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OLTL: Discussion for the week of July 4

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The list of people who went crazy, sometimes for no apparent reason, during RC's run:



Brody (twice)

Marty (two or three times)




Rebecca (why? who cares!)


I'm probably forgetting someone.

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I thought she was just a nut from the start. I was thinking more of the thrilling, "We're taking hostages...we really mean it this time!" writing style RC excels at.

I guess you can add Clint/Alan Spaulding to the list of trashed characters, although he's too weak to take hostages, thankfully.

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Hannah and Lola were nuts from the beginning. Well, maybe not Lola, but she gave off vibes early on and she never had a purpose anyway. I doubt anyone else was supposed to have killed her mother (not that I ever cared.)

Hannah was even more useless and Meghann Fahy played Hannah as a sociopath from the beginning. I can see why so many people wanted Todd and Hannah together. Trevor St. John and Meghann Fahy seemed to make the exact same acting choices in just about all of their performances. RC kept raving about how Hannah was such an "awesome bad girl" anyway, which is more proof of how delusional he is.

No wonder Ford and Hannah were so hot for each other before.

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I actually like Meghann Fahy outside of OLTL, especially with her singing, but Hannah at her naughtiest brought out Meghann Fahy's most grating qualities as an actress. Way too much smirking, giggling, and yelling "This is sooo ridiculous" in every other scene. I also hated her because she ruined Cole. He was such a dick last year with how he treated Starr, yet no one called Cole out on it. Yet, I'd still rather see Cole than James or Baz. At least Cole and Starr can sometimes have normal, intelligent conversations.

Nafessa Williams (Deanna) is godawful, but at least entertainingly so. And at least she doesn't play everything in the script so offensively. Just very ineptly, especially with her sticking out her lip in every single scene. I can just skip Deanna's scenes anyway, especially if she's around the Ford brothers, Rick, or any other useless newbie. I just hope they keep this albatross away from characters I care about watching.

Anyway, I'm done with Jessica. I mean it this time. I liked Bitchy Jessica, but today proved that she couldn't possibly be more of a hypocrite. But that still doesn't mean I want her to be paired with her rapist. Brody deserves much better than Jessica, but I know what will happen to him.

I wonder how Bree Williamson feels about the material she has now. She said she loves playing Tess, but even so, I still can't imagine her not being repulsed by a story where her character forgives and even APOLOGIZES to her rapist while refusing to forgive the man who only gave up on her after everyone in her own family did.

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