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What was the fatal blow to your show?

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I dont feel as if they were brought on to necesarily help Brooke's story. Donna was brought in to replace her. After 20 years of sex scandals, sleeping her way through the Forrester family and all the drama that they had Brooke go through, that she was played out in that role. I think thats why they brought Donna on to be the new Logan slut of the show and they gave her Brooke's old storylines. They put her with Ridge and Thorne. Had her marry Eric and strike up a feud with Stephanie. She was Brooke the sequel and the show transitioned Brooke away from that type of stuff and focused more on her relationship with her children, namely Rick. I have to say one thing I liked about Donna coming on was bringing Pam on as her nemesis. They had some pretty hilarious moments.

I dont feel Storm really added much as what they did with him was just an extension of his late 80s story, centering around him being patriarch to his family and protective over his sisters bc he still hasnt gotten over his father leaving them.

Katie, I felt worked the best out of the Logan returns. She was the anti-Logan so to speak. Unlike her sisters, she wasnt a slut. She wasnt getting involved in scandals and actually had some true morals and sense of right and wrong. She was such a stark difference to them from her dark brown hair to her inner convictions. I felt she worked well as a good contrast to the shenanigans that Brooke and Donna got involved in and in many ways she was the voice of reason. Heather Tom came in and did wonders with the role. Too bad they went and ruined her the minute they had her have sex with and get pregnant by her niece's husband. They did that mess with Brooke and it nearly destroyed her and it did its damage with Katie as well.

One thing I HATED about the Logan revival was how they pushed the Forresters out of FC. Watching those bimbos strut around the office, having all those stupid photoshoots revolving around them was nauseating. It was too much. Donna and her honey bear crap was embarassing. Right before Katie married Bill, the 3 sisters had a sleepover and giggled and played around like little teenagers. I really wish they'd kill one of them off, preferably Donna bc she's rather redundant. Brooke doesnt need 2 sisters in town and Donna adds absolutely nothing to the show

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I wholeheartedly agree. Things changed in 2003, the tone shifted, it just seemed "different"...it was still great, especially compared to what we have now, but something changed behind the scenes with Jack assuming the top position.

Kay was the only writer who had the chops to keep up Bill's work, though she wasn't faultless either. I agree with the poster who said if the show had ended in 1999 it would have been PERFECT because the core of the show: Kay & Jill, Victor and Nikki and the Abbotts all had so much resolution. I almost wish it had.

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The killing of Frankie Frame on AW was bad, but so was killing Ryan in a way that left no possibility of return. The sudden transformation of Maggie into a bad girl was harmful as well. And the MTV-style opening credits were awful.

On DAYS the obvious moment to look back at was John/Hope and Sub-sex. Another problem was Jack the clown and Jen the abusive wife. Dena's whole tenure was a disaster, one that could only be temporarily overcome by the Salem Serial Killer. Having Jack die repeatedly was ridiculous. Alex North was a disaster. And Steve's long awaited return was rushed through like it was something for the show to deal with and get past. That shouldn't have happened under any writer, but it was especially surprising for a guy like Jim Reilly, who dragged everything out to a fault. Finally, Hogan Scheffer had no clue what the show was all about.

Passion had a chance to succeed, however much some people didn't like the premise of the show, or JER's writing style. But Reilly was just too....Reilly....when the time came for the big reveal of Ethan's paternity. The characters spent 3 1/2 months on 2 days--really 36 hours. And the Bennett kids simply told Sam "everyone knows that Ethan is your son by Ivy Crane," with no real consequences or drama. Also, Ethan's determination to destroy the life of whoever leaked his mother's secret didn't make much sense, nor did his refusal to recognize that it wasn't Theresa.

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Philip is back and he is gay. This ruined the show for me, while at the same time Patty Williams was ruined in a horrible storyline, Brad and Colleen were killed (I guess MAB doesn't like her brother-in-law and his wife a lot), Adam became JR Ewing, Jill got a 30-year-old grandson and became Lauren's sister and Lane continued existing. IF there is ever a new group of people in charge, it will take them years to fix MAB's madness.


The new production model. GL is no longer a soap opera.

Every other soap including AW, ATWT, OLTL and AMC didn't get a final blow. They could all be turned around.

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    • Maybe I got carried away

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      I just hate this storyline so much. And I really, really hate when awful people keep getting rewarded for their awful behavior. Both in real life and in fiction. It’s not right. Say what you will about Sonny and Carly, but they’ve at least somewhat paid for their awful behavior. Not as much as they should but it was still more than this. How can anyone treat someone that they claim to care about so terribly? And then just not care at all about that person or what they did to them? Over at Days, I hated it when Ciara did it to Theo and I hated it when Craig did it to Nancy. But Joss is worse than the two of them put together. It’s like she not even human. I find her to be even worse than Carly. I know Carly has problems being a decent person too, but she would never treat the people that she says she cares about the way that Joss treated Cam and now to a lesser extent, Spencer and Michael. And honestly, I want Joss to suffer worse than any person on GH ever has.  I have absolutely no idea what the writers, or Frank are thinking with the way this storyline is being written. And do they seriously think that this consolation prize crap of Cam going to play soccer for Stanford (and Trina constantly reminding us of it) makes everything better? It doesn’t. 
    • I hesitate to post Thompson, who is just a gleeful gossip hound. But this thread is instructive, even if much of it is stuff we all could've told the GOP and the NY Times six months ago.  
    • Sure. They've been sent to live on a farm with other not gone actors where they can run and play.
    • From what I can find, Tim was datie Evie but got a job offer out of town that was too good to pass up and left in Nov 76. No mention of Pam and no reason I could see that a marriage would be mentioned later. I just checked Soap Central and there is an entry stating Evie left town and Pam and Tim were married. Not so.This is not the first false entry I have come across at that site. Someone takes delight at posting false info.
    • She's under Ryan (I added this).  Pam married Tim at some point-- from what I read. If not, let me know.
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