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GH Gold Medal Moments Viewer's Choice

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I've always felt Guza resented that Becky was so popular and had so many popular pairings

I don't think that was the case at all. He was the one that played with most of her pairings and set her up with all those men in the first place. If anything I would say it was the exact opposite. He hated Lucky and he loved Liz hence her multiple partners, romances and stories. He did virtually the same with Carly and Lulu, both of whom were characters he also adored.

I think these episodes will reveal what GH viewers really want to see. It pains me to see that Sonny is so popular with viewers. He is the worst kind of man.

Monday: Sonny/Dante

Tuesday: Liz/Lucky

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It's a pity.

They destroy older episodes when they show them. I'd still rather see them rather than what we saw yesterday. But, I'm a little tired of seeing nothing but commercials all the freaking time!

They pretty much do that across the board with all tv re-runs from the past. If you watch an All in the Family episode on Antenna TV then watch the same one on DVD or on YT, you will notice a lot of stuff has been edited out for commercials. It isn't like they edited it for political/sensor reasons because all of Archie's slurs are still amongst other things.

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