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Aborted pairings

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When did Malcolm/Jill and Billy/Jana happen?

Malcolm & Jill used to flirt ALL the time (though to be fair Shemar & Jess have chemistry with almost anybody).

It seemed like Jack Smith was finally going to pair them on Shemar's last return but it was dropped.

Billy & Jana happened during Scott Seymour's brief time as Billy but they were dropped for Kevin & Jana.

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Malcolm/Jill, wow. I would have loved seeing Dru and Jill around a dinner table.

The scenes would've written themselves.

It bothers me the show never did more with Nina/Chase.

They were a product of bad timing which was sad because they had chemistry.

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Most of the ones from Y&R i can think of I think most of you have said:

Nina/Anyone she never married on the show (except that Tomas Guy)

Chase,John Silva.

I actually thought Daniel/Abby had a chance until Maria all of a sudden got "bored"

Over at B&B defnitely Thomas/Hope and also Taylor/Whip.

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Al & Natalie. I loved her with Cris, but I wanted those two together, too!

Troy & Gabrielle--if he wasn't hopping aboard the cray-cray train at the time, that would have been a GREAT triangle with Max (or quad/quint /sextanglewith Bo/Nora/Lindsay!). But, you know, where do you go after he locks you in a morgue? LOL

Eli & Blair: You know, before he went cray-cray and before RealTodd came back. Sigh sad.png .

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Blair/Eli - this is the top of my list. But I'm happy as long as she finally reunites with Todd.




Brody/Jess - that was the last time I ever cared about her. Ford and the DID crap ruined her for good.

Clint/Kim - but I'm glad Clint reunited with Viki, even though I still think Viki deserves much better. I'd rather have him with Kim.


Sky/Stacy - she was one of the worst written characters for sure created in OLTL's last years, but they had good chemistry, much better than nauseating Gex

Nash/Claudia - too bad she had to be used to prop Jess/Nash (and Tess who isn't even real, as Claudia correctly pointed out)


Jennifer/Peter - I'm probably in a minority of one on this one. It's all about Jack and that loser Daniel now, ugh.

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