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Soap Moments (In the last 10 yrs.) that -genuinely- shocked you.

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Al's death on OLTL in 2003

Gabrielle's very violent death on OLTL in 2004

Jen's very violent death on OLTL in 2005

Andrea Evans returning to OLTL in 2008

Roger Howarth returning to OLTL in 2011 (I honestly never thought that would happen)

The resurrection of Irene Manning on OLTL in 2011

Gabrielle is brought back for the end of OLTL but Max isn't

Duke is alive on GH, but only after we discover that Faison was impersonating him first

Thorsten Kaye as Ridge on B&B--just...what

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Same here.


- Greg-in-a-box on AMC

- Josh as Erica's unaborted fetus

- Tad as murderer

- AMC and OLTL both being canceled and canceled on the same day

- Prospect Park actually bringing both shows back (even if it turns out to be just for one short season, they still did it)

- David being stupid enough to fall for Griffin, Ryan and Zach's entrapment plot in 2011.

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-Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison being fired

-Martha Byrne quitting

-Natasha Wylde killing her husband Mark

-Niall revealing he also kidnapped John Paul for his revenge against Myra

-The murder of Lynsey Nolan and undercover cop Walker letting it happen

-Rishi lying to Charity and protecting his son by saying he was the father of Rachel's baby and not her husband, Jai

-Will being revealed as Texas' murderer only two days after he threw her out the church window on their wedding day

-Vanessa falling in love with her best friend Rhona and not becoming a psycho

-The firing of Tom Lister who is everything one could want in a leading man. However, the Cameron story has easily been the best of 2013!

-The firing of Deena Payne and the completely shoddy and disrespectful exit they gave her

-The thankful firing of Cheryl Fergison as Heather who I never thought I'd get the pleasure of seeing being killed. Thanks Ben! It's just too bad they feel the need to hang onto the horrible Shirley.

-Josh Gallagher slowly morphing into a thrill seeking junkie who now has sweet and lovable Bella Cooper wrapped around his manipulative little finger

-Nicole Barber-Lane and Julie Hesmondhalgh quitting their respective soaps of their own accord

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In the past ten years?

--The whole Melaswen debacle on Days that it even occurred.

--Cassie's death on Y&R and the downfall of Y&R afterward.

--The firing of Hogestyn and Hall and that Days greatly improved 2009-2010 and wasn't cancelled.

--Y&R in the year 2009 it was shocking how bad the show became.

--Martha Bryne leaving ATWT.

--GL having a successful finale.

--Eric Braden, Melody Thomas-Scott, Eileen Davidson, and Jess Walton all at one time or another were discarded by Y&R.

--The returns of Carly and Vivian to Days, only for it to fall apart.

--The return of John Dixon for ATWT's finale.

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Alll of the above +

Bianca's rape in 2003 was, perhaps the most disgusting moment I can think of in soap lore. The fact that the writers did this to a lesbian character (one, who was beloved), but used it as a ploy to give her a child caused me to tune out for the remainder of its ABC run.

I think MB leaving ATWT was actually the straw - that seemed like the end to me. NB did an excellent job, but that just did it for me.

The Fetus in the fireplace and Adam/Rafe was truly a low.

I never thought I'd tune into DAYS again after Malsswen, but ED return brought me back, only for her to leave again!

AMC being cancelled was a shock to me. I really thought the brand name of AMC was synonymous with ABC Daytime. I figured OLTL would go first.

AMC/OLTL being revived and the ratings of the 4 remaining soaps trending upwards during the past two years.

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