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I personally find Gloworm's decor to be atrocious and downright offensive to the visual eye. Brown and khaki and murky -- how is that ever a glamorous combination? People bitch about the GCAC but I'd rather watch scenes in those mahogany interiors than in that supper club. Gloria should just take over the Colonnade Room.

Also, I love the Abbotts but their living room looks like somebody's clutter-filled attic. And remember how gorgeous the Tack House used to look with late-afternoon sunlight filtering through the door and window? Ed Scott and David Shaughnessy were masters in this domain.

Speaking of all things Shaughnessy, David Shaughnessy would make a great love interest for Jill (Jess Walton). Just sayin'.

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Nick was disgusting today. Bringing Cassie up like that in court in order to make Sharon look bad was deplorable. I wish he was the one that had been mowed down by Phyllis' car.

Why is Nikki still around Jack? She made her choice clear when Victor left. Can she stop pretending and just go.

I love Genie/Billy today, they are fun.

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    • Something just occurred to me recently during all this Marlena, Kayla, and Kate "dying" nonsense on DAYS that, really BFTD has absolutely run amok in the past few years, particuarly at DAYS, where literally no death sticks thanks to Rolf's zombie shot. So, I went on here to find a thread about it, but was surprised to not see anything specific (at least in recent years, so apologies if I'm rehashing something I've forgotten about!) I put to you: what were some of the best, and worst back from the dead stories on soaps for you? Additionally, if anyone has any records of what some of the earliest known stories of a previously-established character coming back from the dead, I'd love to know more. I assume this was more common on radio, where recasts could be more easily camouflaged from the audience sans visual. It just struck me that, particularly in the 60s and 70s, soaps seemed loath to have characters return from the dead, even when that death happened off-screen. It's largely from the 80s onward, what with stars seeking their fortune in prime time, and coming back to daytime if that attempt goes belly up.
    • Ooooo   I think for me this week it's been... EAST NEW YORK Season 1 YOUNGER Season 4 (reaching the episode I saw first for the first time with context hehe) FAMILY KARMA Season 3 WILL Season 1
    • The whole storyline actually.   But...tbf they don't do enough with what they have now.  After all where did Noah and Allie go? 
    • I'm watching Extraordinary. Only up to the first episode. But i'm really liking it.   Please register in order to view this content
    • Pretty sure the show has enough extraneous young white people doing nothing.
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