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Aborted pairings

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We've had this topic before, but something new always comes along.

I was watching some 1989 GL episodes and for the first time realized just how close Sam Marler (17, innocent) and Frank Cooper (25-26, streetwise with a good heart) were to being paired up. At the Bauer barbecue, they were exchanging looks of love. This was disconcerting, as there was a noticeable age difference, even moreso than on paper, and he was a big, hulking man, while she was small. Anyway, someone at the show must have realized, as she was soon paired up with Dylan Lewis, who was also too old for her, but not quite as much.

Anyway, what are some of the more memorable dropped pairings you can remember? I am mostly interested in relationships that never went beyond a kiss, and were supposed to be more than they were.

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On AMC Aiden and... well a lot of people. Greenlee and Josh seemed to be briefly heading in that direction, which would have been a refreshing change, but.

They were great together. I give B/E some props for their lacklustre run in the Richie story in that it was genuinely kept a secret for much of the story of who exactly Richie was--they even introduced him subtly, at first I thought he was just a dayplayer bartender.

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Yeah, what you said! I loved Ric and Kelly, and having that cut for Robert pissed me off, popular or not. Carrington Garland, however, had chemistry with whoever she was paired with, so it was both a blessing and a curse, especially since the writers seemed to bounce her from Ric to Robert to Craig without a care, making Kelly look like a flake. CG was right on when asked in SOD if Kelly falls in love too easily:

"Well, she falls in like too easily!" or something close.

All that said, I think Ric/Kelly could have been a great counterpoint to their fairytale older sibs. And Peter Love really got shafted.

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C.J. & Amber (2000/2001)

C.J. & Bridget (2002)

Ridge & Lauren (ca. 1996)

Giovanni & Morgan (2000)

Giovanni & Kimberly (1999)

Thorne & Katie (2007)

Storm & Ashley (2007)

Storm & Felicia (2007)

Christian & Felicia (2006)

Constantine & Felicia (2007)

James & Stephanie (1998/1999)

And there are tons more for this show.

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AMC: Dimitri and Brooke.

As a huge Brooke/Edmund fan I was so mad at McTavish when she said that Edmund/Brooke was "been there, done that" (that never stopped you any other time b*tch!!) so she was going to put Dimitri and Brooke together instead.

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Jack & Lauren

Nina & Chase

Olivia & Jack

Paul & Ashley

Neil & Ashley

Drucilla & Brad

Malcolm & Victoria

Malcolm & Jill

Brad & Victoria

Lauren & Raul

Michael & Victoria

Neil & Sharon

Brad & Leanna

Paul & Amy

Victor & Jill

Olivia & Wes

Brad & Grace

Mamie & John

Stuart & Eve

Devon & Chloe

Diane & Michael

Devon & Abby

Jack & Grace

Devon & Amber

Michael & Jill

Katherine & Arthur

John & Nina

Nick & Dru

Victor & Lauren

Victor & Brooke

Sabrina & Adam

Adam & Felicia

Billy & Jana

Mackenzie & Kevin

Samurai Chemist & Diane

John & Jill

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