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AMC: J.R. Martinez's Book Full of Heart

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If Cameron Mathison was one of those who needed the spray-on abs....!

Yeah, the "babe" thing seems pretty Hollywood. However, if only because I really, really, really like him as an actor and hope to write something for him one day, let's give MEK the proverbial benefit of the doubt. All actors are egotistical to one degree or another, but perhaps the whole let's-run-lines-but-not-really-let's-just-talk-about-myself-before-we-tape move was a ploy on his part to put JRM at ease before going before the cameras for the first time. Because, let's face it, that could be nerve-wracking for anyone. (Although, yes, of course, MEK could have found other topics on which to discuss.)

I'd bet money on exactly which actors did that, too. If you listen to all the stories, you'd know how congenial AMC's cast could be, especially in regards to the vets. The "old guard" always was rather supportive of each other (with some notable exceptions, of course). No doubt, the actors he's referring to are ones like Ray MacDonnell, Susan Lucci, David Canary, and -- who knows -- even ones like MEK, Darnell & Debbi.

Meanwhile, the less we say about the Experienced Soap Actress Formerly Known as Prince Beth Ehlers, the better...

...Except this: now, maybe it's because I'm not too familiar with how these things go, but shouldn't she have pulled him aside before the kissing scene-in-question and found the best, most polite way of going over some do's and don't's (like, for instance, making sure not to stick his tongue down her throat, lol)? After all, it was common knowledge, I think, that JRM was an acting novice; and since this was, in fact, his very first kissing scene ever, it might have helped them both to establish some rules and barriers beforehand.

Also, no way would I have allowed BE to get away with that reaction on-set if I had been EP and in the production booth. I would have called that [email protected]#$%^&*] to my office pronto. You act like a child, and you get treated as a child. Simple as that.


No, really. Somebody get this girl a regular, starring role on a big, new series ASAP. I ain't playin'.

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Frankly, I think BE embarrassed JRM like she did during the taping of their kissing scene because she resented the show pairing her with a "rookie" actor with unconventional (for soaps) looks rather than one of the show's "hotter" men. She probably believed such a relationship was beneath her as an actress and allegedly attractive, young(ish) woman.

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