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GH: Actress returning

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My first post!!!!

You know the saying "Less is more", well Heather over-stayed her welcome and RC over-stepped the boundary of crazy, one-liners, and everything to an extreme. I still love Heather but am I excited? No. Because its just another round to round of the same old thing except someone else is a target AND RC will try to top this X1000. I liked Heather-2012, now? Its all for......................I don't even know but when I do, I'll tell you b/c Heather returning/exiting is just TOO much. Its just not the same, or well-balanced OUT b/c there's none w/ that when Heather comes into play and is just dragged and thrown on plot. I don't want to say forced, contrived, and way over-done w/ the non-stop ridiculous BLT mentions (once was good, 2nd was okay, third was fine but the 4th, 5th ----- to 100th IS UNACCEPTABLE and just not funny more tiredly annoying) I'm not trying to hate or put down anything b/c I love Heather but she's just used as a plot device not a moment to take a moment and breathe through development for the character.

I really hope I got everything I wanted to say, but there's so many points when it comes too THIS!

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Sigh. I'm just shocked.

Damn you Ron for making me completely unenthusiastic about Heather. Robin Mattson is amazing but less is DEFINITELY more in the case of Heather.

So when are we gonna get a League of Port Charles Villain meeting? All of the villains around one table twirling their mustaches and plotting.


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