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Funny, Amazing and WTF Semi-Viral Videos


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Do NOT mess with chinese women on public transportation.

What always cracks me up about this one is the black lady's pause after the first, "YOU AWR STOO-PIT!" Like, "This Chinese bitch just mustered up every last bit of English she know. I can't even get mad offa dat, shoot, I feel like laughin. Maybe I should just let this go."

I NEED to know how this got started. Did the Chinese lady have her bags on the seat or something?

AMS, you already know how I feel about the first one (and I dont know how in the world he got happy off that music), and I just watched that second one for the 1st time yesterday. Why cover the camera? Was she chatting?

Okay, this made news so it is a little more than semi-viral. Turns out she was off her meds:

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First vid: OMFG home girl is NUTS. So that's where New York been.

Second vid: That's basically what our local baptist church looks like towards the end of the sermon. About four or five of 'em, hovering around the front, shaking and wailing and shouting and jumping and alllll that lol

I was wondering the same thing about the music. You KNOW if he was gettin' down on that, he headed straight out the church to Aunt Margaret's Country General Store for a heapin' helpin' of steak, eggs, and grits, with a bottle o' pop on the side.

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miche, that is nuts! See this is why I have no qualms spending my paper on cabs.

I still don't know how he could walk out to a glass door like that.

What was she on meds for?

No wonder people from the big city like to keep to themselves

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