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AMC: J.R. Martinez's Book Full of Heart

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He considered himself lucky because he didn't have to endure hair/makeup. just needed anti-shine and powder. Some of the guys wore eyeliner, and some even had abs sprayed on them.

Shortly before he was due to do his first scene, he was approached by one of the show's seasoned actors with whom he'd be sharing his acting debut. "Hey babe. do you want to run lines by the window?" He called everyone babe, and J.R. didn't even know what run lines meant, this was 20 minutes before he had to go. Instead of looking at the script, this actor starting telling J.R. his life story and they didn't rehearse at all.

In the first two weeks he did about 10-15 shows. Once he was on The View, he started to get attention from cougars. He does say on set, a lot of the cast and crew seemed to care, if he did something well onstage, he would get applause.

His first partner was an "experienced soap actress who'd recently come to AMC from another soap." According to J.R. she was less than thrilled to be paired with him, but he respected her work. He tried his best, and asked for feedback. This story is about their first kissing scene. He was nervous, and giggly like a 5 year old, he continued giggling and then he did a big laugh. The she said "What the hell are you giggling about?" and hissed at him. He tried to stifle laughing, and put his energy into the kiss. He kissed her and well she pulled back and yelled "Oh my God, the rookie used his tongue!" He was embarrassed as he had no idea that you don't use tongue as no one told him. According to him fortunately he "never had to be in the position to do a love scene with her again." And she was gone before the end of the year.

On Shannon Kane...he calls her beautiful and freethinking. She also would give him suggestions and was encouraging and helpful.

Another costar female approached him and gave him her number. (He describes her as a diva, pretty full of herself, but she was very experienced and wanted her approval.) Then J.R. realized they weren't friends when this woman told him "I see the way you play against Shannon on-screen, and you're acting like a boy, not like a man." He then explained that's what he was told to do, and she backpedaled.

He also mentions how he ended up going to LA with the show, and he was shocked since he knew there were a "handful of experienced actors who weren't being included in the move."

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I thought Morgan too.

Had to be MEK calling him babe.

Loved Martinez on the show. Sure he wasn't gonna win any awards, and the writers never gave him any story to work with, but he had such an easygoing likable presence. Glad he was there till the end.

(how does one "spray paint"abs?)

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I love Debbi onscreen but I've heard stories in the past about her perhaps being prickly. I don't know if that's true. My first thought was Budig, but she seems pretty down to earth and sweet despite her character growing increasingly remote in the later years.

JR Martinez was a solid performer who worked hard, and - yes - he had charisma and I daresay sex appeal. He certainly charmed me.

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