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Days: 45 years of days!

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Character whose stay has lasted to long?

Daniel Jonas. That weird breathing noise he makes everytime he tries getting his point across is tiresome. Makes me cringe. Hasn't he "smacked" half the town already anyway?

Favorite Family?

Oh I used to LOVE the Alamains. That Alamain mansion was the real mausoleum.

Least favorite family?

The Lockharts. Didn't warm to them, except for Patrick. I was one of the few that actually liked he and Hope together.

Favorite Villain?

Lexie Carver (when she literally went crazy during that baby switch drama), Kristen Blake (post 95), I love Kate (although not necessarily a villian--she was at one time)

Top favorite characters..

Marlena Evans, John Black, Kristen Blake, Lexie Carver, Lawrence Alamain, Kate Roberts. Ive come to like Melanie, she's fun.

Least favorite characters..

Daniel Jonas, Chloe Lane, Roman Brady (the original one--I personally thought he was rigid and selfish, moreso than fauxRoman--just a crotchety old man compared to John. It just got on my nerves at the time), Willow 'whatever'?, Gaby Hernandez

Favorite storyline...

1. The Pillow Baby! Leading up to the "Holy Matrimony" reveal (Kristen/John/Marlena)

2. The Lexie/Hope babyswitch, when Lexie turned diabolical

3. Cruise of Deception (when I first started watching!)

4. Lady In A Cage (underground Paris)

5. John/Marlena Affair 93'

6. The Possession

7. Alamania

8. Salem Stalker

Least favorite storyline..

1. Tinda Lau. I just hated every second of it

2. The DiMera/Brady Fued with that Colleen/Santo mess

3. Virtual Eden. Hey, I like crazy camp, but this was just...bizarre.

4. Carson Palmer/Vin Ramsel drug mess (or anything spring 2003)

5. Iraq

Favorite Weddings:

1. John & Susan's Elvis Wedding ( I still remember Susan's teeth flying across the room into Vivian's glass)

2. Austin & Sami's Wedding, where Will's paternity is revealed

3. Vegas Wedding

4. Sami & Lucas, where Sami is revealed as Stan

Favorite short lived characters..

Mia! She started to become a mini-sami there for a minute, I think that would have been good stuff.

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Without reading other responses:

Bo and Hope (1985)

"Roman" and Marlena (1986)

Susan and John (1997)

and a bit of a weird one, Tony and Kristen (1994)

The storyline was rushed beyond belief on top of being not well-written, but Drew Donovan was fun.

Nurse Ali

Theo Carver

Richard Cates


Sami - The focus on Sami has driven me away from the show.

Melanie - I understand she's still on. Ugh.

The Bradys of mid-1980s

DiMeras of mid-1990s, before everyone and their brother was Stefano's child.





Salem Slasher (1983-84)

Prisms (1984-85)

Richard Cates/Cartel + Miami (1985)

Pawn/John Black (1985-86)

Maison Blanche (1994): Watching the clips again, some of it's pretty bad, but I really loved it when it originally aired.

What little I've seen of the Salem Strangler from 1981-82 is good, too.

I hated the Possession when it originally aired, but it's grown on me. It's camp, but not bad.


Virtual Eden

Alien Twins

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Best Vixens/Villains/Anti-Heroes:

Linda Patterson, Brooke Hamilton, Alex Marshall, Neil Curtis, Emma Donovan, Eve Donovan, Kristen Blake, Sami Brady (R.I.P), Kate Roberts, Julie Olson, Lee Dumonde, Renée Dumonde, Alexandra DiMera, Ali McIntyre, Jack Deveraux, Steve Johnson, Doug Williams, Anna Brady

Best Heroes/Heroins:

Bill Horton, Mickey Horton, Maggie Horton, Jennifer Horton, Kayla Brady, Kim Brady, Shane Donovan, Susan Hunter, Amanda Howard, Melissa Anderson, Bo Brady, Hope Williams, Marlena Evans, Don Craig, Original Roman Brady, Carrie Brady, Frankie Brady, Greg Peters

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Character whose stay has lasted to long

Melanie Layton, Daniel Jonas, Chloe Lane, Sami Brady.

Favorite Family

The DiMeras, Kiriakis's, Walkers, Carvers, Reed/Roberts.

Least favorite family

The Lockharts.

Favorite Villains

Stefano DiMera, Victor Kiriakis, Andre DiMera, Larry Welch.

Top favorite characters

Stefano DiMera, Lexie Carver, Victor Kiriakis, Kate Roberts (pre-2004), Philip Kiriakis (JKJ pre-2010), John Black (pre-2008), Franco Kelly, Billie Reed (Krista Allen), Brandon Walker, Nicole Walker.

Least favorite characters

Sami Brady, Chloe Lane, Daniel Jonas, Melanie Layton, Mimi Lockhart, Bonnie Lockhart, Max Brady.

Favorite short lived characters

Colin Murphy, Alex North, Paul Mendez

Favorite storylines

The Salem Slasher (1983-84)

The Prisms (1984-85)

Miami (1985)

The Affair (1993)

Maison Blanche (1994)

Aremid (1995-1996)

Franco's Murder (1998-1999)

Princess Gina (1998-2000)

Greta's Coronation (2001)

The Baby Switch (2000-2002)

Hope and Zack kidnapped (2002)

Colin Murphy's Murder (2002-2003)

Least favorite storylines

Garden of Eden (2000)

Stan/Iraq (2005)

Tinda Lau (2007)

Santo and Colleen (2007)

Touch the Sky (2007)

Favorite Weddings:

John and Susan (1997)

Austin and Carrie (1997)

John and Marlena (1999)

Austin and Sami (2002)

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Keep in mind some of these 80s ones I've only seen through some random SoapNet reurns(they did for the 40th anniversary and other events) and Youtube

Your favorite weddings?

John and Marlena 1999 wedding

John and Susan 1997 wedding

Austin and Sami's 1997 wedding

Austin and Sami's 2002 wedding

Brandon and Sami's 2003 wedding

Jack and Jennifer's 1992 wedding

Larry and Hope's 1984 wedding(watched via a SoapNet rerun)

Favorite short-lived character?

Jonesey Jones(played by the actor who was Chester on Soap)

Crystal Galore(played by the fab Sarah Buxton)

Character that lasted so long but you wish was gone?

Roman Brady

Daniel Jonas

Favorite family?










Ali McIntyre

Lawrence Alamain

Ernesto Toscano

Favorite storylines

Roman/John and Marlena go to West Virgina(1986)

Cruise of Deception (1990)

Carly buried alive (1993)

Maison Blanche (1994)

Vivian in the mental clinic(1994)

The Woman in White and Aremid(1995)

Kristen and her doubles(1996-1998)



The Last Blast of 2001

Lucas and Sami 2003-2007

The babyswitch of 2009 for a more recent tale I enjoyed

Least favorite storylines

Mike and Carrie affair (1999)

Roman's return(1997-1998)

Two Romans(1991)

Garden of Eden (2000)


Jack is Gay?(2001)

The Island(2001)

Austin and Carrie's returns 2005-2006

Tinda Lau (2007)

Brady/DiMera Vendetta (2007)

The Vitallis' (2008)

How would you celebrated the 45th anniversary?

You know, I really don't know how. I suppose as long as we Doug and Julie I'm fine with that, Days hasn't been one to to do anniversary shows either really.

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