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The Kirsten Storms talk from Langan is definitely interesting in retrospect. How often do writer's do interviews where they do that (straight out saying this actor is playing against what I'm writing and I don't think I like it)?

It was the interviewer who said KS was playing against what was written.

That's actually an incredibly interesting interview. Corday comes off as... Corday, hyping whatever the current thing is as The Best!, but Langan's answers are sort of fascinating. He comes off as both pompous and insightful, and only one of those is a thing I'd have gleaned from his onscreen work. I thought it was interesting that he was sort of openly disdainful of Belle as a character and how Storms infused the writing with something perhaps unintended -- not that I wanted him to stick around, but it makes me wonder if Belle would've gone in a different direction had that happened. Every writer stuck so closely to that "Belle is sweet and perfect!" thing, and it did neither the character nor any actress in the role any favors.

It's funny because when Belle was first SORASed and written by SSM and LB, she had a crush on Brandon. It almost seemed like she would be the new Sami, scheming to get her man. Then almost right after Langan became HW it was dropped and Belle became the sweet girl who was interested in Shawn.


Thanks for posting the Q&A Paul. I also have some of those from the late 90s and early 00s. If anyone is interested I can post them.

I'd be interested

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Add me in. I was a magazine buying addict back then but I erased all those articles out of my memory.



ON LOCATION 'Days of Our Lives' Dazzles New Orleansby Andrea Payne
Despite blistering heat, thousands of fans stood for hours to watch 'DAYS' live taping


Traffic to the New Orleans airport is backed up for almost an hour. I sit sweltering in 90 degree heat in an airport limousine with a driver who mutters that he hasn't seen such a major tie-up in a long time. When we finally make it into the terminal, we crane our necks for a peek at the car whose breakdown has caused us so much suffering. But there isn't any such car. Instead, there is a huge crowd gathered at one end of the airport. "Maybe the fans who came to see the 'Days of Our Lives' soap opera stars caused the delay," I speculate. "Naw," he replies with authority. "They've probably already removed the disabled vehicle. A bunch of soap stars wouldn't cause all this mess." Later, however, I speak to another limousine driver who confirms my guess.


The airport is a mass movement of bodies, ranging from infants to senior citizens, waiting to see Bo and Hope. Six thousand people cram themselves into the tiny area where Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso, Frances Reid (Alice Horton) and Stanley Brock (Howie Hoffsteder) are expected to walk by. People faint and harried airport officials do their best to get them help while trying to keep order. The job is a tough one. As one noticeably relieved official puts it after the crowd has dispersed, "The second coming of Christ wouldn't have drawn this kind of crowd."


Placards bearing messages such as "Down with Larry Welch" are waved with fervor. Some people have been lining up since noon for the cast's 2:30 arrival. It is now past three and the crowd is a bit annoyed. "We want Hope," they chant. Any minute now there's going to be a riot, I think, feeling slightly panicky. Suddenly, there is a tremendous roar. For the next few seconds it is pandemonium as flashbulbs go off and people reach to the bottom of their lungs for ear shattering noises to express their love for one of soapdom's favorite couples - Bo Brady and Hope Welch. Then just as abruptly as the screaming began, the noise stops and people walk away, with most not having seen anything besides other fans. But they are satisfied. "Just the thrill of knowing I was near him is enough," coos one woman.


This is what happened the afternoon 'Days of Our Lives' came to New Orleans to shoot segments of the show. And they came, says Executive Producer Al Rabin, because of the World's Fair, the Mississippi River, Bourbon Street and Jackson Square. "I don't know any other city that has all these things."


Watching the six o'clock news that night I am comforted to know that I wasn't the only one who was a bit disconcerted by the overwhelming display of affection. The camera shows a somewhat tense Kristian Alfonso clinging to Peter Reckell with a strained smile on her face. Later, Kristian admits that she was a bit frightened by the response. Frances Reid is bewildered. "I was a little stunned," she later confesses. "I associate that kind of reaction with rock stars."


If I use the word "bewildered" often, that's because just about everyone was, well, bewildered. At the airport, at the World's Fair, in the French Quarter and at 6 o'clock one morning when the sleepy looking cast and crew trooped out of a bus after an almost two hour ride, only to see carloads of animated fans pulling up behind them. One of the reasons given for the enormous turnout was that the show's presence in New Orleans had been part of a media promotional campaign for two weeks prior to their arrival. But while that explains how the fans knew where to seek their heroes, it doesn't explain why they stayed and stayed and stayed. At the World's Fair, Natasha Ennis, a security guard somewhat astonished by the thousands of people, comments, "This didn't happen when Bob Hope, Brooke Shields and Mr. T were here. People watched them for a while and then went on their way. I've never seen anything like it."

Day one

of shooting begins at the pier where the Natchez Riverboat is docked. There are only a tiny cluster of reporters at the site along with passengers on board for the ride to the World's Fair. It is only 8:00 a.m. and this fact causes me concern because it already feels like 90 degrees with 100% humidity. However, while some of us observers are noticeably wilted after a couple of hours, at 8:00 that evening when shooting wraps, Kristian and Peter, who have been running, coping with fans and generally putting in a hard day's work, look refreshed. "This has been an extremely easy day," Kristian chirps.


Shooting on the riverboat goes off without a hitch. About 50 interested passengers smile as Stanley Brock, doing his thing as the irrepressible Howie Hoffstedder, romances a delectable looking blonde. After several rehearsals, they begin taping, then a voice stops the action. "Hit him again," the makeup man is told. He dabs delicately at Stanley's forehead and mouth. Stanley proceeds with scene. "I love blonde hair and those eyes are so cute," he flirts.


When we land at the World's Fair, there are almost 500 fans yelling for Bo and Hope. Taking center stage, Al announces, "You have two choices: You can have Bo and Hope together, or you can have Hope and Larry together." Almost on cue the crowd screams, "No!" Smiling, Rabin continues. "If you help us out, it's Bo and Hope. If you don't, it's Hope and Larry." Then, one by one the actors are brought out and they each make a personal plea for help. While the fans are crazy over Frances and Stanley, Peter and Kristian get the loudest cheers. As Peter and Kristian answer questions, people blow kisses. Much to the fans extreme pleasure, Kristian and Peter accommodate their request by kissing passionately. Cameras click ferociously, then Al steps forward, asking them to please turn around and go. For the most part, the crowd does as asked. The cast and some crew members are whisked off for lunch in small carts, leaving behind some bewildered security guards.


After lunch, 3,000 fans line the route where 'Days' stages a parade as part of Bo Brady's escape from the bad guys. The story that day and the next revolves around Bo, Hope, Alice and Howie trying to outwit Maxwell Hathaway and his henchmen after having stolen a valuable prism from Maxwell's sculpture. As Rabin says "There is all this chasing around for two days so we can do a romantic show at Oak Alley Plantation on Friday. After all, that's what soap opera is all about." It takes hours before the parade begins. But the fans stick it out under the hot hot sun and under skies that threaten rain. "I've chased them since yesterday and I've been here for two hours and as long as they are filming that's how long I'm going to be here," Pat Matherne says defiantly. Explaining her presence, Rebecca Yoes offers, "Nothing can stop Bo and Hope's love. They are going to keep fighting until they have each other and when they apart, they are miserable."


Once again Al Rabin is before the crowd, bullhorn in hand. He outlines what is about to be shot and gives a pet talk. "You're playing the part of a crowd watching a parade. What you cannot do is say Bo or Hope or address yourselves to 'Days of Our Lives' or Salem or anything to do with the show," he warns. The group does as it's told. But after restraining themselves for so many hours, when taping is done, the onlookers break through the police barricades and run screaming after Bo and Hope. Once young girl clutches an empty Lipton iced tea can Peter drank from. Her girlfriend had managed to retrieve it and had given it to her for a birthday gift. Swooning, she says, "This is going right in my room."


The last scenes of the day are shot at the NASA exhibit. By now there's a crowd of four to five thousand people lining the stairs, the walkways and the taping area. The intensity with which they watch the scenes being shot almost equals the actors' concentration. How does it feel to be stared at by so many people? I ask Kristian, "I feel like I'm in a cage," she responds gaily. Explaining that she hasn't eaten for two days, Kristian adds, "I just wish they'd throw me some good food."


The group gathered at Jackson square the next day is not as large, but there are easily 500 people there. To the fans' delight some are used as extras. They are supposed to crisscross in the background while Bo and Hope enjoy the sights at the square. It's funny how people have difficulty walking when a television camera is recording their movement. Ted Baker, the stage manager, has the job of loosening limbs. "You are not going to think about the cameras," he instructs. "You are just going to put your mind to looking at the sights. When shooting is about to begin," Ted jokes. "My cast is over-rehearsed." As usual, Al explains what is going on to the crowd and asks for cooperation. But today there is a slight strain in his voice. "No talking," he says crisply. "If you're talking, you're going to move. And no pictures," he warns.


Although the area residents are ecstatic about being within seeing distance of their television favorites, the street artists who normally set up in that area are not because it means losing money. To compensate for the loss of business, 'Days of Our Lives' makes a contribution to the artists' fund.


There's some shooting in the French market, a colorful tourist area where horse-drawn carriages can be rented for a unique tour of the city. A police officer chuckles when he recalls that Kristian fell out of a carriage and they rushed to help her, only to find that they were interrupting a scene. Kristian was supposed to fall out.


By mid-afternoon, the heat has me fatigued but I don't feel quite so wimpy since some of the local media are complaining of weariness also. But the cast looks great. Frances Reid, looking crisp and cool, sits next to me as she waits for a cab to take back to the hotel. She's in a pensive mood, trying to understand the commotion that her presence has created. "The staring doesn't bother me at all, because I have the concentration," she remarks. "What does bother me is that they expect something from us that we can't give them. We're just ordinary actors doing our jobs. I think they expect me to be Alice Horton - larger than life - but I'm not. You'd like to be courteous," she continues, "but you don't have time. You're here doing a job and each one wants individual attention. At this moment, I'm bewildered. I haven't sorted it out. This is a gala atmosphere; everything is so relaxed and it's a beautiful city. If this were happening in a dark city it would be depressing."


Later that day after taping has been stopped on Bourbon Street because the narrow streets, coupled with a large crowd and not enough security makes it impossible to go on, Al reflects on his feelings about the crowds. "It's well worth the effort," he says. "Now, you can sneak in and sneak out, but you don't get the vibes. It's been very exhilarating, although it's been a little difficult," he admits. Agreeing with Al, Kristian comments, "it was a bit frightening at the airport, but I was glad for the support." Chiming in, Peter adds, "The energy of the people here has been great. It took me a long time to tune in to all that energy and use it."

Day three

and we all could use some that energy Peter talked about. No one relishes the thought of getting up at 3:00 a.m. so we can be on the road to Oak Alley, a plantation almost two hours outside of New Orleans. But like troopers, the bus is loaded and the caravan, which includes several huge trucks takes off by 4:30.


If it weren't for the sounds of slavery that echo throughout Oak Alley, they plantation would be beautiful. There are 28 oak trees forming a natural arch and acres of cool green grass are a very soothing sight for tired eyes. On the Mississippi, a barge rolls slowly along and the feel of history closes in. "Hold that barge," Al yells jokingly. Down by the river, Kristian smears mud all over Peter to make it appear that Bo's been fighting off criminals in the bayou. After finishing this rather messy scene, someone yells, "Clean up. We're going to do it again." Kristian's face falls. "What!" she yells before realizing she's been had.


While Al may have seemed a bit terse with the crowd the day before, this day he's in perfect form and the audience loves the way he talks to them. Pointing to Al, Cindy LeBlanc, who is two weeks overdue in her pregnancy says, "He's wonderful. That man's got more patience than anyone I know. If I have a little boy I'm going to name him Bo," she adds.


Throughout the day, Peter and Kristian oblige the audience by answering questions, posing for pictures and kissing. It seems that the more Kristian and Peter give, the more the crowd wants. What ultimately keeps the audience quiet are the love scenes. It is here, under the oaks, where Bo and Hope consummate their love for the second time. After one particularly hot scene, Kristian is told that she looks sexy. "Are you kidding?" she answers. "That's the most revealing thing I've ever done."


The day ends with a romantic scene on the balcony. Peter and Kristian are splendid in gorgeous lingerie with Peter swathed in a satin robe and Kristian a lacy gown. Then, Al calls the cast and crew together. Even though there are a few scenes to be shot the next day, it feels like a wrap. Al directs them in his version of "Old Man River" which ends with "He just keeps rolling dat tape." As the crew below hums, Peter and Kristian do an exaggerated love scene. "I love you Bo. I love you Hope," they say back and forth.


Finally, the gang gets together to wish New Orleans a fond goodbye.


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Another DOOL history project on my blog: I've started a revised history of the show, minus SORASing -- but substituting age-appropriate characters for the ones who appeared onscreen. (For example, Kristian Alfonso still shows up in 1983, but she isn't playing Hope, who's still only 9 at that point.) I've done 1965-79 so far, and the rest will be coming shortly...

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I got my hands on 13 of the 14 "Soaps and Serials" novels that were published in the 80s, retelling stories from the first decade or so of Days, and did a blog post with recaps, reviews, curious findings, etc. The write-up is here, for anyone who might be interested.

Thanks. I just saw this. Kudos to you for all this work.



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Fan chat with head writer Sally Sussman-Morina in November 1998. It's long so I put it behind the spoiler tag.


Days_Sally: This is a special week for Days, it's our 33rd anniversary.
Days_Sally: I apologize to everyone because this is rather complicated but
bear with me.

luvnikko asks: How much longer will we have to wait for the longed-for
wedding and REAL honeymoon for John and Marlena?????
Days_Sally: Hopefully, you won't have to wait much longer, although no
specific wedding date has been set yet.

Kailey555 asks: Do you realize how insulting it is to us Austin fans when
you write things that make him look stupid, such as "one French fry short of
a happy meal"?
Days_Sally: Austin didn't say he was one French Fry short of a happy meal,
Viv said it in a "up" mood perpetrated by Stefano...we would never insult
Austin whom we think is wonderful.

wendysue7 asks: Hi Sally, and welcome!!! Do you have any plans to pair Sami
and Lucas?
Days_Sally : There's always a chance that Sami/Lucas can put their animosity
behind them, I think they'd make a very passionate couple, especially in
their make-up scene.

Clair9 asks: Will you ever write a storyline for Marlena that has her front
burner instead of a backburning supporting character to her children and
Johns selfish search for his past?
Days_Sally: Marlena is one of the most important characters on days, we have
front burning story for her starting now but you have to understand recently
the actress asked for time off to be with her two young sons and that has
affected our ability to write her everyday...but we think it will change soon.

Days_Sally: Austin's main reason for supporting Sami is because of Will, he
loves Will, believes in
Days_Sally: Sami and as long as he continues to believe her, he will support

Herby85 asks: Are You Guys In The Planning Stages Yet Of Elvis's/John Jr's
Return To Salem?
Days_Sally: No, we're not...as long as Eileen Davidson is off the show, no
plans for Elvis.

Clair9 asks: I once had such high Hopes for the character of Eric. I
embraced Jensen like I hadn't a new actor on Days since Lisa Rinna. But
frankly, Nicole/Eric are stiff, Boring and lifeless. They lost me a long
time ago. My VCR is permanently set on FF when they come on
Days_Sally: Who would you like to see Eric with, if not Nicole?

Herby85 asks: Do You Or Any Other Of The TPTB Have Any Plans On Bringing
Victor Back? Now Would Be A Good Time For Him To Get In The Middle Of
Stephano's Plan For Vivian and Kate.
Days_Sally: We are definitely bringing Victor back...look for him at
Christmas time, he will speak.

LS31SW asks: Where is Kate's son, Phillip, and the Wesleys' children (or
don't they really exist)?
Days_Sally: Philip is upstairs but will be seen at Christmas, I don't think
we've ever said the Wesleys have kids.

geophysicsgirl asks: Most of my college friends and I are hoping that John
turns out to be Roman, have you thought about moving the story in this
Days_Sally: John already thought he was Roman once but with John's past,
anything can happen.

HopeBofan asks: Sally, I would like to know if you are going to delve to the
root of the problem of Bo and Hope's relationship. that is, are you going to
explain why Bo rejected Hope when she came back to Salem
Days_Sally: I think that area has been played a few years ago when Bo had
difficulty accepting that it was Hope.

whimsicalwoman2 asks: As a recovering drug addict I liked how you showed the
real truth of withdrawal and the constant need for support. Are you planning
on writing other real life issues into other storylines?
Days_Sally: We are always looking for ways to incorporate real life issues,
other ones coming up will deal with drugs, drinking, cancer, etc.

Kailey555 asks: What's going to happen with Austin and Carrie? We've been
through too much with them for too many years to have something like Mike
come in between them.
Days_Sally: Austin/Carrie fans are very devoted, as are the Mike/Carrie
faction...there is no doubt they love each other but like all married
couples, will have problems.

cwh027 asks: Sally, I really like the way you are giving all of the
characters more depth and dimension. I Hope you continue to do this. Do you
plan to bring more romance and adventure to Days and do you plan to get
families more involved? I like that Alice, Maggie and Mickey have been
involved more recently.
Days_Sally: The families are the core of days, the Hortons, Bradys,
etc...we're always trying to bring in romance, look for lots of it this fall
and winter with Bo, Hope and others.

Gibbgirl_1998 asks: I'm a big fan of days and have been all my life. Only
one thing bugs me. Being a southern woman, I'm offended that all southern
people on Days are made out to be stupid hicks. Why is that, Sally?
Days_Sally: One of my main writers is from New Orleans, Bayou country, her
cousins are really named Wayne, Earl...but they were designed for humor and
Earlene was a very bright woman, no offense at all to the South and I'm glad
only one thing bugs you.

Erinrosie asks: Why don't we ever see characters we love like John and
Marlena having great sex? Seems the only sex on this show is between people
who don't belong together or we don't care about!

JennyDOOL asks: There have been rumors since last year that Austin and
Carrie's marriage is invalid... is it possible that Mickey miscounted the
days left on their marriage license?
Days_Sally: Absolutely not, they are legitimately married.

summerbrez40 asks: Marlena has been looking pretty worried about John
lately, should we be worried too.
Days_Sally: Marlena's main concern is Stef's involvement in John's past, she
distrusts Greta, believes she may be working for Stef...all the fans have
asked for more conflict, story between these two beloved characters, that's
what we're going to do.

amoss4 asks: Will you ever bring back Lawerence, Phillip, Carley, Eve, or
Shane? They were pretty cool.
Days_Sally: We could possibly bring any or all of them back if they fit into
a storyline.

Herby85 asks: How Could Stephano Be So Mean To Sami After He Complemented
Her Vindictiveness And Told Kristen To Learn From Her At The Dimera Mansion???
Days_Sally: But when Stef saw her giving Kate a hard time, he had to lash
out at Sami whom he felt needed to be put in her place.

HopeBofan asks: Sally, we really need to see Bo show some remorse for the
way he has treated Hope. Please tell us that we are going to see this.
Days_Sally: Bo's whole purpose in going to the Bayou was to redeem himself
in Hope's life...right now Bo is working very hard to win Hope back, it's
his entire focus especially once he discovers Billie's lie about the baby.

JennyDOOL asks: I am very much looking forward to Mike & Carrie's kiss. How
will this effect their relationship?
Days_Sally : This kiss is more significant than the prior one because of
this, Mike realizes he can't see Ali anymore, he loves Carrie, can't lead
Ali on which will have major consequences for Mike and Carrie.

daisyfury asks: Is John Grettas father?
Days_Sally: keep watching to find out...maybe, maybe not.

geophysicsgirl asks: Why is Josh Taylor featured so much when he is one of
the least popular actors?
Days_Sally: Josh plays Roman, Sami/Eric/Carrie's father, plus he's a cop, I
think he does a very good job.

jennimcd asks: Will Marlena ever discover Roman and Billie's affair in Europe?
Days_Sally: Marlena will probably discover it, although when it happened,
Roman and Marlena were divorced.

alison772 asks: I know that you lost a villain when Kristen was written off
but why are you making Billie such a *ITCH?? She used to be a very popular
likable character & you all have ruined her. Please make her nice again &
get her back with Bo. Bo & Hope have lost the magic of the 80's. Please put
Hope with John. They are the only potential couple that I am interested in
right now!
Days_Sally: This is a refreshing voice...it seems like you're one of the few
that want Billie with Bo or John with Hope...but Billie's main gripe is with
Hope and the fact Bo will always love her...it's driven her to do things she
didn't have to do when she had Bo to herself.

spicey0303 asks: Will Sammy get the death sentence?
Days_Sally: Don't you think she deserves it?

DaveNorton asks: How did you become the head writer of Days? What courses
did you take, and how did you get to LA to become a soap opera writer?
Days_Sally: I got my degree from USC in TV, started as a secretary, then
became a sitcom writer, but was always a soap fan. I got my first soap job
on Y&R and then moved onto Generations which I created, then onto Days.
Days_Sally: To answer regarding courses; take all writing classes,
journalism, English, anything that will help you understand drama and of
course watch lots of TV.

spicey0303 asks: Will Lucas and Nicole get together? they are 2 of a kind
Days_Sally: Lucas agrees with you that he and Nicole are two of a kind.

KaitlinM98 asks: Why isn't any of Mike's history brought into play? Like his
son, mention of his past relationships or even the fact that Mike was
already a man when Carrie was just a kid?
Days_Sally: I get a lot of mail about this...Mike/Carrie never grew up
together, although Carrie was a child when Mike was grown, she could've had
a crush on him...Mike's prior marriage to Robin is mentioned quite
frequently and will be more so, as far as Jeremy is concerned, he may appear
in Salem one day soon.

HopeBofan asks: Sally, you did not answer the question. 99.9% of us do not
want Hope and John together. Do you want to lose more fans?
Days_Sally: Who said we were putting Hope/John together? I know it appeared
in some magazines but the show has never officially said that...we have a
big story that involves their past but the outcome will definitely surprise
you and please most fans, making it a very intriguing story.
Days_Sally: No, Stefano brainwashed John, that was long established before I
was born.

cofdrocks asks: How much input does Tom Langan give in your story ideas???
Days_Sally: Tom and I work very closely together, we worked together on Y&R,
we enjoy working together a lot, he's a great guy.

Herby85 asks: Can You Tell Us Some of The Steps Billie Will Take To Make
Sure That Hope And Bo Never Get Back Together?
Days_Sally: Don't you think after the truth comes out about the baby, that
Billie's days of trying to break up Bo and Hope are over?

LisMichelle asks: What happened to the FRIENDSHIPS between Days' great
female characters? You have some very talented non-20-something actresses,
why not use them?
Days_Sally: Who do you mean? Kate? Marlena?

CClarkFan asks: What do you think of Mike and Greta as a couple?
Days_Sally: We haven't had them in scenes together yet but we
will...anything is possible.

Erinrosie asks: Can you assure us once and for all that we won't ever have
to see Drake Hogestyn's lips anywhere near Kristian Alfonso's?
Days_Sally: You can be assured Drake/Kristian won't ever kiss but as far as
the characters are concerned, stay tuned.

Sade_78 asks: Is Franco ever coming back and is Sammi ever going to give
Kate the hell she deserves? Kate has a problem, it is she wants everything
for herself and precious Austin.. when you bring Victor back, make her
suffer for everything.....
Days_Sally: Franco is never coming back...but knowing Sami as well as you
do, do you think she won't ever get back at Kate for framing her for murder?

Soapfan35 asks: What is the most difficult part of writing for an
established character?
Days_Sally: Coming up with new, fresh stories that are true to the
character, yet exciting.

artluwoman asks: So, is Billie going to have a nervous breakdown or get back
into drugs?
Days_Sally: We don't plan to put her back on drugs, we've been there. We
would rather move Billie to another story.

JudyJosephine asks: Why do you focus so much on Carrie, Eric, Nicole,
Lucas...etc. I'm sick of them. I am over forty and I am not a NON-person and
I really resent your treatment of mature characters.
Days_Sally: We focus on Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Stef and Viv. They are all
past 20-something, they work constantly...but we have to balance with the
younger ones, too.

Erinrosie asks: Sally, I read that you said Marlena hasn't had a storyline
because Deidre asked for time off -- even if that was true, she came back in
July and you still wrote nothing for her. Why are you wasting your biggest
star, and why are you blaming her for the lack of a storyline?
Days_Sally: I'm not blaming her for not writing for her...you can't have it
both ways but we have lots of story for Marlena, which you will see now.

Steph2_1974 asks: I like Patrika DarBoo. I am glad to see someone a little
on the heavy side on soaps. She's a great actress. Do you think this might
lead to more acceptance of heavy actors or actresses on soaps?
Days_Sally: I think so, Patrika is wonderful, I don't even notice her weight
when I watch her because she's so interesting.

Clair9 asks: I would like to commend you for rehabilitating the character of
Bo. I began watching Days in 1983 and he was my first favorite. Over the
past three years, Bo became someone I didn't know. I like the direction you
are taking Bo in. I prefer seeing him involved in Greta's life than
Billie's. The pairing with Billie was a total failure.
Days_Sally: We've had to work to get Bo back to the strong, hero he has
always been and I think you'll see a lot of good stuff for him coming
up...he's done a fabulous job with the recent Greta story and will be doing
a lot more.

wildkatmelson2001 asks: Why do the stars on "Days" always talk to themselves?
Days_Sally: It's a device that's been established long before I got
there...sometimes it works but it can be overused.

LisMichelle asks: Why doesn't anyone ever acknowledge the 5 missing years of
MARLENA'S life???
Days_Sally: Because not even Marlena knows she had five missing years.

Kelbell26 asks: I think you're doing a wonderful job writing for Days and
Hope you'll continue to do so. Keep up the GREAT work Sally!
Days_Sally: Thank you...do you have a Nielsen box at your house?

Soapfan35 asks: Is Princess Gina in Stefano's freezer?
Days_Sally: No!

alison772 asks: Are there plans to bring Melissa Reeves and Matt Ashford
back as Jack & Jen now that you have gotten rid of their replacements. Please!!
Days_Sally: We would like to have them back but at this time, there are no
definite plans.

PetriOO7 asks: Is Mike going to lose the Chief-of-Staff position?
Days_Sally: Mike's career will be in jeopardy..stay tuned.

taylor_aries asks: Although they are cute kids that play Will it is obvious
they are not good actors. With Will featured so much you ever consider
getting a child actor that talks or appears responsive?
Days_Sally: No, we really like the twins who play Will, They're only 3
years old, give the kids a break. They really do talk in real life.

BETTLEX asks: Sally, do you have a lawyer to counsel you regarding your
legal & courtroom storylines?
Days_Sally: Yes.

BradyGirl7 asks: Did Stephano and Princess Gina conspire to get Marlena and
John respectively?
Days_Sally: No because when Stefano was going after Marlena, Gina wasn't on

jagwise asks: Mike and Carrie are magic together. Do you plan on writing
them as then next Tom and Alice Horton?
Days_Sally: I think Mike/Carrie are great together, too but they're a little
too young to be thinking about becoming Tom and Alice.

MoonlightBear asks: I know Alice Horten will forever love Tom, but it would
be nice to see her with a male friend her age. Will that ever happen?
Days_Sally: Absolutely...Alice is a very viable character and it would be
really nice to see her with the right man.

LisMichelle asks: You mentioned at a seminar in January that you KNOW what
the fans want and that we should sit back and enjoy the ride... when is this
big payoff because my motion sickness is setting in!

Alicia0_98 asks: Is Mike ever going to get over Carrie?
Days_Sally: I want to respond to the earlier question by Lisa Michelle, when
I was at the museum, I had just started, the stuff I was writing hadn't
gotten on the air yet...I still say the payoffs will be there. Soaps are
about the journey, so enjoy the ride, take some Dramamine and don't give up.
Days_Sally: Mike loves Carrie, for him to move on from her will take the
right woman.

Steph2_1974 asks: Are Wayne and Earl here to stay? They are great comic
relief and what are the actors name who play them?
Days_Sally: I don't know their names but I agree, they're a lot of
fun...they will go back to the Bayou for now but we may definitely see them

nydc26 asks: Will you start to refrain from the triangle formula? I think
many couples could do well without an interloper? Look at the popularity of
Bo and Hope AFTER they married in 1985. A third party was not necessary for
an interesting storyline.
Days_Sally: I agree with you...triangles work well in the right situations
but there's no doubt a couple can have a good story without a third party.

Trixy55 asks: Will Carrie be getting PREGNANT soon? Please not a who is the
father story, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
Days_Sally: No plans for Carrie to get pregnant now.

LS31SW asks: What is the approximate time frame between your storyline ideas
and the taping of the finished episode? Mike and Carrie belong together!
Days_Sally: About 2 months from the time we write till you see it on the air
so we're in Jan now.

Days_Sally: The real Hope is the one you see, she's always been Hope, always
will be.

swald3 asks: Do you think the decreased ratings for Days resulted from
excessive storylines focusing on Sami, Billie, Nicole, Kate and Kristen the
many characters who are so disliked.
Days_Sally: Perhaps, but everyone needs the characters they love to hate and
we certainly have some of those.

Joyce_35805 asks: So, if moving on from Carrie will simply require the
"right" woman, that seems to imply a looming plotline? I've invested 18
months in this Mike /Carrie developing relationship. Will it at least be
fulfilled, however briefly, before finding him some other "right woman"?
Days_Sally: Mike's true love right now is Carrie...that's the only woman he
wants to be with. You asked if he'd get over her, right now there's no
reason to get over her.

Stanford300 asks: Any big Christmas storylines?
Days_Sally: Lots of big events at Christmas with Bo/Hope, Sami, Carrie,
Mike, John and Marlena.
Days_Sally: We will definitely see the Horton ornament.

HopeBofan asks: Sally, can you please answer the important questions? Why
hasn't Bo dealt with the guilt he has after Hope's death and not accepting
her back? This has not yet been dealt with.
Days_Sally: Before they can truly get back together, Bo will have to deal
with his guilt over not believing it was Hope.

Kri_Days asks: People at Days have been quoted in the past saying that
married couples are boring. Case in point, John and Marlena---they are
Boring NOW! If you can't write for them when they are single, what in the
world will happen if you ever decide to marry them? There is so much
potential for an exciting couple there, just look at 86-87 tapes.
Days_Sally: I totally disagree with you that couples are boring once they
get together. But conflict is more interesting. We've had Marlena and John
happy for awhile...but for some fans, it will never be long enough.

HopeBofan asks: Sally, approximately when will Bo and Hope be back together?
Don't you think we've waited long enough?
Days_Sally: Yes, I think the Bo and Hope fans have waited long enough. Stay
tuned and you will not be disappointed.

DeeHall127 asks: Is there any truth to a rumored John & Marlena break up
after the holidays?
Days_Sally: No truth to that rumor: John and Marlena are not breaking up.

Bellesfan asks: Well Marlena and John ever deal with why it was that he
jumped from woman to woman after the affair while she in a sense stayed
faithful to him?
Days_Sally: After the affair with Marlena, John moved onto other women. I
think they have addressed this with the Kristen issue after they got back
together then.

girlfriend69_96 asks: Will Ana Dimera ever come back or ?
Days_Sally: No plans at present for her to come back.

KaitlinM98 asks: For someone who's been married almost 21 years, WHY or why
can't you portray a young couple who believe in commitment and fidelity and
stay true to their vows? This Mike/Carrie situation is so disturbing
especially for all the young fans who get so emotionally involved in this
Days_Sally: Carrie has not betrayed her marriage vows to Austin, she has
been faithful to him, is committed to their marriage and has told Mike this.

nydc26 asks: I know you were left with quite a mess to pick up when you took
over the role as headwriter, but as a Bo/Hope fan, I would rather see the
emotional/ personal issues between them dealt with than the Princess Gina
story. Will I see this at some point?
Days_Sally: Bo and Hope's relationship becomes much more personal as they
re-bond over the holidays but Hope does want closure on the Gina story and
Bo will help her because he needs closure, too

Soapfan35 asks: What has been the biggest challenge in your first year with
the show?
Days_Sally: Keeping the audience engrossed everyday and getting them to
watch as much as possible.

Erinrosie asks: How will your storyline about John's search for his past
have a rewarding outcome for viewers if you ruin his character in the
process, like having him do things he would NEVER do like leaving Marlena
alone in Salem with Stefano while he goes to Europe with Hope?
Days_Sally: John isn't planning to go to Europe with Hope, Marlena is his
first priority and he will do whatever he can to keep her safe from Stef.

Joyce_35805 asks: The quality of acting obviously varies from actor to
actor. Do you sometimes write to compensate for someone's range or to, for
the more talented members, to stretch their abilities? And do you have input
of any sort with the various directors of the shows after the scripts have
been put into play?
Days_Sally: We write for all our actors to stretch themselves, obviously
some are better than others and when we see something that really works in
an actor, we use it more often...I don't get involved once the scripts are
written but I watch the show everyday.

BETTLEX asks: Sally, the nighttime legal shows do so well, have you thought
of bringing in a new character to play the "Judge" in Salem.. he can preside
over Sami's murder trial & maybe he can become romantically involved with
Kate... wouldn't Kate love to be involved with the Judge presiding over
Sami's trial!!
Days_Sally: I think I got this question in a letter last week from a fan.
It would be interesting.

geophysicsgirl asks: Stephano is so Boring now that he isn't obsessing over
Marlena. Is there any plans to resume his obsession
Days_Sally: Everyone else seemed to feel his obsession with Marlena went on
way too long but knowing Stef, he never gives up on a quest.

FemBot800 asks: Sally, tomorrow is the 3rd day of sweeps and John and
Marlena will not have been on ONE of those days. Why are you NOT writing for
Days_Sally: We are writing for John and Marlena. We intend to keep writing
for John and Marlena but they can't be on everyday. No one can be but they
are two of the most important people on the show.

Erinrosie asks: Do you think your storylines are plot driven or character
driven? What would you say to a viewer such as myself, who perceives that
your storylines do not conform to the essence of a character we have come to
know for more than a decade, namely John Black? John is behaving like an
even dumber character than he did during the Susan storyline.
Days_Sally: I totally disagree with you. John isn't playing dumb here at
all, when he was with Kristen and Susan, he played that as a man caught in a
tough situation but now he is not acting dumb at all, I think you're wrong.
Days_Sally: That is not true at all. John and Marlena are featured very
often and will always be featured. You can't just pinpoint one scene or one
show, they may be more in the background but they are always front burner

Tyler_Thompson asks: Will the Bo/Hope storyline ever be about BO and HOPE
rather than about Billie's needs,needs, Greta's fears, etc., etc., etc.?
Days_Sally: Yes, Bo/Hope are not involved with Billie anymore, as far as
Greta is concerned, they care for her, she is a link to their past but their
search will be about them.

HopeBofan asks: Will Doug and Julie be coming back for Christmas and giving
Bo a piece of their mind for the way he has treated their daughter?

jennifer9909 asks: Why does Days never feature any of their black actors in
their own storyline? As an African-American viewer, I am offended by this.
Days_Sally: We have a major story coming for Abe, Lexie and Celeste. They
are integral parts of the show, so keep watching.

nastey2 asks: Is Kristen going to come back? and I think that Bo should walk
in when Billie and roman are making love is that going to happen
Days_Sally: At this time, Eileen Davidson has not indicated a desire to come
back...as far as the second question, no decision has been made.

wendysue7 asks: Sally, why have you turned Vivian into a weak character? She
used to be a force to be reckoned with, now she's just weak.
Days_Sally: Viv is currently under Stef's influence but when she figures out
what he's really up to, watch out, she'll be back with a vengeance and worse
than ever.

Days_Sally: Sami is still in possession of Kate's big secret re her past.
You can be sure when the time is right, Sami will use that to her best
advantage. The Kate/Sami rivalry goes on.

odh3 asks: As a John and Marlena fan, I have been very disappointed, to the
point of tuning out, that they have not had better storyline. Can you
explain why these two ratings winners and fan favorites have been
backburnered or given very bad storylines since you took over as headwriter
and why instead, we have new characters that no one feels any emotional
attachment to getting all the frontburner storylines?
SoapCity_Rose: Sometimes it's simply a matter of whose question pops up
first. If you want one answered, ask something original. :)
Days_Sally: John/Marlena have not been relegated to the backburner because
they are together. Not everyone can be center stage all the time. Marlena
is a mother, she works with Sami, Carrie, Eric. You'll see more story for
them coming up in the near future.

Erinrosie asks: When will John remember that he's living in sin and do right
by Marlena and his children? You are writing John very out of character!
Days_Sally: John is choosing to live with Marlena now so they can be
together all the time with their kids. John definitely plans to marry
Marlena when the time is right.

LisMichelle asks: Why would you have John choose to tend to the secrets of
his past and NOT take his children to the park?? I can imagine the way
Deidre & Drake, Both proud parents in real life, must CRINGE at the way John
& Marlena are written with regard to their children.
Days_Sally: Young children are usually not featured prominently on any
soap...John and Marlena spend a lot of time with their kids. Just because
we don't play them with them all the time doesn't mean they're not there.

LJC99 asks: Its obvious that Eric and Nicole have no chemistry. Why not
recast Nicole's part?
Days_Sally: Right now there are no plans to do that but Eric's going to meet
a number of women in his life, Nicole is someone who will impact him in the
short term.

Little_Patches asks: After all the things Billie has been through, does she
end up getting psychiatric help?
Days_Sally: Billie will seek help from Marlena.

Soapfan35 asks: Ms Morina, you are being a very good sport taking questions
from us frustrated fans. Thanks.
Days_Sally: You're welcome. But all soaps fans, including myself get
frustrated from time to time. But isn't;'t that why we watch to see that
our frustrations are finally coming to an end?

Steph2_1974 asks: when will we know about Mr. Hands? and how he plays a part
with Nicole. ..Who's hands are they? They are quite nice?
Days_Sally: Mr. Hands is a man from Nicole's past.

girlfriend69_96 asks: Who will inherit all of Mrs. Horton's treasures?
Days_Sally: Frances Reid is very much alive and well. I don't know where
that rumor has come from.

MaSe_2784 asks: Will Sami be convicted!??
Days_Sally: The verdict in Sami's trial comes in right after new year's.


Stanford300 asks: Will Sami commit another crime before the verdict?
Days_Sally: Sami does take drastic action coming up soon to get at the
truth. It will be very exciting and will put her and others in major jeopardy.
Days_Sally: I want to thank everyone for asking questions tonight. I need
to put my 5 year old to bed but I really want to come back and answer all
your questions, engage in a spirited discussion of the show we all love so
much. It's great to have fans who are so vocal, I read all my mail, check
out the web sites. I know you guys really care about the show and you're not
always happy but we care about our fans. They're what keeps us going and I
hope to chat with you all again in two weeks.
Days_Sally: Check back with Soap City Michael at Soap City for further info
and I really will come back to answer more questions, I want to hear from
all of you again, thanks.

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Thanks. All those John/Marlena questions and Marlena questions make me laugh a lot. Some things don't change. It reminds me of that story about the show using bedding fans bought for them to put in another couple's sex scenes.

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Thanks for sharing the episodes and that interview, guys!


Those John/Marlena fans asking questions really come across as so obnoxious. It's also funny to see feedback from the early days of Nicole, calling for a recast or for her to go entirely.

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Thanks for sharing the episodes and that interview, guys!


Those John/Marlena fans asking questions really come across as so obnoxious. It's also funny to see feedback from the early days of Nicole, calling for a recast or for her to go entirely.

The character really didn't shine until they had her marry Lucas for cash. 


I love the people going NOOO about John/Hope too. That must have been a Corday yearning or something given that it popped up yet again a few years ago. 


Soap fans never really change. I guess if there's any difference now it would be people would probably be using more profanity...well that and no one on soaps now would take fan questions that are so unfiltered. The mid/late '90s was something that ended up being sadly fleeting in that area.

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Yeah some of those questions cracked me up.


1999 was the year Nicole started to become more interesting. First when she married Lucas, and then later when she started drinking. Arianne Zucker's acting also improved when she started working more with John Aniston and Lauren Koslow.

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Yeah some of those questions cracked me up.


1999 was the year Nicole started to become more interesting. First when she married Lucas, and then later when she started drinking. Arianne Zucker's acting also improved when she started working more with John Aniston and Lauren Koslow.

That totally saved her. I loved when she turned into a boozehound, drowning her sorrows at New Years (I think a drunken Nicole picked a fight with Celeste that year!) and all around the old Kiriakis mansion. And they missed an opportunity, pairing her with Austin Peck's Austin around the 2000-2002 era. 

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Charlotte Ross recalls her Days stint as Eve

Ross' first TV role — right out of high school — was initiation by fire, thrown as she was into a frontburner storyline that involved a lot of eavesdropping ("They called me The Lurker") and threatening the Frankie/Jennifer romance. 

"It was 40 pages of dialogue a day, but it was a dream come true," she recalls of her debut as Eve, a "bitch you love to hate" kind of character. 

"I went to work in the dark, I came home in the dark and there was no hiatus, but it taught me a wonderful work ethic.

Freaky fact: On "Days", Ross played daughter to Charles Shaughnessy, but four years later they were cast as lovers in a TV-movie. 

"I had to straddle him on a pool table, and I remember thinking this is the most incorrect thing!"



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