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James Franco Bemoans Loss of Soap Operas

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I agree with you both. Like his appearances or not, Franco is an "A" list star that regularly appears on the soaps and seems to have a genuine appreciation for them and respect for those that work on them. He brings mainstream press to daytime, which is no easy feat nowadays.

Thanks for posting. :)

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The whole thing is eye roll worthy. It's a fluff piece with pat answers. If he had expounded on what he's learned from his experience from being on a soap and had talked about what he thought the loss would be to the landscape of American television -- not to mention, as an actor, the evaporation of employment for other actors... that would be one thing. But the "I'm sad to see them go! They've been on for as long as I've been alive" type answer is spoken by every last person whose roots aren't in daytime or have broken free from their daytime past. He didn't even acknowledge the soaps that DID get canceled. It was about General Hospital. So, does he really care about soaps... or just the one show that caters to him? I mean, it's cute that he's sad... but there wasn't any depth to that answer.

And for the record, I haven't an opinion either way about James Franco. I never heard of him before he did GH. I didn't even watch his first run and when it was initially announced he was coming on the show, I thought they were talking about James Caan.

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    • The Portugal Tourism Board must have a deal with Bravo. How many trips there have these franchises done there? I feel like I’ve seen more than just Potomac and ATL. Kandi is turning UP. I love it. She’s bringing what she allegedly brought to Tamar.
    • wait, really? That's a pretty huge get (imo)! I thought she was pretty set w/ all those GAC movies. I always loved her/thought she was a very charismatic and great actress that managed to be sympathetic even when she was being the worst (lol) and it was such a boneheaded move that GH never locked her down before DAYS scooped her up. I personally thought it was a big loss for the show when she left. My interest is def. piqued. 
    • If that the case then I dont think Kim would help bc she was so divisive the last time. No one liked her but Sheree and she caused more division than anything. Everyone tag teaming her at that reunion was epic though        
    • OK, RHOA looks really GOOD. Everyone looks gorgeous, and they packed a lot of juice into 3 FULL MINUTES of trailer!  I have thoughts (Marlo still Fake AF, Kenya still Grumpy AF) but overall the show seems to be generating a momentum we haven't seen in a while. It seems determined to give us juicy stuff this year -- hence the renewed focus on Drew (which maybe why the trailer was delayed, so that Bravo could splice in the Drew Divorce Drama).     Kim is back because Bravo is not confident that the main cast has fully gelled TBH. So they're throwing Penniless Kim in there, they're throwing Cynthia in there, they'd throw Porsha in there if they could.
    • I believe Bobbie was a surgical nurse.  She was maybe head surgical nurse but Audrey was the administrative head nurse as long as I can remember, and by the time she was gone Bobbie pretty much was too thanks to JFP/network. The tribute was lovely, but like @Vee, I think it would have been really special had the hospital crew from when she started been around too.
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