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If you were EP of Y&R who would you fire?

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Greg Rikaart - How he fails to remain at Y&R boggles my damn mind.

Kate Linder - A waste on contract. Esther should've been written off once Kay died.

Amelie Heinle - Time for Snorboria to head back to France and remain there until Heather Tom or a capable actress (either Tamara Braun or Sarah Brown) occupies the role.

Burgess Jenkins - Father Time Abbott looks older than Jack. David Tom would be brought back immediately

Christian Jules LeBlanc - Michael can go. Like really. He adds nothing to the show and hinder Lauren IMO.

Daniel Goddard - He should've remained dead. This character eats up the show and does nothing overall.

Cady McClain - Dixie-lite can go. Kelly is a bore.

Sean Carrigan - Like the actor but the character sucks.

Steve Burton - Worthless

Jessica Collins - Even more worthless

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What the hell, why not.

Jean Passanante & whatserface - the other one, the GH woman. See, I can't even remember her name. Shelly Altman! There we go.

Steve Burton (Dylan McAvoy)

Cady McClain (Kelly Whatever)

Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman)

Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher)

Terrell Tilford (Dr. Good Times)

Daniel "Lucky To Be Here" Goddard (Cane Ashby) - he dead

Extreme Home Makeover Guy (Stitch)

PornHub (Detective Courtney Phelps)

Reverend Kane from Poltergeist II (Billy Abbott)

On the bubble pending improvement so don't get comfortable:

Angel Conwell (Leslie Michaelson)

Christel Khalil (Lily Winters)

Tristan Rogers (Colin Atkinson)

Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman)

Matthew Atkinson (Austin, the stalker with the great chest)

Jessica Collins (Avery Bailey Clark)

Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Lawson, unbelievably boring)

So basically like 70% of the cast. David Tom would be back as Billy. I'd pay Sarah Brown a king's ransom to be Victoria. Did I forget anyone big?

Also, the entire bootleg music and production department Jill brought over from GH. The whole show looks and sounds as peppy and cheap as her ABC work, which Guza occasionally shined up. But with half the budget and even less talented actors. The exterior shots also have to go.

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Kate Linder? Hell no! If anything, she should be much more prominent, a Jill/Esther all out feud would be a dream come true. Of course, the first firing would be the music coordinator, get Jez Davidson on the phone and Jack Alloco immediately!

Esther can go. Once Chloe left, Esther's stupid a** should've went with her. I've never cared for her TBH. If Jill needs a rival, either bring back Nina or put her against Hillary, who she had great chemistry with.

PornHub (Detective Courtney Phelps)

On the bubble pending improvement so don't get comfortable:

Angel Conwell (Leslie Michaelson)

Now you shady for that! :lol: Why you called her PornHub? :P I am over here crying off of that one.

And why Leslie (my bae) gotta be on the bubble! She has potential. These stupid ass hacks don't know what to do with her.

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Robert Adamson (Noah Newman)

Matthew Atkinson (Austin Travers)

Meredith Baxter (Maureen)

Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott)

Steve Burton (Dylan McAvoy)

Sean Carrigan (Ben Rayburn)

Sharon Case (Sharon Newman)

Judith Chapman (Gloria Bardwell)

Jessica Collins (Avery Clark)

Angel Conwell (Leslie Michaelson Shelby)

Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Newman)

Max Ehrich (Fenmore Baldwin)

Scott Elrod (Joe Clark)

Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby)

Kelli Goss (Courtney Sloan)

Camryn Grimes (Mariah Copeland)

Amelia Heinle (Victoria Abbott)

Bryton James (Devon Hamilton)

Burgess Jenkins (Billy Abbott)

Christel Khalil (Lily Ashby)

Hunter King (Summer Newman)

Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin)

Cady McClain (Dixie Rosanna Kelly Andrews)

Misheal Morgan (Hilary Curtis)

Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman)

Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman)

Greg Rikkart (Kevin Fisher)

Tristan Rogers (Colin Atkinson)

Ted Shackelford (Jeffrey Bardwell)

Terrell Tilford (Barton Shelby)

Gina Tognoni (Phyllis Summers)

Redaric Williams (Tyler Michaelson)

Ray Wise (Ian Ward)

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This is gonna be fun!

The obvious, Jean and Shelley would go bye bye. Then I would fire every last one of the current music team and bring back the old ones Jack Alloco (Sp) etc....and restore the classic music to it's full glory, even more then MAB did. SONY and the rest can kiss my a$$ If that bothers them....

As for the cast.....goodbye.

Daniel Goddard

Christel Khalil (Lily would be recasted)

Robert Adamson (I would eventually bring him back as Scotty Grainger with a STORY ready for him this time, I would convince Kevin Schmidt to come back as Noah)

Cady McClain

Steve Burton

Amelia Heinle (and as much as convincing Heather to come back is on my mind.....I think she's really happy playing Katie so I would just recast with a stronger actress...)

Burgess Jenkins (Asking David back would be a piece of cake)

And as risky as this sounds I would threaten to fire Eric Braeden if he even trys to dictate his story with me!!.....or at least drop him to recurring.

and whoever is coming on I would just change their stories and make them somebody we might care a little bit more to see. Like the guy coming on as Avery's ex.....I would make him turn out to be either Chuckie Foster, or Brooks Prentis.

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It's really insane the amount of useless, horrible characters/actors Y&R has today.

There was a time when, literally, I loved every single person on the show. And those few exceptions that I didn't love, I liked well enough.

It's heartbreaking.

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    • Anna Kathryn Holbrook (ex-Sharlene Frame Hudson - Another World) and Ashley Williams (ex-Dani - As The World Turns) starred in a Hallmark Christmas Movie that aired this past weekend called Sister Swap. Also in the movie is Ashley's Real Life sister Kimberly Williams Paisley.    Please register in order to view this content
    • Sorry, I meant judge me for watching it so much later than it debuted on air.  I got that free trial offer for Hulu for a month (and HBO Max, but only for a week) and I am pretty much bingeing all this shows while I have access. I think it might also be on Netflix which I have access to, but oh well. It's a well done series and, actually I read the original source material years ago (the biography, written by Sam Wasson, which, ironically, I briefly made a post about on this message board), which I found very compelling. I had read Paddy Chayefsky's biography, which talks about his close friendship with Bob Fosse, so that intrigued me and led me to read the Wasson biography of Fosse. I guess, I should have been reading Neil Simon's biography next to complete the set. Another very interesting factoid, Valerie Pettiford (AW, OLTL) was a choreography consultant for this series. In a nod to her presence, one of the dancers in the series bore an obvious resemblance to her. The series was well casted and written, imo.  I didn't mean to suggest that the series was low-caliber, or anything, only that I have waited so long to watch it, long past the buzz. Also, Michelle Williams was so go and probably could have played Lucille Ball, instead of Nicole Kidman.  IJS.
    • The parents were openly defiant of the school officials (refusing to take their son home when asked) and the school let them get away with it.  
    • SLC   Please register in order to view this content   Lord, every time I look at Whitney now I can't help but think of Closet Freak on YT when she would got THIS BITCA. Cuz...ugh.   I guess the gangup is real. And I don't want to hear no mess about how 'Ooooo we are only being more cautious because of Jen.' Because if this is the energy being aimed at Mary, then that energy better be aimed at Jen, too. Otherwise, Mary's right.    From the outside, it looked like to me Whitney was just jealous that because Mary is...Mary, the other girls were able to move past (for the sake of the trip at least) any suspicions they might have about Mary and her church. And when Mary stood up for herself, they still was able to move past it somewhat. Meanwhile, people stay on Whitney's neck for starting stuff. Well, Whitney...YOU DO STAY S&*(!!! It does even matter if you are even right about some people (like Fabulous Ice), if you are not coming from the angle of a good friend. It really and truly comes across as you are being a jealous LITTLE GIRL, angry that your fellow outsider friend was more able to navigate the currents of the group than her. Cuz Meredith was Mary's ride-or-die. Fabulous Ice, who Whitney stays feuding it, made it to Mary's good side by being upfront enough to be seen as good. And Jeannie was bought by some 'borrowed' shoes. Even Heather was able to stay on Mary's side throughout until Whitney started the waterworks...which Mary reminded her RIGHTFULLY that she was the one who started stuff at Mary's dinner by stepping in between Mary and Jen and got her a&* handed to her. And Mary...stayed on her neck this episode, too.    And Mary may be many things included a cult leader allegedly for now, but Mary is not stupid. And that's why in the confrontation at the end of the episode, Mary KEPT HER EYES ON WHITNEY. While everyone was coming (except for Meredith and Jeannie) for Mary, Mary KNEW who really was behind the mess. And Whitney...flinched. And tried to hide behind her rivalry with Fabulous Ice. And Mary SAW THROUGH THAT, TOO. And then she very quickly and swiftly gathered Fabulous Ice. She kept the heat on and if it was not for Heather getting overly dramatic (and thus getting the deflection that Whitney was trying to do with Lisa to work, Whitney would have cracked. And in any case, Team Mary on this. Cuz that bitca attitude Whitney had was not the mood of a hurt friend, but a basic bitca. She can snow (and did) her cousin, but she cannot snow Mary. And Mary definitely proved she can take and gather three on one easily.    Come better, babe!!!   That said...it was a good episode in that they were having fun and Mary was actually letting her walls down and STILL being fun shady. It was just a shame that Mary being herself only irked Ms. Whit who was being fake, leading to the drama at the end.    JEN. SPOILER ALERT...NOT in the espiode except for the midseason teaser at the end that I posted above.   LISA. While Whitney IS a snake, I don't think Fabulous Ice is much better at the moment. Okay, not a snake like others say, but she definitely has been giving us a show. And in this case, she played the game well. She might not be able to pot stir subtly to save her life, but that does not mean that she was in the wrong from going to Mary and saying what had been said about her. Now she should have mentioned she was the one who set up the event that brought Cameron, Meredith, and Whitney together in the first place, but Whitney could have easily been a friend and gave Mary the heads-up before Mary's party. But again...that does not make Whitney wrong that Fabulous Ice brought them all together so she could hide their hands. So Fabulous Ice simply covered her A&&. Whit's just mad she did it better. I agree. She did.    WHITNEY. Ashley does it better, boo. Then again, Ashley is a GROWN...A**...WOMAN. And would own what she was doing. The amount of jealousy and deflecting Whitney had on display was truly sickening. And the fact that you knew she ran after Heather, not because her cousin was upset, but because between the team of Bad Weather that Heather was the weak link was sad. She can make all the good points she wants, but the truth of the matter was that she was a jealous little girl who was mad that the 'mean girls' were all ready to forgive her friend for something they would not for her. Perhaps if she had reciepts that would not be the case. And until there is actual proof, she...and they...are better off putting Jen on a cross before they put Mary on one. PERIOD. Transparent trifling heffa.   HEATHER. I cannot believe how over her I am now. As the weak link of Bad Weather and given her friendship with Jen, I could see why Whitney would follow her to gas her up. If they had stayed on the trip, you just know that Mary or the other girls might be able to get through to her and get her and Mary to come to some compromise. Shame. I was not caring for her scenes with her sister either. Here she is attacking Mary over cult claims and yet your religion kinda make you like a cult member yourself. Things that make you go hmmm.   MEREDITH. Yeah at this point, I would be ready for everyone to be transparent around me, too. But still Jeannie said it best when she basically said pot kettle black on Meredith. After all didn't she just hire a PI on Jen and now wants to talk about transparency? *shrugs* Still it did keep people being upfront to the face. And I stay liking that she has become Mary's ride-or-die.    MARY. Team Mary. Yeah, I said it. I'll probably eat these words, but the way that they were trying to gang up on her after she FINALLY stopped being a Debbie Downer was ugh. And sadly, I already see that her words about Mexican and thugs is setting Twitter on fire when I really felt she was just not being articulate due to her being upset. Now I can't say that about the chubby comment, but hey, everyone is an adult and can say some not-nice things. And the effortlessness with which she gathered Fabulous Ice, Whitney, AND Heather was EVERYTHING. Fabulous Ice shut up real quick, Whitney could say nothing, and Heather ran at the #truthtea she got (and we got a gif of Lisa and Jeannie laughing at the shade now). That's Queen HW tier there.   JEANNIE. I liked that her and Mary started to get along. Though given the midseason trailer that will not be lasting. So basically comic relief this episode.    I feel people are going to find it boring (well Heather with her sister maybe), but I thought it was a good episode with nice flow.       
    • In a lot of ways, JER's first stint is akin to that of Megan McTavish's first stint at AMC - high ratings and the right time/moment, but was never to be duplicated again in successive stints. Also, just completely throwing away the sensibility of each respective show, and there was really no "going back" after that. Carly being buried alive was also basically JER's version of Natalie in that damn well, lol. 
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