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LOL, that was one of those high school jams that we laughed and sang along to on our way out and then listened to in eerie silence tired and drunk on the way home.

And she so deserved that! :lol: I wince when she clips her chin.

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Do NOT mess with chinese women on public transportation.

I got a question for you guys... don't that chick in the sunglasses look just like Yoko Ono? Hell, even her calm, passive, drugged up demeanor! I LOVE how the bitch that threw the first punch got the beat down. Serves her RIGHT!

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I'm not even gonna lie...I'm still cracking up at the girls in the original post. "You forgot blueberries..." then she gives her that look that says "Can you do anything right?" :lol:

LOL, she's like, "I said blueberries. <_< " You just know she was gonna be trouble the second she bounced up on that stool. Dey cute lil bougie selves. :D And I love how mom not only doesn't take the camera down to see her baby's face covered in fruit salad but she keeps the camera fixed on eldest while remaining dead silent and reactionless behind the lens. Priceless.

Alpha, I love that vid, the part with Karen laughing always gets me, that and his Lilimae. Looked like so much fun to make. Someday I will do one for AMC and One Life.

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