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AMC - Wednesday 9/15/10

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Haha, I love the attitude that Kendall is giving Greenlee


K: "Okay so now I get it. You feel guilty bc someone could go to jail when really this is all your fault. I cant even beleive that you are here. That you are asking for my help. You practcally got my mother killed and you helped David cover. I went to jail for you. I put my life on the line... "

G: "Ive made alot of mistakes"


K: "Was killing David, one of them?"


G: "No"

K: You know what Greenlee. I dont have time for you, a man is dead"

G: "My husband!"


K: "Spike's father was in jail. I was in jail, so dont come here crying to me with your crocodile tears"


G: "Hate me all you want but Im being sincere. Do I need another tragedy? If someone we care about is going to go to prison, dont you want to help"


K: "Am what am I supposed to do? Break another law? Go to jail? Ive done that already. Thank you very much. You are on your own"

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OMG, These people are UNBELIEVABLE! On cue, they have officially chosen Liza as their new scapegoat and had the balls to tell her that to her face


Jake: "And then theres you, who knew who David was and tried to expose him for being the ass that he was."

JR: "And you went to work for him after that"

Jake: "Yeah, how does that happene xactly? You know what a person is like yet you go to work for him"


Liza: "He's dead. So what, now you need a bad guy so its just going to be me"


Opal: "Well you were his lawyer"


Liza: "I was his lawyer, not partner in crime"

Opal: "Partner, lawyer, part of the same diff. Both up to no good"


Liza: "So you want a bad guy? Well its not me. Its whoever murdered David"

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They really were disgusting today especially Tad. He's definitely got some shades of Ray Gardner in him. Jake's behavior was awful as well in addition to the behavior of other PV's resident. And they were super tacky throwing the dumping on David in death party ,in public at Krystal's. Especially since there was the chance that Krystal's and David's daughter would show up there.

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No hypocritcal rant is complete without Tad throwing his two cents in

Liza: "There was a crime committed. A man was murdered in cold blood"


Tad: "So all of a sudden you are about truth and justice and the American way"


Liza: "You know what, I really dont care how you feel about David. No one deserves to be murdered"


Tad: "Oh thats right, he was just an innocent victim. The man took out more people in PV than all the tornados combined. He wasnt a martyr Liza. He was lethal and not one person in this room is going to miss him"


JR: "PV is much better wtihout him"


Frankie: "Yeah I say let him rot. He made my family's life a living hell. Anyone with the name Hubbard had a target on their back:"

Jake: "He hated anyone with the name Martin"

Amanda: "He tried to claim our baby as his"

Jake: "Who does that?"

Kendall: "I dont know the way he played with people's lives is messed up. He messed with all of us"

Jake: "Poison was too easy"


Marissa: "Stop it!"


Krystal: "What the hell is going on. Marissa just lowered her father in the ground. Show some respect! If not for me than for my daughter"

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Eh David would have done the same if the situation was reversed, you'll have to forgive me if I don't care LOL.

I do think it was tacky to have it Krystal's restaurant though

I think Angie and Amanda were sincere, but the rest: pffttt

Wow Angie about made me cry and those were great flashback scenes, but I truly hope these writers aren't trying to redeem David by making him a "victim" of all the evil Pine Valley people

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I have to say I felt sorry for Marissa in that moment. She did not deserve to walk in on that. I loved Krystal yelling at all of them for what they did and at her place no less. Im glad Angie at least said a prayer at the end and wasnt jumping for joy like the rest

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I think they acted like he was Michael Cambias or some Supervillian. Even truth is some of them are worse than him. Including Tad who buried a man alive in his own wastes, and then framed two innocent people including the mother of his child. Who is also responsible for breaking up his family multiple times and kidnapping Adam, having him drugged and committed to a mental institution. Tad is vile, and Jake is well as others have said before, just plain "Shecky" sometimes.

I don't think that David would have been that Tacky. I don't think he would have thrown a party celebrating someone's death. I could see him making a sarcastic/negative remark if Tad/Jake died like he did when Palmer died, but I don't see him throwing a party if one of them died. Especially throwing a party at a place where one of their kids could show up and see that junk.

Also, I don't see the writers making David the victim in this storyline. Everyone is talking about how "evil" he was, and one of the few people that sticks up for him (Liza) gets dumped on, when she does it.

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The thing is Liza is acting like she wasn't David's partner in crime, but she was. She had fake evidence, knew it and was going to use it to prosecute someone anyways. I swear she's got to be the biggest idiot around. Why is she whining about the "party" if she doesn't like then, she can leave, why stick around where she's clearly not wanted?

Oh I think David would, but he wouldn't do it at a place like Jake and Tad did. David would CELEBRATE if Tad, or JR or Jake died

Ugh Greenlee acting like she owns Ryan's place

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Greenlee is such a tacky bitch. Madison should have bitch slappped her for that comment alone. Tired of Madison catering to this bitch when she's been nothing but condescending to her. Did Greenlee even apologize for firing her from Fusion? Grrr...

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