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B&B August 2019 Discussion Thread

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I passed by once this week.  How old are the babies now?  Stuffy was screaming at Beavis about how she had to tell Kelly, who has been missing from the show for 3 months but I digress - stuffy told Beavis that she had to explain to Kelly why Phoebe was missing because Kelly missed her so much. ???  And Kelly didn’t understand why Phoebe had a different name?  Is Kelly suddenly 14 or is this another wtf moment? You can just pass by and see this.  I hope both the girls are 12 now that she’s having this discussion with a 1 or 2 year old.  

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Just now, Cruising Soaps said:

Great scenes between Thomas and Brooke.  But after today, I am team Thomas.  OMG i loved it!  He called a dirty slut, reminded her how she ruined his family...  it was great.   He just needs to remind her of all the crap Rick has done over the years- Shot Grant, Killed Phoebe.

I wanted to punch Thomas in his face yesterday after the way he was talking to Douglas lol

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