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Hollywood Sexual Harrasment/Assault Thread

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5 minutes ago, victoria foxton said:




Welp. Her distancing from JW all these years also spoke volumes. Not surprising given the 'difficult/arrogant' tag she was given during the Buffy years. This statement actually says a lot for SMG.

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It's silly, I know, but I keep thinking about Joss' dad, the late Tom Whedon, a writer-producer ("Alice," "Benson," "The Golden Girls," etc.) of whom I'm a big fan.  I wonder how the senior Whedon, if he were still alive, would have responded to these reports about his son.  Would he have believed these men AND women who have spoken out against Joss?  Would he have supported and/or defended his son? 


I mean, who knows?  Maybe he would have believed there's nothing wrong with that kind of "casually cruel" behavior.  Maybe this was how HE had behaved BTS at all the different series he had worked on.

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John, that story was posted three years ago when it was first released.

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I feel like the Joss Whedon story (if you can call it that) still has further to run -- largely because of the number of people who are staying studiously silent about it. At some point, will Alyson Harrigan, David Boreanaz, Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof speak? I hope they do, honestly.


During spring lockdown, I rewatched the Buffy series from S1 to part of S6 (couldn't bring myself to do S7), and this winter I have now moved onto Angel. I am about to watch S4, which is the season Joss publicly humiliated Charisma Carpenter for getting pregnant, destroyed her character, and damn near tanked the show as a whole. I haven't watched it since it originally aired (2002?) and indeed, it was such a shitshow that I never ended up watching S5.


Charisma was true to her name and it always shocked me that she never made it big elsewhere. Well, now we pretty much know why. I remember Joss was largely absolved (on the newly emerging online fanboards) of destroying this character and, very nearly, his spin-off show. Fans didn't want to blame the 'genius' who created and wrote a show that meant so much to them. The blame was laid squarely at Charisma's feet for 'falling pregnant' and 'not telling her bosses' until she was some ways along. This came directly from interviews given by Whedon (but interestingly, I do not recall David Greenwalt, his co-writer, opining in such annoyed, angry tones -- I wonder what he made of CC and the character of Cordelia being dismantled this way. He was apparently the one who championed bringing Cordelia over to the spin-off).


It was clear CC was being blamed as the one at fault, the 'unprofessional, sloppy' actress who could not be relied upon to do her job. It is awful how that tag basically hung over her for the rest of her career. And that's another reason why I want JW to continue being exposed. Because it keeps a foot on his neck, especially as this is clearly not a one-off, but a pattern. I'm sorry it took not just Ray Fisher but RF and Charisma Carpenter to get people talking about this.

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2 hours ago, Cat said:

At some point, will Alyson Harrigan, David Boreanaz, Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof speak? I hope they do, honestly.

This is what we have from him so far:



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