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Y&R Actress Says So Long


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According to her Instagram, Kelli Goss is done at Y&R


4 minutes ago · CBS Television City
I'm completely humbled by the outpouring of support, concern, well wishes, & love for Courtney. The Young and The Restless has given me the best two weeks that turned into two years and I will never be able to thank them enough. Thank you to everyone who has watched "Courtney the Cop" & her (tragic) love story. This isn't the end because it never really is in soaps haha! But goodbye for now.
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And thank you Chuck Pratt, so far I agree with most of your casting and story choices. Yes, the murder plot is dumb but so is the the elephant plot on Days, all the criminals getting pardoned on GH and Maya being trans but so what. YR is the most watchable it has been since the first six months of MAB when she had Marge/Kay front and center.

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