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GH: Back From The Dead

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My main man Ryan Chamberlain lives y'all!!! It was revealed in the last 10 mins of today's episode. I believe that could be Kevin in Ferncliff though. Which means. Ryan is the one roaming around. Creepy! 


JL's back to playing the duel role.



my theory is Kevin is the locked up one. And Ryan is now fixated on Carly because she's his type (blonde) and he ordered her to get electroshock therapy.


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honestly gonna assume that's the only criteria? Because Carly and Felicia are nothing alike,otherwise. lolz It would make more sense if he was obsessed w/ Liz or even Maxie or Lulu. 


Carly makes no sense aside from LW's a pet. 

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this storyline would be a lot more interesting if suddenly half the cast was seeing him/going to a psychiatrist...

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