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  1. Dear edgeofnight.  You are, definitely, an Edge Super Fan!  I read your interview in Mental Floss magazine, Sept/Oct 2011 issue!

  2. I am, unfortunately, the bearer of bad news. I heard from Marla Adams, who told me that Linden Chiles, fell on his property, May 13, but never recovered. he died on May 15, 2013, at the age of 80.
  3. Thanks for the article on Linden Chiles. My wife, recently, was watching an old Perry Mason show. Linden Chiles proved to be 'the one who did it.' Ironically, the episode aired on his 80th birthday. May he rest in peace.
  4. I just heard from Marla Adams. She told me that Linden Chiles has died. The 80 year old actor had fallen on his property, but never recovered. Last night, I was watching him in an episode of 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' - First season (1964).
  5. Wow! That's a side of Lawrence Hugo I never saw! I have such happy memories of Lawrence Hugo and Burt Douglas. I remember how Ron Christopher assisted Mike Karr in finding his kidnapped daughter Laurie Ann (then-Emily Prager). I do recall some outdoor location scenes...in a wooded area, when Ron discovered the cabin where Laurie Ann was being kept.
  6. Here's a small world anecdote. My wife is watching a rerun of an old Matlock tv episode. Andy Griffith is defending a man by the name of Arthur Phillips, played by Drew Snyder. Drew Snyder played Dr. Dan Phillips on 'Love of Life' from 1970-74. Isn't this a remarkable coincidence?
  7. Hi Friends, the co-editors of our book, 'Survival of Soap Opera: Transformations for a New Media Era,' want to know if any of you remember the 'Love of Life' storylines from 1966/67. Thanks!
  8. I went to his NYC funeral. I was 17 at the time.
  9. A year ago today, we lost Linda Cook (the last Laurie Ann)
  10. Thank you! What a wonderful way to start my day!
  11. Who could ever forget Beaver's Miss Landers!
  12. Many thanks for this article and a glimpse into a show that I had heard about, but never saw. It ended when I was 16 months old. Mind you, I started watching at an early age, but at that tender age, I had other things on my mind. LOL
  13. Question: What was the timeline (off screen) that had SFT move from CBS to NBC? I know there was a prolonged period for Edge to move to ABC and allow ATWT to expand to a one hour format. Did CBS drop the axe first? Or did P&G approach NBC first? I've always wanted to know what went on...needless I don't need to mention the network exec who canned SFT, for good, in 1986...he made plenty of headlines in April of 2011 with the cancellations of AMC & OLTL.
  14. I'm in LIAMST heaven. My wife and I are watching an old Magnum, P.I. episode with the divine Andrea Marcovicci playing a ballet dancer.
  15. I have the book! I even brought it with me, when I spoke about 'Edge' before the American Popular Culture Association's annual conference in St. Louis in April 2010.
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