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Days: Major Wilson spoiler for May

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First this tweet

If Sonny and Will weren't a modern "supercouple" before May, they certainly will be after. That's all I'm sayin... #DAYS

Now the spoiler from Will & Sonny fansite group on facebook

"Will helps Gabi escape, but doesn't get to Nick before Jensen returns. Will and Jensen struggle over a gun and Will is shot. Hope arrives and takes Jensen down. Elsewhere, Gabi goes into labor and Sonny delivers the baby. At the hospital, Will's family and friends stand vigil at his bedside."

Based on other spoilers, this looks to occur the week of May 20th

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Why does this sound eerliy familiar to what I think was Ron originally planning for Kish on OLTL? Originally, I believe, Kyle was supposed to deliver baby Sierra Mist while Fish was supposed to get shot/injured on the mountain with Mitch Lawrence. Did Ron e-mail Gary Tomlin his old unused Kish outlines? lol

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