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Dan Frazer, veteran actor, who was 'Mac' on ATWT, dies


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Dear Ann_SS: You will find that, unfortunately, in the mainstream press, soaps are considered to be step-children of the entertainment industry. I need not tell you how many prominent TV and motion picture stars started their careers on daytime TV. Julianne Moore, who won an Emmy for her stint on ATWT, fondly remembers her time in Oakdale, and even made a special (but all too brief) cameo return in early 2010, after the cancellation announcement was made. Meg Ryan, on the other hand, does not (in my opinion) want to acknowledge her time on the soap.

I loved Dan on ATWT, and in his memory (since his character died from Alzheimer's, i will be making a contribution in Dan Frazer and Mac's memory)

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