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DAYS: Wedding Disaster!

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What??? So she looks at the video, but doesn't recognize her son? I'm still trying to catch up on a few weeks, but that's about as lame as the: 1) stupid picture from Brady Wedding 1; and 2) the whole convoluted flash drive (both the switching and why on earth would Kristen carry it in her bag all the time - instead of putting it in a safety deposit box, but whatever. I'm just glad that Marlena will not come out of this unscathed.

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Holy sh-t, looks like she's going out with a bang....literally!


Kristen is horrified when someone learns the truth about what she did to Eric!


Kristen is determined to make sure nothing will ruin her wedding to Brady - and arms herself with a gun just in case.


Victor makes a last-ditch effort to convince Brady not to marry Kristen.


Victor gives Marlena the means to destroy Kristen - but leaves out a crucial piece of information


Brady and Kristen's wedding begins... but a stunning reveal brings the ceremony to a screeching halt.


Brady and Kristen's wedding erupts in chaos - and the devastation that follows affects nearly everyone in attendance.

all from NBC.COM. I wonder if she ends up using that gun at the wedding

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