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Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread


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12 minutes ago, Vee said:

"Jared Von Frankenstein" made me laugh more than it should.


I'd laugh, too, if it weren't the damn truth.


I'm trying my best not to panic.  However, I live in a state (Oklahoma) that probably agrees with Donald Trump and FOX News that it's all a hoax and the media is inflating the numbers.  Ergo, I don't believe enough Oklahomans will take this seriously at all, leaving people like yours truly (and his 71-year-old, type 2 diabetic mother) at risk.


2 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

I currently work in the travel industry and we are soooo screwed.


I think this country is screwed all over.  But, leave it to The Donald to care more about his damn ego than he does about keeping the American public alive and well.


He's gonna kill us all.

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2 minutes ago, Vee said:



I doubt the average American takes it seriously even now.  Not when people are convinced 1) you can catch this thing from drinking Corona beer or 2) you can catch it from eating Chinese food.

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NBA players at tonight's game are currently being tested. I hope that none of them have the virus or anyone else that Rudy may have come in contact with. He has played in multiple games the past couple of weeks.

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10 minutes ago, Vee said:

You can only do for you and your people. Focus on that. And take time doing things you enjoy to get the pressure down, at home, safely.


One thing about it: here, in OKC, we have a mayor (David Holt) whom I grew up with, and who is the ONLY Republican I could trust to be smart about this.  I don't know what, if anything, he can do at the city level; but, if he has anything in mind, I'm all ears!


7 minutes ago, Vee said:

Oh, I think they are. Even his denialist base will crack a bit. I also think this above all will end Trump's presidency, if we survive it. It's his Katrina, or the '08 meltdown for McCain.


Oh, God, I hope so, lol.


I feel God has been sending us signals all along, telling us just how big of a mistake we made in electing that s.o.b. to be our leader.  (Mama Khan, on the other hand, believes God sent Donald Trump, because we needed an [!@#$%^&*] in charge who wasn't beholden to anyone and who could get rid of all the pedophiles.  Or something like that.).  But, because we, as a country, have been misinterpreting or outright ignoring all those signals, God just decided to turn his head, as they say, and allow nature to do what it must.


Perhaps now, with so many about to be sick or worse, people will FINALLY receive the message.  Perhaps.

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Just now, Khan said:


Implying, of course, that Africans are actually dirty people, who are not advanced enough to know the first thing about health and hygiene?  Do I have that right, you right-leaning racist prick?


Seriously, why are you still here?

Actually... it was an honest question because the flu virus usually goes away in the summertime. Good grief. 

1 minute ago, AdelaideCate007 said:

Tom Hanks was walking around Sydney all last week and hanging around at the beaches (he was literally like 3 KM from my home sigh) before he went to the Gold Coast, so I'm sure everyone here is about to be in a state of panic.

Hope Tom and his wife recover soon, This is just awful

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