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GH: January Discussion Thread

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I bought Carly's remorse and thought LW did a great job today.

Where's Jax in all of this, he must be lost to.

just my observation, it's the Real Housewives/husbands? of Soap Opera Network with a certain someone cheaply stirring the pot.

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Uhm, excuse me, who the f*ck are you?

I wasn't trying to get anything out of Bellcurve. I was agreeing with a post that someone else made in regards to Bellcurve. Last time I checked you have...5 posts. Which means you don't get to come in here and say who's stirring pots and whatnot.

Trust me, if I wanted to get something out of Bellcurve there are plenty of better ways to do it. Which you would know if you were an active member of this board, instead of someone who comes in and throws your two cents in when they know nothing about any of the posters. Get a grip.

And wasn't it just an hour ago that you were "stirring the pot" in regards to the "It's Bobbie's town" post. Was that necessary? No. It was just another lame attempt to start drama.

So "pot" meet kettle.

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