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Days: 45 years of days!

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Your favorite weddings?

Sami & Austin's Vegas Wedding

Maggie's last wedding to Mickey

Kate & Stefano tie the (blackmailed) knot

Susan marries John, Elvis style

Bo marries Princess Gina, Princess Gina shoots Shawn D

Favorite short-lived character?

Ali McIntyre, RN

Dr. Claire McIntyre

Lili Faversham

Character that lasted so long but you wish was gone?

Chloe Lane

Least Favorite Character?

Jack Devereaux. HATE.

Favorite family?

The Hortons

Kate's Family

The Dimeras

The Alamains


Stefano Dimera

Kate Roberts

Vivian Alamain

Nicole Walker

How would you celebrated the 45th anniversary?

The Tom & Alice Horton wing of Salem University Hospital opens (wouldn't be a bad way to usher in an HD set either!)

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Not 45, but the ones that stand out:

Robin Jacobs

Julie Williams

Doug Williams

Liz Chandler

Marlena Evans

Stefano DiMera

Vivian Alamain

Alice Horton

Tom Horton

Nicole Walker

Anna DiMera

Calliope Bradford

80s Tony DiMera

Neil Curtis

Diana Colville

80s Roman Brady

Ernesto Toscano

John Black

Carly Manning

Melissa Anderson

Maggie Horton

Hope Williams

Gillian Foster

Kayla Brady

Kimberly Brady

Shane Donovan

Jack Deveraux

Anjelica Deveraux

Justin Kiriakis

Gwen Davies

Brandon Walker

Bo & Hope's London wedding was grand and of course stands out to me & many DAYS fans & viewers. Justin & Adrienne's (a couple I detested) wedding in Greece was also magnificent. My grandmother had both weddings on tape for many years. Marlena & Roman's 1st wedding was great. LOVED the comedy of Jack & Jenn's hilarious Wild West wedding. Sami's (non-)weddings to Austin were also fun. I liked the simplicity of Bo's wedding to Carly at the Mayan ruins in Mexico. Shane & Kimberly also had a beautiful wedding which, IMO, trumped Steve & Kayla's wedding (another couple I wasn't a fan of at the time), though I thought there's was beautiful as well.

I liked Willow Stark. Sue me. LOVED it when she & Hope would go at it. Robin Jacobs, however, would probably my favorite short-lived character. Also loved, loved, LOVED Sarah Buxton's Crystal Galore.

Steve "Patch" Johnson in his first go-round. Not a fan of Lauren Koslow's Kate Roberts either- I always adored Deborah Adair's version & found it superior (always will). Never cared much for Shawn & Caroline Brady.

The Hortons, of course. I like the Bradys, but wish they'd never taken the show over from the Hortons. I also LOVED the dysfunctional Deveraux family. And finally, the Kiriakis & DiMera families.

Stefano DiMera, Kristen Blake, Vivian Alamain, Anjelica Deveraux, Delia (the DiMera maid), and Alex Marshall stand out for me.

LOVED ATWT's Ladies on a Bus & would thoroughly enjoy something similar with Julie, Maggie, Marlena, Laura, Kate, Hope, Melissa, Jennifer, Vivian, and Carly on a train derailed by none other than a returned Kristen Blake.

But I'd be MORE than happy with a reminiscent clip show, with scenes from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and present. A whole week of them preferably. Not just clips though, but scenes. Julie vs Susan, Laura going mad, Julie being burned, Mickey's amnesia, the Salem Slasher, the Salem Strangler- just TONS of stuff that many of us never got to see. And I'd like Gloria Loring to return as Liz to sing throughout the week. All of that would be great by me!

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+1 That would be dee-lightful :)

Ditto on Juniorz' preference of Deborah Adair as Kate. Must've been the writing for the character, but she was much more multi-faceted during Adair's run. Most of Koslow's run as Kate she's been a harpy one-note shrew, always meddling in her children's lives and mischevious for no apparent reason. Adair's Kate had layers: remorse, shame, regret, and motive.

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Absolute word. Adair's Kate had far more layers than Koslow's one-note version ever had. I LOVED her troubled relationship with Billie- they were semi-rivals before even finding out they were mother/daughter. That all but disappeared when Koslow took over. I also liked the contrast with the sweet, tender relationship she almost instantly had with Austin. And she was not nearly the overprotective shrew of a mother to Lucas that Koslow's Kate was.

Plus, she had far more chemistry with & was a far more suitable & contrasting rival to Louise Sorel's Vivian and, for that matter, Jamie Lyn Bauer's Laura. And speaking of chemistry, she had TONS of chemistry with Matt Ashford's Jack. I was hoping that they would have entered a torrid love with him, which would have played into her history with Laura, since she would be sleeping with Jenn's husband. It could have provided years of drama & finally given Missy Reeves' sweet, earthy Jennifer an actual rival (which she's never really had).

On a more superficial note, I think Adair had a much more natural & soft beauty than the hard-looking Koslow does. It nicely fit with & contrasted her bitchy character.

To this day, I'll never understand why DAYS got rid of her & why, when they brought Kate back less than a year later, chose to recast instead of bringing back Adair.

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Guest dc cubs

I thought it was Adair's decision to leave. According to IMDB, Adair has not done any acting since she left Days in 1995. Maybe she just decided to get out of the business.

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Julie has been my favorite Days (and soap) character since Susan Seaforth Hayes took over the role in 1968. I have a few earlier memories of the show, especially of Susan Martin's little boy accidentally being killed while playing with his father, David, and Susan shooting him. I really got hooked when Julie came back to Salem and tried to regain custody of her son. I remember she represented herself in court, while Uncle Mickey represented Scott Banning, who had adopted the boy with his late wife. Julie beat Mickey!!! Loved the Julie/Susan rivalry! Then bad boy Doug showed up and swept Julie off of her feet. They're still my favorite couple! But I still enjoyed the Doug/Addie story, with Addie's leukemia and the birth of Hope.

Linda Patterson is my favorite villainess, and Alex Marshall my favorite villain.

My top 45 favorites (not in order after Julie & Doug) are Julie, Doug, Susan Martin, Addie, Tom, Alice, Mickey, Maggie, Bill(Edward Mallory), Laura (Susan Flannery, and to a lesser extent, Rosemary Forsyth), Michael Horton (Wesley Eure & Michael T. Weiss), David Banning (Richard Guthrie, though he was way too old to be Julie's son), Valerie Grant, Linda Patterson, Neil Curtis, Brooke Hamilton, Trish Clayton, Robert LeClair, Amanda Peters, Greg Peters, Eric Peters, Chris Kositchek, Hope Williams Brady, Marlena Evans (70/80s version), Don Craig, Roman Brady (Wayne Northrup), Bo Brady, Liz Chandler, Alex Marshall, Renee Dumonde, Tony Dimera, Anna Dimera, Stefano Dimera, Victor Kiriakis, Kimberly Brady, Shane Donovan, Kayla Brady, Steve Johnson, Eugene Bradford, Calliope Jones, Jennifer Horton, Melissa Anderson Horton, Isabella Toscano, Orpheus, Nick Fallon.

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Those are great memories. I wish I could see some of that. All of you who share your memories of what soaps used to be are doing us a service.

What did you think of the woman who took over for Denise Alexander as Susan? And what did you think of Mary Frann?

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I'd love to see it again myself! I'd even be happy with a highlights DVD. I didn't like Bennye Gattys as much as I did Denise Alexander. However, she did take over in the middle of a story I liked very much. It was the one when Susan (while still being played by Denise) had convinced herself she had been raped, but it turned out to be a one night stand in the park with Eric Peters, who was the brother of her boyfriend,(and later husband), Greg. She had not yet met Eric when this happened. She had blacked out because she felt guilty because she was supposed to be a "good girl." Susan got pregnant with her daughter Annie from this encounter. When Eric showed up she told Greg that he was her rapist. Greg beat him to a pulp. Eric then wrote a book called something like "In My Brother's Shadow" and the true story of what happened was in there. The late Stanley Kamel from "Monk" played Eric, and I always thought of this story every time I would see him in anything. Days used to delve frequently into the psychological aspects of their characters during this time.

I loved Mary Frann. Her character Amanda was so classy & elegant. I liked her in all of her pairings, but I liked her with Chris Kositchek the best. Though Chris subsequently had many other women in his life, Amanda was the one he had the best chemistry with, imo. Susan Seaforth Hayes said in her book that Josh Taylor apparently had quite a thing for Mary Frann during that time.

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