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Soap Opera Cast Lists and Character Guides- Cancelled and Current

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Variety Aug 5th 1959

Laurie Peters and Clarence Derwent have lead roles in an episode of new NBC series 'House on High Street'.

Dec 9th 1959

Horace McMahon,Benye Gatteys and Jan Miner join 'House on High Street' week of Dec 21st.

Feb 3rd 1960

Sylvia Davis into 'House on High Street.'

James Elward did the premiere script.

also added...Tanxwink.png

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Slick, sorry if I overlooked it but I didn't see James Broderick on your list for The Doctors. I found this from

July 7, 1966.


I didn't, Thanks! I'll add him in. Great find!

Added in...Thanks Jam!

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I thought about this after I had seen the above advertisement with James Broderick and James Pritchett. They may have been castmates on As the World Turns.

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Gene...Orderly...Gene Heitzman

Medical Consultant...Judith Kearnan

Mrs. Harmer...??? patient, Physical Therapy Room ...5/27/69

Mr. Gaynor...???..." "

Miss Patterson...????...nurse(?Volunteer)... 5/27/69

character Kyle Wilson was an architect

info is posted in the thread...

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Okay longtime soap fans ...here's a question about Somerset..Does anyone know the partner of Dr. Porter that gave Kate Thornton Cannell an abortion. I just read that Dino Narizzano of SFT and TD appeared as the "Abortionist"

On The Doctors, Dr. Shapiro was simply renamed Dr. Spear, and they are not two different characters.

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Speaking of Somerset, Percy Rodriges played a police lieutenant. Do you know his last name? (This was during the introduction of Mitch Farmer.)

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Dorothea Barrett...Betsy Beard ...1978...roommate Greta

Jessie Rawings appeared in 1977


Abortionist...Dino Narizzano

Buffy...friend, Heather...Roxanne Gregory


Orderly...James Earl Jones


Battered Woman...Rosemary Prinz (in premiere)

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I thought that Mary Finney had been on some soap operas, but I cannot find any that she was on. Does this name sound familiar to you, Slick?

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I don't recall the name, but I'll check this weekend!

Found some great LOL,LIAMST,TD,info this week. I'll post it tomorrow

Damon Evans of The Jeffersons role on LOL for example

Tomorrow late afternoon!

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