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  1. Happy Birthday, my dear beloved Edge of Night. April 2, 1956 - December 28, 1984 You will, always, be a part of me.
  2. I'm, fairly, new. Forgive me, I posted this in the wrong place. But, I can't help but remember, that, tomorrow, April 2, both ATWT and Edge of Night premiered in 1956.
  3. Arlene Francis and John Charles Daly from What's My Line?
  4. Today, I added to my collection, the TV Guide from March 31, 1956 - April 6, 1956, when ATWT & EON premiered on CBS, on April 2.
  5. Juliajms, Please forgive me, for the poor choice of words. You are right, if these charges are true, Lori Loughlin brought this on, herself.
  6. I am torn by this news, and I'll explain why. My heart aches to think that this happened to Lori Loughlin, Edge's first Jody Travis. On the other hand, I can, proudly, say, that I graduated from Magna CumLaude college, as an inductee of five honor societies: The History Honor Society, the Psychology Honor Society, the National Honor Society for General Academic Excellence, the Graduate Education Honor Society and 'Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges,' which honors the top 10% of college graduates. Under the best of circumstances, this would be no mean feat to accomplish, but, I did all of that, despite losing both of my parents, while in college. I can tell you that my father died, suddenly, the day that Sky and Raven Whitney found their stolen fortune (December 23, 1983). A year later, I lost my beloved Edge. I felt the loss of an Edge, as deeply, as it was a family member. I thank God, every day, that circumstances allowed me to be invited to the studio, on its final day of taping. I am, now, virtually, disabled and home-bound, due to illness. I look back and wonder, how I, ever, managed to accomplish all that I did. So many times, I was tempted to drop out, but I didn't. I have, my dear late wife to thank for convincing me, to stick it out. We had only known each other, for a few months, when my father died. We had no commitments to each other, yet, she believed in me. She, like my father, died, suddenly. I miss her, terribly.
  7. In 1973, Y&R's first super-couple, Chris Brooks and Dr Snapper Foster were bumped from the airwaves for the Sam Ervin/Howard Baker Watergate Hearings...Well, guess what? Trish Stewart was born, the very same day/same year as the focus of today's televised Congressional Hearing, #45, himself! June 14, 1946!
  8. https://westchester.news12. com/story/39978962/every-day- is-presidents-day-at-one- ossining-historians-home https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2019/02/18/westchester-county-historian-william-reynolds-united-states-presidents-ossining/
  9. Grant Wheeler (Texas) Adam Drake (The Edge of Night, 1967-77) Raymond Speer (As the World Turns) seen here, with his wife Carla Borelli (Reena Decker, Texas)
  10. Adam Drake, The Edge of Night (1967-77) Grant Wheeler (Texas) Raymond Speer (As the World Turns)
  11. Donald May and his wife Carla Borelli celebrating Don's 90th birthday, at her family's home, in San Francisco Raymond Speer, ATWT Adam Drake, The Edge of Night (1967-77) Grant Wheeler (Texas)
  12. Dear edgeofnight.  You are, definitely, an Edge Super Fan!  I read your interview in Mental Floss magazine, Sept/Oct 2011 issue!

  13. I am very happy to be on this board. I have had some major health difficulties, and I lost my wife, suddenly, recently. I have such wonderful memories of Edge!
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