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Funny, Amazing and WTF Semi-Viral Videos


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I literally GASPED!

Same here! Just before it happened, I thought that not-cute little girl was getting on my nerves.

PS. Great thread idea!

This is old and I know Im late but I saw this for the first time a few weeks ago

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OH MY GOD!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I was watching this, laughing at the "production values" of their little cooking show, and I was about to come out of thinking it was more cute than funny, but then... I have to say I kinda felt bad when you could hear her crying. But OMG the girl's face! Momma should have panned over to do the wreckage.

This here is more my speed! It's hard for me to find real good pictures, but I can direct to some funny ass YouTube videos! A lot of my favorites have too much cussin' though!


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laugh.gif LOL @ that ladys cackle laugh at 0:49.

This is terrible but I love when stuff like this happens and I'm actually there. Always hilarious!!

YES! That's at LSU, and I have tons of friends over there, and apparently that girl is LEGENDARY around campus because she's so whacked out.

This one has LOTS AND LOTS of cursing. View at your own risk!


ROTFL!!! I love pokemon to but only the gameboy games laugh.gif so I know what he's talking about a little!! But I am not that obsessed!

Seriously, LOL @ him saying "I beat off to every episode" laugh.gifph34r.gifph34r.gif

"Stop hatin' on Pokemon. Everybody out here talkin' mess about Pokemon. Talkin' bout some 'Pikachu weak' 'Pikachu can't fight'; Pikachu whip yo ASS!" laugh.giflaugh.gif

Also I about died at 3:18.

Keep 'em comin, AMS & everyone else!! LOL!

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