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I noticed too, I liked how they played Nadia's theme at the end.

Lord Sharon is a Mess, but She was pretty funny I'll give her that, Abby's comments were pretty funny about her too...I'm gonna miss her :(

Katherine was acting like old school Katherine throughout the entire episode, I loved it, Jill (and Jess) can't come back sooner.

I hope Danny Royally Chews Phyllis out.

Wasn't it kind of awkward seeing Fen hug Nikki in that one shot?....I know we suspend belief that some of these people have known each other for years and are comfortable about stuff like that but still...

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The shows (during the MAB era at least) relationship with Victor is so schizophrenic. He does evil things, other characters comment on those things (saying "Don't be like Victor" ) but then we have the show more or less say that if we don't think that Victor is a good man we are "misguided souls" .

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