 30 years ago also looked completely different. It's just what it is in 2021.
  9. DAYS isn't back taping to the 4th, so I doubt they would need to recast.
  10. DAYS is free fallinggggg. Soaps are just about toast. GH is even under 2 million.
  11. I believe CB and GG started taping this past week and both AS and NB do sometime in October.
  12. Y&R shouldn't have counted Monday, didn't realize Monday was that much lower than the rest of the week with obvious preemptions.
  13. Y&R is freeeeee fallllinnnnn. Solid week for GH.
  14. Curious to see next week's ratings, will B&B continue to climb back to where they were pre Covid, and what Y&R new numbers will look like. DAYS numbers were consistent all week, wonder if under 2 million will remain the new normal.
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