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Well-Dressed Soap Characters (male or female)

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ITA about GH's Helena, she's dressed how OLTL's Dorian should be dressed (and was dressed in the '90s, those sleek shiny suits). But Dorian has certainly rocked some of the highest highs of daytime soap wardrobe, I could rattle off several of the knockout looks that are etched in my brain, which makes her caricature-like lows so painful.

I mentioned this a long time ago when we were on this subject, but I always thought Mary Smythe's style was very Linda Dano-esque and since Linda and Donna are buds IRL I'm almost positive that's no coincidence. And speaking of...

Linda Dano's Felicia Gallant and Rae Cummings... Felicia's wardrobe was like Linda's real-life wardrobe kicked up a few notches. Looking back, we may scoff at the outfits that seem "too much" to us now, but she was always fashion forward for the particular time. Classic example of a woman with her own sense of style, knows what she likes, thinks outside the box, elicits comments like, "Where did she get that?"/"How did she think to put that together?"/"She can pull off anything, I could never get away with that." Rae was dressed more like real-life Linda, and I loved her sleek lines, the modern/contemporary jewelry. We saw this jewelry on Mary, those silver wrist cuffs and such.

Sydney Chase. Another character who borrowed from her portrayer's wardrobe. She looked great every day, she stayed dressed, and she was only on for a year so there was no real time for missteps. Morgan Fairchild also loves color so we got stop light reds, yellows, and greens, yeah, she looked great.

I'm actually going to just go out and say that Linda Dano is probably the best dressed actress in daytime, ever.


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Tracy Quartermaine: Although I haven't seen GH in a good 4 years, she always wore these fantastic 3/4 length jackets of the richest colors / fabric.

Barbara Ryan: :wub:

Craig Montgomery: No matter who played him, he was always impeccably dressed.

Skye Quartermaine: Always looked good, although I think Robin Christopher's elegance played a big part in it.

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