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Well-Dressed Soap Characters (male or female)

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I always liked how Santa Barbara dressed Kelly Capwell, at least when Robin Wright & Carrington Garland were playing the part. Eileen Davidson's wardrobe wasn't even age-appropriate. By contrast, I thought they dressed my Marcy's Eden TERRIBLY most of the time.

I really liked Marlena's wardrobe on DAYS, even when the soap mags were making fun of her flipped up collars.

I think B&B does a fabulous job dressing KKL's Brooke- whether it be her wedding gown, business suits, dresses, or slutty lingerie, Brooke always looks super-fab to me.

As far as men go, I think EJ DiMera always looks sharp.

Some others that come to mind:

Erica Kane, AMC

Greenlee Smythe, AMC

Donna Love, AW

Carly Tenney, ATWT

Barbara Ryan, ATWT

Mike Kasnoff, ATWT :wub:

Thorne Forrester (Winsor), B&B

Ashley Abbott, Y&R

Diane Jenkins, Y&R

Jack Abbott, Y&R

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Greenlee Smythe, AMC

Sorry have to disagree about Greenlee on AMC!! Would have agreed with you pre the move from NY, but ever since the show moved to LA, Greenlee's wardrobe has tanked!! Horrid. Nowaday's to me it's been like she's a little girl playing dress up with Grandma's clothes, or she's just been dressing with a blind fold on. She needs to take tips from Madison or Kendall, even Opal can help her out at this point IMO...LOL.

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