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DAYS: 1/11/11: Special Dates "Days" History Stats

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The 1/11/11 episode of "Days of Our Lives" is the fifth time in "Days" history when the date has been comprised of the same numbers. Here's a look back at each episode. http://www.jason47.com

6/6/66: Episode # 148

Cast: Tom, Marie, Craig, Julie, David.

7/7/77: Episode # 2937

Cast: Greg, Bob, Phyllis, Amanda, Neil, Robert, Rebecca, Brooke, Trish, Mary, Dougie, Dave, Gus, Mrs. Hanover.

8/8/88: Episode # 5801

Cast: Kimberly, Shane, Caroline, Steve, Roman, Kayla, Frankie, Diana, Eve, Calliope, Benjy, Street Vendor.

9/9/99: Episode # 8626

Cast: John, Hope/Gina, Bo, Kate, Billie, Stefano, Eric, Greta, Nicholas, Kurt, Julie, Doug, Victor, Rolf, Young Greta, Paul (Physical Therapist), French Waiter, Clerk # 1, Clerk # 2, Official, Gravedigger # 1, Gravedigger # 2.

1/11/11: Episode # 11500

Cast: Caroline, Sami, EJ, Stephanie, Lexie, Chloe, Daniel, Nicole, Melanie, Stefano, Rafe, Nathan, Chad, Carly, Kayla, Johnny, Parker, Moving Man, Nurse.

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