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Unpopular Opinions on TV (Outside of Soaps)


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I was inspired to do this by the UO thread for TV shows at TWOP.

Like here, there is a separate one at TWOP for soaps as well, but I had no idea if there was one on this board for the rest of TV (game shows, sitcoms, reality shows, news, etc.), so I thought I'd start one here. Granted, TWOP is a site completely dedicated to all types of television, so I don't know if picking out UOs here would be as easy, but I think it's worth a shot.

Everything's on the table. Past or present, channels or shows of every genre (except the daytime soaps, obviously).

The UO thread on soaps has only a little bit on primetime soaps, so I guess you can include them here, too. Your call.

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I don't believe that Seinfeld changed sitcoms forever. I don't understand what that means. Nothing on sitcoms now is similar to Seinfeld, aside from a few decaying shows on NBC.

I think David Kelley is a hack.

I think the main reason so many critics love Mad Men is because it's about white, conservative, attractive men, women who are fond memories and who are dressed in sexy clothes, and minorities are kept firmly in their place.

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I'll just past some of what I already wrote in the Unpopular Opinions soap thread:


As much as I loved this show, man, did Felicity get on my last damn nerve. Such a passive twit she was that I was thrilled every time Meghan clowned her. Needless to say, I tuned in every week to see Noel, Javier, Elena, Meghan, Sean, and Julie.

I never got the appeal of Felicity and Ben, neither did I think that they were truly meant for one another. Ben was a boring asshat that I never understood the hoopla about.

I loved Noel. Yes, he was your typical 'nice guy', but dammit, he kept on getting shat on so much that I wanted the poor guy to end up happy. And yes, I thought that he was too good for that passive twit, Felicity.

I didn't hate Elena for cheating on Tracy with the skeevy professor. While I don't condone cheating and still wonder what the hell she was thinking hooking up with her professor, I thought it was fairly realistic that she'd eventually crack under the pressure of being the sexually experienced one in that relationship.

Dawson's Creek

I didn't hate Dawson or Joey. Yes, Dawson could be oversensitive, but I thought that was true to his character and I wouldn't want him any other way. Yes, he could be unreasonable, but I couldn't bring myself to hate him. Ditto on not being able to hate Joey, even though her indecisiveness drove me up the wall. What can I say? Her unpopular girl character struck a chord in me.

While I liked Pacey and Joey as a game-changer, I didn't like them as One True Soulmates. Not necessarily because I had undying loyalty to Dawson and Joey (though I enjoyed them, too), but because I didn't think that those two had enough in common or enough to build on to have an enduring relationship beyond their initial puppy love. Another factor was...

...that I vastly preferred Pacey and Andie, as they were my favorite couple on that show. I found that they balanced one another out far better than Pacey's previous or subsequent pairings. Yes, Andie was ill, but I still held hope until the bitter end that those kids would be able to work it out and end up together forever.

I also loved Andie as a character. Sure, she was an anal-retentive drama queen (which, truthfully, was due to her illness), but Meredith Monroe made her someone that I could sympathize and eventually care for in spite of that.

Gossip Girl

I liked Vanessa Abrams. She was the only one who refused to kiss Upper East Side ass, so naturally they had to write her so far out of whack in the subsequent seasons that a viewer had no choice but to want her gone. I'm still mad at the way they ruined her and her friendship with Dan as an excuse for him to completely assimilate into the UES gang.

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Most of these are general. Can't think of a whole lot of show-specific ones at the moment.

~ Most critically acclaimed sitcoms are overrated. This includes everything from The Dick Van Dyke Show to M*A*S*H to Seinfeld to The Office.

~ Color episodes of The Andy Griffith Show over the black and white ones any day.

~ Aaron Spelling produced some of the greatest television of all time.

~ Give me escapist trash over pretentious bullsh!t any day.

~ It would be pointless for MTV to be 100% about music. The M can stand for "Marsupials" for all I care.

~ The Simpsons is just. not. funny. It's not relevent, either, and It should have been cancelled at least ten years ago.

~ MADtv's glory years (1997-2004) over basically the entire run of SNL.

~ Stephen Colbert is not funny.

~ Steve Carell is not funny.

~ Jimmy Fallon is not funny.

~ Craig Ferguson is not funny.

~ Late night talk shows, as a whole, are not funny.

~ Trashy 90s daytime TV was a beautiful, beautiful thing.

~ Early Three's Company deserved at least one Emmy for best comedy. Little House on the Prairie's 4th season (1977-1978) deserved the Emmy for best drama.

~ Early Baywatch (up until about season 6) was a legit fun Saturday afternoon action-adventure.series with some eye candy as an added bonus.

~ Sanford and Son is easily one of the top 5 greatest sitcoms of all time.

~ "Smart," as used to describe a television series, is pretentious as f!ck.

~ Trashy cable reality shows trump boring network reality shows any day of the week.

~ Current Nickelodeon is only a few steps under 90s Nickelodeon.

~ Glee is a cartoon.

~ The first five seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation portrayed high school life more realistically than any other show I've ever seen.

~ David E. Kelley creates the same show every five years.

~ Jack McPhee is the greatest gay character in television history.

~ Westerns and family dramas need to make a comeback.

~ Ellen DeGeneres is completely lame as hell.

~ The Emmys are a waste of time and money.

~ Lifetime movies are legitimately entertaining.

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Gossip Girl was another vapid book adapted into a tv series. Is that the latest trend with these teen dramas? I also read some of the GOssip Girl books and couldn't watch the show because it was so different from the books.

Did not care about 90s Afterschool specials/afterschool special style storytelling

I like some of the newer Lifetime movies and I watch LMN often.

M A S H put me to sleep whenever I've tried watching it. I would say it's because it was before my time but I do know people my age who liked watching it with their grandparents and I like watching alot of old movies/shows.

I preferred Fox Family to ABC Family

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Here are some of mine (and I promise I'll do mine for the soaps thread too, eventually. It's gonna take some time! laugh.png ):

Although I do think that TAGS largely jumped after Barney left/when the show switched to color, there are still some fun color episodes (like the ones with Goober's girlfriend, Flora).

I like the first Grace Under Fire theme, "Lady Madonna," better than the second one, "A Perfect World."

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the final Facts of Life theme (the hard rock 80s version), if only for the instrumental closing theme.

Jimmy Kimmel has made me laugh more often than the other late night talk hosts on TV (and "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship" is hilarious, even though the cartoon ones are a little much for me sometimes).

I fell in love with thirtysomething as a young teenager over a decade after it first ended. I still feel the same way now.

While I have a great fondness for The Disney Channel of the late 90s, I actually like some of the stuff around 1996-1997 more (right before it went from being a premium channel to a regular cable channel).

Despite everything I know now about Pat Robertson, I STILL have fond memories of the old Family Channel of the early-mid 90s (WAY before ABC Family).

Andy Griffith on Matlock during the early days, gray hair and all? Kinda sexy (yeah, I said it).

Two of a Kind was actually a fun show, although the adult characters (Kevin, Carrie, Eddie, Paul, Nancy, Matt) are what truly made it great.

I enjoyed watching Kelly on Coach (DAAAD!)

Billy was the hottest male Power Ranger, by far (even with the glasses--but when they were off, DAMN!).

I actually like the Power Rangers Zeo theme a bit better than the original theme.

I think I actually like Kat the Pink Zeo Ranger a little better than Kimberly, given that I dressed up as her for Halloween in the second grade--she had blonde hair like me! The cool Australian accent was a bonus.

I like both theme songs to Hardball with Chris Matthews (and I think there's something sexy about him, too).

No matter how many years he was on L&O, and no matter how many movies he has been in, Sam Waterston will forever be Forrest Bedford on I'll Fly Away to me. What a GREAT show that ended far too soon.

I'll post more later on.

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Boy Meets World

Though many hate how Eric was dumbed down over the course of the show, I'll unapologetically accept him as such if only because of his Feeny call.


I never understood how a whitewashed version of the superior Living Single managed to garner all these accolades and a decade long run while Living Single only got to survive for half as long.

A Different World

Ron Johnson was a Loser with a capital L. I didn't find him witty and cute and wonder why the hell Dwayne kept him around as a best friend even though it was clear that he'd grown past those shenanigans or why intelligent young women like Kim and Freddie were slumming with him.

Grey's Anatomy

Isaiah Washington was the best male actor on that show, hands down. When Shonda Rhimes/ABC opted to fire him (and kill off my Burktina) to make way for the Katherine Heigl hour, I dropped that show like a bad habit and never looked back.

Sex and the City

Despite its whitewashed rendition of my hometown and the feminist/womanist disdain of it, I, as a womanist, make no apologies in adoring this show in all its glitzy glory. This show, at heart, was about female friendships and they earn my undying devotion for never straying away from that throughout the course of their entire run.


Not only do I not believe that Jasmine is a fire-breathing bitch (especially since Kristina isn't considered to be as such, in spite of exhibiting worse behavior), I believe that she is far too good for Crosby.

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Although I LOVE The Golden Girls and everything about it, I kinda sorta like the version of the theme The Golden Palace used a little more sometimes ph34r.png .

Fran vs. CC on The Nanny was the Ginger vs. Mary Ann debate that went largely unnoticed (Fran Drescher is beautiful, but Lauren Lane was GORGEOUS on that show, too).

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I never got what the appeal of Kate on LOST was..lol I found her to be annoying and boring and always getting in the way of Jack and Sawyer.

Never liked FRIENDS, SEINFELD, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, but I liked his parents, never liked Rhoda or Elaine on Taxi, I don't

why Modern Family or Malcom is great comedy. Hate reality tv. It takes away from the actors who act I might be the only SUPERNATURAL viewer who hates Dean Winchester, he's bossy and always getting other characters killed...lol


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