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  1. Love Gina! And I appreciate the Burgess mention. They worked well together. But I do think Jason Thompson has more chemistry with AH's Victoria. I think the glasses suits Natalie better instead of "glamming her up". She does it much better than GH's Sabrina did, who just looked like a carbon copy of Theresa's terrible disguises on Passions. That said, I think Phyllis is getting too obsessed. For many (wrong) reasons, I would love to see Michelle Stafford play this instead. What a trainwreck that would be!
  2. Awe good! This made my night! But now everyone's asking about Mary Kate and Ashley, ugh. Move past it. I don't watch DWTS but I will watch just for Jodie! Just like I watched just to see Jennifer Grey win.
  3. Adam's a pathological liar. He always puts Chelsea second because he just can't help himself. Never thought I'd see the day where I almost feel bad for Victor. His family enables him anyway. Sharon just exists to be crazy. How much can she take?!
  4. Philece Sampler as AW's Donna Vivian Jovanni as DAYS's Ciara Christina Chambers as OLTL's Marty JPL as DAYS's Phillip Charity Rahmer as DAYS's Belle Danica Stewart as Jessica on Passions Mark Cameron Wystrach as Fox on Passions Deanna Wright as Kay on Passions Blair Redford as Miguel on Passions - to be fair, Jesse Metcalfe and Adrian Bellani were also horrible. But at least they were better looking and were actually latino! Krista Tesreau as OLTL's Tina. - I heard she was good on GL but she was terrible on OLTL. Tracy Melchior as OLTL's Kelly Nadine Stenovich as AW's Josie Shannon Sturges as
  5. Victor's day of reckoning!!! That'll be the day. I hate to say it but I kinda feel bad for him! His family has always enabled him so they kinda seem like hypocrites. I forgot Lily even existed until today. I know I'm not the only one who thought Sharon was a prostitute at first...
  6. There better be Fuller House Season 2 on Netflix or there will be consequences.

    1. Soapsuds


      There will be. Go read the thread on it. 

    2. Khan


      Netflix NOT renewing FH for a second season never seemed likely to me.

  7. I still have no idea what a "bae" or "tumblr" is and I'm perfectly okay with that.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. DRW50


      Your posts remind me of tumblr - you'd probably enjoy it.

    3. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      It's actually a shortened version of "baby." Again, it's been used in the south for generations.

    4. ~bl~


      BAE = Before Anyone Else...it is your favorite of favorites.

      At least online...elsewhere I agree with AMS.

  8. Gross. I feel so bad for Patrick being stuck with her.
  9. It would be nice if Maurice Bernard had the decency to run a razor across his face. He's so gross. Was Julian wearing a turtleneck?! It's hideous! Billy Miller is such a robot. He make me miss Steve Burton and that is unacceptable. Does Miller do anything other than mumble and bite his lip? I loved Anna throwing shade at Julian/Alexis but I get irrationally angry whenever someone interrupts other people's conversations. No matter who it is. I don't blame Obrecht. And Robin was just being ungrateful anyway. And yes, I know how biased I am. I don't care about poor Robin. Alexis is the same way I
  10. Are we STILL on this? Ridiculous. On to actual episode discussion.... Jill was unbearable today. LMAO at Phyllis's side eye to Jill's rants! She looked like she wanted to throttle her every second she had to listen to her hysterics. There's nothing dumber than an ignorant young man. Noah has to go to his almighty gramps to bail him out. And is it just me or does Marisa look much older than Noah? Today's show was so depressing. Jill's guilt trips cracked me up. Then again, maybe I'm just an unemotional sociopath.
  11. Singing along to Adele is fun because it's not usually acceptable to be that loud.. Although, I rarely have any idea what she is talking about.

  12. Billy/BJ had some of the best lines. He and Mariah are the only people I've seen show any kind of wit on this show. He and Victoria had no chemistry. He had more with Chelsea/MCE. But the writing was on the wall. I'd rather they just kill Billy off. Jason Thompson can act but I really don't care to see some plastic surgery nonsense and JT always checks out before long. He always seems so angry onscreen and it's not cute. Why do so many people want Billy Miller back? I love "American Sniper" but BM couldn't act in that movie either and he only had one scene anyway (thank God!). Some "star" he i
  13. Mariah is the smartest person in Genoa City. I love how she loves to call EVERYONE out on their nonsense!! It's her hobby and she owns it! So sassy But what is she doing with Kevin?! Ugh. "Billy, wake up, damn it".... Uh, cussing him out won't wake him up lady. Phyllis is driving me up a wall. I love Gina Tognoni but Phyllis is a self righteous shrew. So how long will Abby be happy for? Ha! What a ditz. Is it just me or does Victoria/AH always look like a witch? Amelia Heinle is pretty so I'm sure it's the way they style her. It's rather fitting, considering... Victor is the worst. And does h
  14. I know this is sacrilege to say... We tried The Walking Dead for awhile but we couldn't get into it. Boring people running around endlessly... I'd rather just watch a track meet.

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Yaassss, tell it! I watched the first season and half the second, and I just couldn't watch anymore. It felt like the entire show was going in circles, the same things very slowly cycling around and around.

    2. DRW50


      How is it sacrilege? It's always been hip to say TWD sucks and you don't watch it. 

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