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Y&R: Discussion for the Month of September

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Sentiment like this is good, but after what Maria Arena Bell's Y&R became after such initial promise, I am adopting a wait and see approach. Brent Boyd seems enthusiastic enough, and credit to him for swotting up as much as he can on the show's history (and I hope this knowledge is evidenced in the writing going forward). But I wonder how much he has watched, as he appears to be new to daytime soap. Josh Griffith and Jill Farren Phelps, I imagine, have watched the show over the years and know some of the classical nuances that are unique to Y&R. How much they choose to use (or otherwise instructed) is another question altogether and one I hope isn't answered in a way that will hurt the show further.

I've read all of his tweets up to now, and I'd like to get people's opinions on Hollywood Heights, because he also said that if people like that, they would love Y&R's new direction.

The person I would like to heat from most is Griffith. A full on interview, similar to the one Phelps gave a few weeks ago. Not necessarily chock-a-block with spoilers but little teasers as to what the pacing will be like and the kind of stories we'll be told. I mean, he is the main man (so to speak). Boyd is the Script Editor and any of the actors (Michael Muhney in the latest instant) can only answer from a certain place.

Personally speaking if we can get a slightly stronger, more 'dramatic' version of Griffiths first period of Head Writer (Dec 26th 2007-Autumn 2008) I wouldn't mind. I actually got a little giggle out of the Alistair Wallingford caper (though perhaps on reflection I was just happy to see Jerry Douglas on a regular basis). Not all of it was great (see Victor/Sabrina and to a lesser degree Lily/Cane, remember it was JG who pulled the trigger on putting them together) but compared to where we are now, and what proceed it, it was the closest thing to the Alden (and Smith) years. (for me, 2003 was the last great year the show had).

And lastly, unlike last time, he will be focussing solely on writing. So he won't juggle Executive Producing duties as well. So, here's hoping for the best. I'm just not getting hugely excited yet.

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Maybe Y&R will have better balance between the younger and older generation. I for one am beyond tired of Victor as a romantic lead. We need more office sets on Y&R. I am beyond tired of everyone conduting business in Gloria restaurant. HH had people who ran their own businesses in their own offices. And please update Victoria's house, she has the house of an old lady.

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