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Soap Moments (In the last 10 yrs.) that -genuinely- shocked you.

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In the world of spoilers and Twitter, it's hard for soaps to hide anything up their sleeve. However, there may be a couple of surprises here and there.

*Summer ACTUALLY being Nick's after the Jack tease...

*Hunter Tylo leaving B&B.

*The start of David and Cara's love affair during the waning days of AMC.

What are yours?

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Farah Finger. Everything about her.

Soapnet's Ford ads and their "singing" holiday ads.

Anything out of Brian Frons' Yukon Cornelius gob.

Fetus in the fireplace.

Molester MD.

Rape as comic relief.

Someone being paid money to spend months writing about their belief that an actor has a huge dong.

The homophobia of ABC Daytime, perpetuated by Hinsey, Nellie Olsen, and friends.

That Soaps in Depth is still in business.

Crystal Chappell going from being a respected and dependable actress to a very sad combination of Otis the Drunk and Linda Granger.

Crystal Chappell being clowned by Kristian Alfonso even as Alfonso never said a single word about it in public.

The bizarre soap "press" fascination with websoaps that look to be filmed in someone's garage and are notable because they managed to book Kristen Vigard for a cameo.

Ronn Moss leaving B&B.

Deirdre Hall's firing.

OLTL and AMC actually being brought back.

GL ending in a way that actually satisfied me, for all its flaws, and reminded me of the show I fell in love with many years ago.

Bob Guza being fired (not because he's good - I just never thought he'd be fired).

The amount of men in daytime who have no ass.

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Same. Regardless of how I feel about their quality, I remain shocked that not one but TWO soaps were "brought back from the dead," so to speak, one giant step from a mere network-switch.

Also, it shocked me when Y&R decided to bring back Phillip Chancellor III (Thom Bierdz)...but I don't necessarily mean "shocked" in a good way.

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OLTL and AMC being cancelled on the same day.

Jon Lindstrom and Lynn Herring coming back to GH (My prayers were answered...I wanted Kevin back for years)

The OLTL3 character switch (So stupid yet I didn't see it actually coming)

Michelle Stafford leaving Y&R

Anything and everything about Farah Fath. (I hate her....for personal reasons. I explained it on DD tonight finally. That I actually knew her when we were kids. She's just crude. I never spoke to her but shared a class with her and like I said...she's just crude and still acts like she did when she was 11)

RC/FV taking every cancelled soap it seems like and using it on GH. First with OLTL, then with PC (even though, K&L were GH characters first and were needed back, IMO...I'm just talking about the vampire thing), then Corinth from Loving and Luke and Holly being in Alden Manor, now the stuff with Ryan's Bar from Ryan's Hope and the rumor that

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Y&R ruining it's own history by bringing back Phillip III from the dead and making Jill and Lauren sisters huh.png

B&B without Ridge and Stephanie

OLTL and AMC's online comeback

James Franco joining GH

DAYS killing off all these people during the serial killer storyline

GL and ATWT cancelled :(

ABC cancels OLTL and AMC :(

DAYS firing DH and DH

The fact that someone allowed Ellen Wheeler to do what she did during GL's last year. She turned a classic soap into a boring web soap.

The fact that someone allowed Y&R to end up like this.

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